What is a backlink, and why is it important for SEO?

What is a backlink, and why is it important for SEO?

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It is essential to use quality backlinks for the web site’s SEO and to improve its ranking.

Quality backlinks are an effective way to optimize the site and increase its ranking in search engines, including Google. In this article, we examined the importance of backlinks for SEO and provided helpful information in this field. Stay tuned.

What is a backlink?

Backlinks are incoming links to your website through other sites. A backlink has created when people click on another website’s address to access your website.
A link that leads people to your website is called an inbound link. Previously, a website’s rank has determined by its backlinks. Today, due to the change in algorithms of search engines, especially Google, this importance has decreased. However, using them has a significant effect on increasing the ranking and SEO of the website.

The importance of backlinks for website SEO

This section will examine how important backlinks are to search engine optimization.

1- It improves your position in search engines.

The backlink is a vote of trust of the audience to your website and gives credibility to your site. You can use it to gain a better ranking in search engines and increase the number of visitors to your website. Although Google’s algorithm has changed, link building remains one of the essential strategies in SEO and contributes heavily to the quality and ranking of a website.

2- It speeds up the indexing of the website’s pages.

Google and other search engines have discovered new content by checking their identified pages and links. Google robot identifies and ranks new content this way. The Google bot will likely crawl your page if there is an incoming link to it on a popular website.

What is a backlink

3- The website receives more referral traffic.

The philosophy of backlinks is to refer and direct users to valuable and quality resources. By placing your link on a helpful website, the user will be referred to your site, increasing your referral traffic. Your site visits and the number of clicks will increase, and you will attract more audiences.

Gaining credibility for a target site through backlinks

This section examines how backlinks can improve a site’s credibility.

1- It makes your site a reference one.

Your audience will consider you a reference website by linking to reputable websites.

2- You will have new communication opportunities.

When a user enters your website through a backlink, it is an excellent opportunity to get to know other parts of your website. Your website user will check out different features on your site, and if they find them attractive, they will spend more time on them. He may even follow you on other social networks and share your content with his friends.

3- It establishes your brand as a valid one.

When a website links to you, it states that the user can get more information by visiting your website. You also introduce your brand as an authentic one to the user. As a result, the popularity of your brand will increase.

Types of links

Each link has a different aspect. The following article will examine this division from two various elements.

What is a backlink

Internal and external links

A website can build links in two different ways. Internal linking and external linking. An internal link is a link that moves from one page of your site to another within your website. A backlink or external link is created for your website when another website links to one of its pages.

Follow and no follow.

The links on a website are Do Follow by default. HTML coding or other methods can change this default setting to no follow. In this case, the Google robot does not value the target page and usually does not affect increasing that site’s ranking. There is no harm in having these links on your website, but they have a small positive impact compared to a follow link. Get as many follow backlinks as you can. It is a natural feature of any website to have both links.

How do you determine the quality of a backlink?

In the past, even low-quality backlinks helped increase the site’s ranking and improve the site’s SEO. In recent years, Google tried to stop this trend. Penguin’s algorithm has been expanded to check websites’ link building in recent years, causing many changes in this field. There are two ways to check for good backlinks and quality.

  • Website features of backlink providers
  • Features of the backlink website page

We will examine each of these items separately in the following sections.

Website features of backlink providers

This section aims to check the features of the backlink provider.

The thematic connection between the two websites

Links created from sites with a topic related to the target site are more important for Google. The probability of clicking on these links increases in this case. For example, your website operates in the field of handicraft training. in a link from a website that sells handicrafts or reputable shops selling handicrafts will create more status and credibility for you compared to getting a link from a website that sells pets.

The thematic connection between the two websites

Website domain validity

It creates more value for a website if it receives a link from a valid domain.

High website traffic

The presence of backlinks to the website from sites with more traffic or clicks increases the traffic of the website receiving the backlink. As a result, it significantly impacts improving its rank and position in search engines.

The backlink website page features

For this section, we check the features of the backlink providers page.

Link location

The target site gains more credibility by placing the link between the main content and using a specific font and color. In this case, the user is likelier to click on that link.

Page validity has a backlink.

Additionally, it is essential to consider the credibility of the page that receives the backlink. The website may have high domain authority, but a page from the same website may have less power. When a page has good linking, it has high credibility. Getting backlinks from these pages brings with it a higher value and credibility.

What is anchor text

The number of outbound links on the page

Any site may link to other sites and their pages on your website. The credit that this site shares between the target sites. In other words, the higher the number of target sites, the lower the value and recognition earned by each of those websites.

What is anchor text?

Anchor text is the clickable words that make up a link. Anchor text is called “link text” or “link title.” Backlink text is practical for the ranking of the target site. It is essential not to ignore this effect, even though it is not significant. Choosing the right words for the link text is important from two aspects: this phrase introduces the topic of the receiving backlink site to search engines and makes that site appear in the search results.

Meanwhile, it informs the search engines which website is the best for the link’s text. For a better choice of anchor text, we suggest you not use generic titles such as read more, click, etc. Rather, it is recommended to use the keyword alone or in conjunction with other words, such as the website name, brand name, etc.


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