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Why should I use the increased site visit system?

Increasing website traffic is one of the most critical issues to which each web admin should pay attention. Also, the site visit is one of the essential parameters for search engine algorithms such as Google. Seovisitor provides for you to use the increase website hits service, increase your website’s global traffic, and see the targeted visitor on Google Analytics.

Google robots pay more attention to your website. If it has SEO parameters, it will receive a better rank on Google.

Buy Website Traffic

The number of website visitors is one of the essential parameters for Google and measuring the user’s credibility. The more direct traffic with real IPs of your website with a low user rejection rate affects your website’s rank on Google.

Google’s AI recognizes that people know you in other ways than the search engine and click ads, Such as direct traffic. So a website must gain the trust of Google in multiple ways to achieve its ranking goals.

Why should I buy from Seovistor?

The intelligent system of Seovisitor, with many years of experience in website traffic and complete familiarity with the Google search engine algorithm, tries to provide the best and the most reliable types of visits from around the world. You are achieving the best results in different subject fields, such as reducing Bounce Rate, increasing the time of the user presence, or more. So you can buy website traffic with real visitors worldwide.

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On the Seovisitor website

Sign up in the user panel First, you can sign up in the Seovisitor user panel to use our various services to improve your website’s SEO.
Create a campaign After registering and confirming the information, you can create your campaigns and pay for them through the balance of your wallet.
Increase wallet credit If your wallet credit is insufficient, you should increase your wallet credit from the finance page and pay your order amount.
Submit campaign Now, you can submit it to the system to check and confirm it. This process lasts from a few minutes to an hour.
View statistics After the final approval, your campaign will start working, and you can see the incoming traffic statistics through Google Analytics or the Seovisitor stat.

Learn more about direct traffic.

You must have heard the term direct traffic, but you may not be familiar with its different modes. According to Google, a website visit is known as direct traffic when it has one of the following factors and occurs in one of these situations:

  • The visitor types the URL of a website into the browser’s address bar to access it.
  • The visitor enters the website through the bookmark. It means the visitor has already entered the website and bookmarked it.
  • The visitor clicks on the auto-complete options (auto-suggest) and enters the website.
importance of increasing website traffic

Why is increasing website traffic necessary?

It doesn’t matter what kind of services and products you offer your customers. No matter how excellent and high-quality your website is, until you can get real traffic, your efforts will be fruitless and will not result in profit.

Therefore, one of the main reasons for the failure of online businesses is the failure to increase website traffic. Cyberspace users are not seeing the main problem with such websites. If the managers of these websites can increase website visits, they will be able to attract natural and targeted website traffic.

What are the benefits of increasing website traffic?

When increases your website traffic, you will receive a lot of feedback in various fields. Visiting the website is very important and has shown the level of users loyalty, and there are some solid reasons for this statement:

  • It shows your brand’s awareness level by the website’s users on Google

    If the visitors enter the website directly (not through a keyword search in Google, backlinks, or social networks), Google robots will understand that the audience knows your brand well.

    For example, suppose a person needs the service of increasing traffic. In that case, he can search for websites that provide these services through Google or enter the address of the Seovisitor, i.e.,, in his browser and enter the website directly.

    Whenever a website gets more direct traffic, visitors feel they need the website as a valuable source of information they need.

  • It is considered a stable and good reference.

    Direct traffic of other types of visits does not depend on factors such as website position in Google results or popularity in social networks. Although the two mentioned are essential and valuable resources for attracting traffic, you can never predict them.

  • It is considered targeted traffic.

    Direct traffic can be considered the most targeted website traffic. In this method, users refer to your website to find content or features that are sure to find this service or product on your website. In most cases, visitors have already been familiar with your website and decided to return to it.

  • It shows the level of loyalty of the audience.

    Knowing more about a brand increases loyalty. Each website works in a specific industry or category. Think about your habits. Do you think you are most loyal to which website? Are you going directly to this website? Your answer is yes.

  • It sets the level of attention to the website’s products or services.

    Direct traffic comes from users interested in your website’s products and services. It doesn’t matter if you are a seller of a product or a website looking to manage a large number of subscribers for your website’s newsletter. Direct visitors show more products and services you offer.

  • It improves the position of the website in search results.

    Increasing website traffic makes a website closer to the top of Google’s search engine and gains more popularity from Google’s point of view.

The effect of boosting traffic in SEO

The website that has more traffic, Google trusts more. Therefore, for a website to achieve good rankings, it must comply with the parameters of this search engine.

You can attract the attention of search engines like Google to your website with lots of banner ads and clicks. This type of advertising will increase your website visitors. Also, some factors, such as Bounce Rate and the presence of users on your website, will be acceptable.

You need to spend lots of money to be able to provide such feedback for your website. However, our system can get Google’s trust in your website by considering all these factors and reducing your advertising and SEO costs.

Impact boost traffic on SEO

Buying website views in a principled way and observing the right factors is one of the things that can positively impact your website’s position on Google. Google bots recognize direct and natural visitors to a website and give more value to a website with high traffic. For example, news websites that receive many users directly also enjoy a high position in the search results.

