Frequently Asked Questions

A quick guide for Seovisitor customers
How long does it take to see the impact of hits?

In general, it takes between two weeks and a month for Google and Alexa to notice an increase in traffic to your website and make the necessary changes to the results.

Do you offer a discount code?

At certain times, discount codes may be given to specific customers whose order amount is more than a certain amount per month. It is now possible for all customers to increase their account credibility to a greater extent and enjoy a greater discount....

Does Google's visits affect Google's site ranking?

The amount of traffic from Google is not the only criterion for ranking a site. If your website has complied with the SEO parameters and selects the traffic in a completely appropriate and targeted way, you will see the impact of its registration in the long run. Purposefulness means choosing the number of IPs and the right time, choosing the subpage and determining the location of visitors

How long does it take for an order to be approved?

Confirmation of orders depends on factors such as their number and may take up to 24 hours. Priority is also given to orders with higher cost orders.

What does invalid order mean?

An order is invalid when either the hyperlink entered by the customer is incorrect or when ordering a keyword traffic increase, the website is not among the top 100 results of Google, In this case, you only need to send us the correct link or keyword via ticket so that the hits can be approved.

Is it possible to change the order for the customer?

To change the order, you need to send a new ticket and let us know the changes you want. These changes are applied by the operator in the management section and are not visible to you.

Thanks alot, Seovisitor management