Frequently Asked Questions

In this page, you can find the answers to the common questions of our customers regarding the Seovisitor. Click on the question to see the answer.


Are visitors’ IPs real?

Yes. All visitors have real IPs, and our increased website traffic system provides visits through their devices, Mobile or desktop.

Do these visits lead to user registration and the sale of products and services?

No. These visits are done automatically, and its effect on search engines robots, and website ranking.

How can I decrease my website Bounce Rate?

When ordering, checked the subpage option and set each user to visit other pages on your website to decrease the Bounce Rate of your website.

What does website traffic affect SEO?

Website traffic is one of the important parameters in Search engines optimization. Google is always paying attention to your website traffic. A website that has more visitors gets a better rating.


How is it possible to pay?

You can increase your wallet credit and pay your order from Stripe gateway. With MasterCard, VisaCard, and so on.

How the order price is calculated?

Price per order is determined based on parameters such as visit time, number of days, and number of IPs.


How can I edit my order?

To edit an order, you must send a ticket and write the changes for our support team to edit it.

How do I know the visits have been sent to me?

Seovisitor generates traffic from social media for your brand completely natural way and you can see the results on your panel and the referral part of Google Analytics. The statist of Google Analytics allows you to check your referral and find out the accuracy of your order.

What is the maximum number of IPs to an order?

We have daily 5,000 IPs (maximum 50,000 visits) now, If you set a specific country for visitors, there may be fewer visitors from that country.

How many doing orders can I have at a time?

There are no limits on having doing orders. You can set unlimited orders from any type of them, such as increase website traffic, organic traffic, and social traffic.

How many keywords can I use for each order?

You must use 1 keyword per each order to increase keyword traffic. You can submit different orders for other keywords.


How can me contact you?

You can contact our support team by sign up in the Seovisitor user panel and send a ticket. Also contact us through the form, Skype account, and Telegram account. These three methods are displayed in the website footer.