You can use different methods to increase website traffic. Such actions have a significant impact on the SEO and optimization of your website. Seovisitor is one of the systems that help you increase website traffic.

The number of visits to your website correctly and morally. But note that this is not the only way to increase traffic. You can improve your website’s traffic and the number of regular users by doing practical activities and focusing on content creation, advertising, on-page, and off-page SEO, etc.

Can Google notice direct website visits?

Yes! Google understands your traffic to some extent without any statistics on the site and even checks the parameters of the user satisfaction level, internal clicks or Page views, Bounce Rate, and how long users stay on your website.

Google can also recognize the visits and satisfaction level of users of your website. Google does this through communication with global service providers and can monitor the number of requests to each website. But users do not have access to such information from other sites except for the statistics of their websites.

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Buy website traffic by set region and traffic source.

All web admins are concerned about increasing website traffic to improve revenue. To achieve your goals, must have visitors to your website. This way, choosing the intended website, traffic from favorite sources, and selecting a region makes your traffic purposeful. This traffic can be shown in the referral part on several websites like Google Analytics and observe accurate traffic statistics.

Set favorite region (Optional)

You can set your favorite countries. For example, if you want to increase your website hits from countries like the USA or Canada.

Set traffic source (Optional)

You can get traffic from a selected source by selecting 1 to 10 favorite websites. You can see the exact statistics of this traffic in statistical websites such as Google Analytics in the referral section.

Features of Increase Referral Traffic

By ordering buy referral traffic in Seovisitor, You get these options:

Set Time on site

You can set the Time on-site with your panel by Seovisitor and improve your Google rank. It is possible to select Time on site for up to 10 min.

Set Pageviews per Visitor

The users may see more than one page on your website. You can choose the Subpage option and determine that each user visits up to 10 times from your website.

Decrease Bounce Rate

You can decrease your website’s bounce rate by visiting your website’s subpages. The website traffic provided at Seovisitor can reduce your website Bounce rate to zero.

Improve Website Ranking

One of the most critical parameters of Google’s rank is the number of website traffic. By increasing site visits, you can recognize this effect on your website ranking on Google and improve your website position in the short term.

Choosing a favorite platform

You can adjust your traffic platform in the presented system and specify how many visits are done by mobile phone or desktop computer. Seovisitor provides for you to do that.

Statistics live display

Statistics live display of our website provides this possibility to boost orders of buy referral traffic so that they can observe their traffic statistic momentary.

Happy Users
43269 Happy Users
Total Orders
727815 Total Orders
Doing Orders
816 Doing Orders
Live statistics

Live statistics display

The statistics live display system of Seovisitor provides for website traffic orders and increases the keyword to see their visit statistics instantly. After you register and pay for your order, you can click on the statistics in the order table and see them as a chart and table. The count of visit statistics is instantaneous and displayed immediately after each visit.

Statistic confirmation by Google Analytics

The visits to your website from Seovisitor are actual, very accurate, visible, and tracked by reliable statistics such as Google Analytics.

Direct visits in Google Analytics are users who enter the site address directly in their browser and your website. To see the number of direct visits to your website, enter the Acquisition section and click on the Source/Medium option in the Google Analytics tool to display the number of visits.

The effect of choosing subpages

Choosing the number of subpages is another point that positively impacts your website bounce rate. The correct number of subpages is at least about 2 to 4. The more subpage views each user has, the better your Google rank.

What is the effect of buying website visits on customer attraction?

Buying visits to the website in a principled way and observing the right factors is one of the things that can positively affect your website’s position in Google. Google bots easily recognize direct and natural visitors to a website, which is more valuable for a website with high traffic. For example, news websites that receive many of their users directly also originate from a high position in the results.

You can use many different methods to increase traffic to your website and have a significant impact on the SEO of your website. Seovisitor is one of the systems that help you increase website traffic.

With the help of Seovisitor, you can increase visits to your website in a surprising and utterly principled way. But note that this is not the only way to increase website traffic. You can increase your website visits and improve the number of regular site users by doing appropriate activities on the site and focusing on things like content creation, advertising, SEO, etc.

effect of buying website visits on customer attraction

What is the result of increasing direct visits to your website?

Buying website visits in the form of direct visits, provided that the user is satisfied, has a significant impact on the Google ranking of each website page and is one of the vital signals of Google’s ranking. The Seovisitor team has tested this factor. Global research and consulting in the SEO field, such as SEMRush, have been confirmed. This way, Google realizes that the website receiving the visit is known among users and has this amount of direct visitors. Naturally, a website with direct visitors daily and many users enter it daily by typing the website address is famous in its field. The more these visits, the more prominent it is.

Is a direct website visit effective on its own?

