What is Google Search Console?

What is Google Search Console?

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One of the best free specialized tools to check the technical status of the website is Google Search Console. Also, this tool displays the website’s Google traffic information, keywords rank, and impression in Google search results.

Many websites are launched in different fields and fields, and measures are taken to optimize them (SEO). However, the critical point for using the Google search console tool is that you can easily connect your website and be aware of its technical problems.

Even if you have designed a strategy for the website at the beginning of your business, by checking the Google search console, it may be necessary to change the system and determine a new plan. In the rest of this article, we will examine more fully the importance of using the search console for the website, its benefits, and all the possibilities it has to increase keyword traffic.

The importance of connecting to Google Search Console

One of the essential actions that web admins and SEO experts do at the beginning of their business is to connect and introduce their website to the Google search console. Every website since its establishment has been looking for ways to increase website traffic, increase Google traffic, and, as a result, increase sales.

The importance of connecting to Google Search Console

Therefore, by connecting the website to the Google search console, you can accurately know the website’s status in different periods. As you know, about 90% of a website’s entries are made through Google. Therefore, there will be no progress if the website manager does not know what actions should be taken on the website. For this reason, it is necessary to know what terms users search for when they find your or your competitors’ websites.

What percentage of users click on the website link and enter your website?

One of the most important reasons for using Search Console to check the website is that maybe at the beginning of the work, all your actions were wrong or ineffective. For this reason, you can avoid more risks or mistakes by checking the search console.

For example, link building may be done incorrectly and does not bring input for the website. It is also possible that the keywords that increase Google input or increase website traffic are incorrectly done. Therefore, you can choose the best keywords for your business with Search Console.

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What is the use of Google search console?

As mentioned in the above paragraph, one of the most important reasons for using Search Console is to be informed about the technical and specialized problems of the website, which cannot be seen and understood at first glance.

In addition, in some cases, even if you hire an expert team, you cannot find website problems easily and quickly. Ultimately, you will spend much time and money implementing wrong and ineffective actions. Therefore, in general, it can be said that the most critical applications of Search Console are as follows:

1- Better understanding of the purpose of users who enter the website.

At first glance, you may not tell what pages or topics users seek. So, by connecting and entering the search console, you will find out exactly what terms users are searching for to enter your website and what information they are looking for.

2- Finding targeted keywords suitable for the type of business

When you choose the right and targeted keywords, you can drive more users to your website. You can view and use a list of targeted keywords using the console search tool.

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3- Observing the problems and improving the website status to increase the number of users (website monitoring)

Google Search Console allows you to monitor the performance of your website continuously. By checking parameters such as the number of keywords, page loads, and visitors, you can quickly determine whether your website is working correctly or not.

By seeing the problems and errors in the search console, you can help improve the website’s position in Google and increase the number of website users by fixing these things.

4- SEO improvement

Google Search Console allows you to identify the best keywords for your website. By analyzing the amount of traffic and clicks related to keywords, you can take the necessary steps to improve your website’s ranking in search engines.

Even in some situations, implementing SEO measures may be done incorrectly. So, in the end, it does not increase traffic. Instead, it will significantly impact reducing traffic and the unfavorable situation on the website. You can check the results of actions in this tool and avoid wrong actions.

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5- Information about the status of the website in different periods

In different periods, you can find out about the website’s status, such as the amount of traffic, the number of clicks, the amount of CTR, and the duration of users’ retention.

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6- Finding errors on the website, getting familiar with Google warnings and messages

If you have made a mistake on the website, the search console will detect it quickly and inform you which page has the problems.

Google Search Console allows you to identify errors on your website. These errors may include 404 pages, reaffirmed pages, reset pages, etc. By identifying these errors, you can do what is necessary to fix them and ensure the performance of your website.

7- Request to index new pages

If a new page is created on the website, it will take a long time for Google to recognize and show it to users. But Search Console has provided the possibility to increase the website’s indexing speed, to index it yourself to Search Console for review. With this, you can easily find out whether Google has recognized your new pages and, if necessary, what you need to do to identify your new pages.

Request to index new pages

8- Identification of problems related to the state of mobile-friendly

To attract the attention of mobile users who use mobile phones to search, it is necessary to pay attention to the mobile-friendly factor of the website. For this, the Search Console provides you with detailed information.

9- The number of internal and external backlinks

You can get important information about external and internal links, quality, and performance using Search Console.

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10- Self-evaluation of competitors’ performance

Google Search Console also allows you to evaluate your competitors’ performance. By checking the keywords and rankings of your competitors, you can easily find out how to compete against the competition and improve your website’s performance.

11- Improving display in search results

Google Search Console allows you to improve your website in search results. By identifying problems such as missing pages, communication problems, etc., you can easily do what is necessary to improve your website in search results.

12- Improving the user experience

Google Search Console allows you to improve your website’s UX. By checking parameters such as website page load time and number of visitors, you can easily find out how to create the best performance for your visitors.

Why is Google Search Console free?

One of the most critical questions users ask to register and link their website to the Search Console is why this important and valuable tool is free because the primary goal of Google is to put quality and reliable websites at the top of the list and attract the opinion of users.

Therefore, by providing this tool, it is possible to improve the status of websites for website managers and SEO researchers. Because Google is a business, and a good business depends on the performance and feedback of its users. But the critical question is, where does it come from after earning money? Google’s primary revenue comes from the Google ADS service, an extensive advertising system. One of the best Google services is called Google Adsense.

The difference between Google Search Console and Google Analytics

One of the essential differences between Google Search Console and Google Analytics is that Search Console provides information from users entering the website. In comparison, Google Analytics can analyze the data and present it to users after they enter the website.

In addition, it examines and explores Google’s search control on the website. You can also check the status of various pages in terms of the index with Google Search Console. How Google Analytics examines feedback and how many users visit the website using the devices with which the user entered the website. In fact, after connecting Google Analytics to the website, you can find out how users entered the website, etc.

For more information about Google Analytics, you can refer to the following article:

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This article examined the importance of using Google Search Console for the website, its benefits, and all its features. In other words, Google search console training is one of the most essential factors in improving the performance of your website in search engines.

Using this tool, you can easily find out how to find the best keywords for your website, introduce your new pages to Google, and ensure the improvement of user experience and display of your website in search results. We hope you enjoyed reading it.

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