No. The traffic that you buy through the Seovisitor system or the advertisements that you do on the Internet must comply with the following factors to be effective in your website rank in Google results and bring more efficiency:

  • Consider user satisfaction

    Correctly choose the duration of the user’s presence, sub-page visits, and other parameters. The biggest issue in a direct visit is to have a guaranteed and permanent period. It means your website should not have 100 visitors in one day and no website visits for a week. Also, each user should visit 2 or 3 pages of your website on average and stay for at least 2 minutes.

  • Use other types of website traffic

    Natural traffic for the website is a combination of direct visits, referral visits, and traffic from Google and social media. Naturally, as many users know your brand and enter the website directly, many also access your website through Google search or clicking on the link on social networks and other websites. They do. You can determine the number of visits of each of the mentioned types depending on the amount of branding, targeting, advertising, the website’s position in the search results, and the website’s popularity on social media.

  • Improve website content and SEO

    A good website must follow the principles of content creation and SEO on each website page to be useful for users. Try to create helpful content for all website pages and implement on-page SEO factors, keyword strategy, off-page SEO, link building, and other such things so that Google gives you a high score when reviewing the website.

buy direct website traffic

For which pages should we buy direct website traffic?

When discussing direct traffic, we mean increasing traffic on the website’s homepage. Because naturally, no one remembers the address of your website pages. Users may have the domain address in their mind or enter your website from their browser history or bookmarks. They may also type a part of the domain name and click on your website with the suggestion of the browser, and in this way, the website’s traffic will increase directly.

In such cases, the user is less likely to open your internal pages. When a website stops branding or only has active SMS campaigns, it can get direct traffic to its advertised inner pages. Therefore, it is better to spend most of your focus on buying direct views for the website’s main page and consider smaller campaigns with fewer visits to internal pages.

Options that you should be sure about before creating campaigns:

  • Ensuring that the Google Analytics statistician is installed and active
  • Checking the capacity of the host for the amount of traffic received
  • Compress and optimize files and codes on website pages
  • Ensuring that the page is standard in terms of on-page SEO and that there are no errors among the codes
before create campaigns

Important Tricks

Create the best possible purchase website traffic campaign and get the best feedback.

Important Tricks
  • Create your campaigns naturally.

    Usually, a website has different viewing modes, from direct traffic to referrals (traffic from other websites) and Google traffic. Try to create your campaigns by combining these modes and observing natural parameters.

  • Pay attention to the current traffic of your website.

    To make the campaigns as natural as possible, pay attention to your website’s current statistics, such as referral websites, time visits per user, etc. Then, depending on the needs of your website, try to create campaigns that gradually increase the number and quality of traffic.

  • Make the campaign period at least two weeks.

    The impact of visits on Google algorithms and the website SEO will be determined within two to four months. Therefore, once you have worked on your website’s content and SEO, you can gradually increase your website’s traffic in a certain period and check its impact on your website’s rank daily.

If you sign up in Seovisitor to use our services, you need to increase your wallet credit, select your services among all options, and pay for your order from your wallet.

FAQs about Increase Website Traffic

Does Seovisitor provide the traffic real?

Visits in the Seovisitor system are real users who have valid IPs and use their computers and browsers for visits. But the difference between this type of visit and website users is that our visitors visit your website automatically, and the users do not interfere in making the visits. But due to the natural nature of the visits and the fact that real IPs and browsers do them, they are entirely approved by Google.

What does affect website traffic on SEO?

Principled and targeted visits are the parameters of Google to determine the position of your website. You can read this topic in SEO sources like Moz and SEMrush.

How many maximum visits can we have in a day?

Due to the limited number of users, it is possible to select 5000 IPs daily. But it would help if you considered that you could choose a higher duration and more visits from page per viewer, up to 10 per user per day.

What happens if I stop my service after a while?

Suppose you observe your website’s on-page SEO and off-page SEO factors when registering the order. In that case, if you choose something like the duration of the user’s presence and the possibility of visiting from page per viewer, your website ranking will rise, and you will get real users. So you will not see a significant drop when you stop ordering.

How do I know Seovisitor sent the visits to me?

Seovisitor generates traffic from social media for your brand completely natural way, and you can see the results on your panel and the referral part of Google Analytics. The statist of Google Analytics allows you to check your referral and determine your order’s accuracy.

What factors do the price of visits depend on what factors?

You can determine the number of IPs in a day, thenumber of days of visits, and also the duration of the user presence on your website Through theSeovisitor user panel. Of course, the higher the number you use, the higher the visits cost.

Could the cessation be detrimental to the website?

If you have observed the on-page and off-page SEO factors on your website, after that, you can order. By setting parameters like time visit and subpage, your website’s ranking has increased, and the actual user; for this reason, you will not notice significant after stopping the order or not renewing it.

Is there a possibility of a penalty by Google?

No, you can create your campaign for any website. For this reason, your campaign doesn’t look unnatural, and you haven’t done anything against Google’s opinion. If you follow the SEO factors, there is nothing to worry about.

Increase website traffic is free?

No, It is not possible due to the cost of the service provided for free.

Frequently Asked Questions