Keyword Traffic purchase System

Keyword Traffic purchase System to Improve Internet Business

Increase keyword hits from search engines.

Increase Keyword Traffic

Increase website hits with your favorite keyword.

One of the most important factors for Google's ranking is the traffic from this search engine. When you want to improve your rank on Google search results, you need to find a way to increase Keyword traffic.

In recent years the competition for the first result has intensified, and most websites follow Google parameters and factors. In such a competitive situation, one of the things that can positively impact your website is the rise of organic traffic from Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Increase google Visits is a service by Seovisitor that provides traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing for your website.

Increase Keyword Traffic

If you need to set your favorite keyword for your website, In the beginning, you can sign up in Seovisitor and choose your ideal search engine, then enter your keyword and get real traffic with the keyword.

Features and cost calculation of keyword traffic campaign

Login and Order
Order Info
User Info
  • Main Page
  • Sub Page
  • Platform
  • Region
? Total IPs: 300
Time on home page :
min sec
max sec avg : 40 sec

If you want to reduce the bounce rate and make it more effective, enable this option.

Number of Subpage :
min pages
max pages avg : 1 pages
Time on Every Page :
min sec
max sec avg : 30 sec

Set platform of the visitors to be mobile or desktop.

Desktop 100 % mobile 0 %

You can choose 1 to 25 countries as a region and receive hits from this countries. Note that by selecting some countries, you may receive less than 5,000 visits.

Order info
  • Total visits: 40,000
  • Total Ips: 20,000
  • Time on site: (sec) 30
  • Run time: 30 Days
  • Total Payment $ 12,99

Sign up and create a campaign

On the Seovisitor website

Sign up in the user panel In the first step, you must sign up in the Seovisitor user panel to use the website's various services.
Create a campaign After registering and confirming the information, you can create your campaigns and pay for them through the balance of your wallet.
Increase wallet credit If your wallet credit is insufficient, you should increase your wallet credit from the finance page and pay your order amount.
Submit campaign Now you can submit your campaign for the system to check and confirm it. This process lasts from a few minutes to an hour.
View statistics After the final approval, your campaign will start working, and you can see the incoming traffic statistics through Google Analytics or the Seovisitor stat.
buying Google traffic

What is the benefit of buying Google traffic?

Increasing keyword visit causes your website to get popularity from Google and other search engines. Keyword traffic is critical to your site because this way, you can earn more money.

Google pays attention to organic search. When you plan to start an internet business, one of the essential things in your website's digital marketing is to be in the search results. Web admins always try to find a way to take practical steps to increase their traffic from Google. This subject is essential because it can improve the website ranking compared to other websites.

One of the most effective solutions in this field is to buy Google traffic is create a campaign in Seovisitor. Since Google is one of the most important search engines, Google traffic is one of the main concerns of web admins.

There are many ways to improve site ranking on Google, like generating appropriate content, correct and primary attention to SEO-related issues, and intelligent advertising can be some factors effective in increasing web keyboard from search engines, but buying google traffic is another method.

Get up to a 30% bonus by increasing the wallet credit in the Seovisitor user panel.

Increase Organic traffic causes your website to get popularity from Google and other search engines. Keyword hits are critical to your site because, this way, you can earn more money.

Increase Organic traffic by set region and search engine

All webmasters are concern about increased keyword visit, because they want to improve their revenue. If you want to achieve your goals, you need to have visitors to your website. In this way, by choosing the intended website, get traffic from search engines, and by selecting a location, make your traffic purposeful. These traffics can be shown in the referral part on several websites like Google Analytics and observe accurate traffic statistics.

Setting favorite region Optional

You can set your favorite countries. for example, if you want to increase your keyword traffic from countries like the USA or Canada.

Features of Increase Keyword Traffic

By ordering Increase Search Engine traffic in Seovisitor, You get these options:

Set Time on site

You can set the Time on-site with your panel by Seovisitor and improve your Google rank. It is possible to select Time on site for up to 10 min.

Set Pageviews per Visitor

The users may see more than one page on your website. You can choose the Subpage option and determine that each user visits up to 10 times from your website.

Decrease Bounce Rate

You can decrease your website's bounce rate by choosing to visit from your website's subpages. The website traffic provided at Seovisitor can reduce your website Bounce rate to zero.

Improve Website Ranking

One of the most critical parameters of the Google rank is the number of websites traffic. By increasing site visits, you can recognize this effect on your website ranking on Google and improve your website position in the short term.

Choosing a favorite platform

You can adjust your traffic platform in the presented system and specify how many visits are done by mobile phone or desktop computer. Seovisitor provides for you to do that.

Statistics live display

Statistics live display of our website provides this possibility to boost orders of buy organic traffic so that they can observe their traffic statistic momentary.

Happy Users
1875 Happy Users
Total Orders
3047 Total Orders
Doing Orders
216 Doing Orders

Live display of statistics

The live display statistics system of Seovisitor provides for website traffic orders and increases the keyword to see their visit statistics instantly. After you register and pay for your order, you can click on the statistics in the order table and see them as a chart and table. The count of visit statistics is instantaneous, displayed immediately after each visit.

Statistic confirmation by Google Analytics

The visits to your website from Seovisitor are actual, very accurate, visible, and tracked by reliable statistics such as Google Analytics.

Live statistics

Keyword visits in Google Analytics are users who have entered your website from Google and other search engines. To be able to count the number of referral visits. You need to enter the Acquisition section and click on the Source/Medium option in the Google Analytics tool to display the number of organic views.

The effect of choosing subpages

Choosing the number of subpages is another point you should pay attention to that positively impacts your website bounce rate. The correct number of subpages is at least about 2 to 4. The more subpage views each user has, the better your Google rank.

Google traffic

How much Google traffic should I buy?

Since above we recommend that you avoid choosing keywords alone and use a combination of keywords and brands instead and there is no limit to select them. Naturally, you can get a lot of users in the same way by branding and doing advertising.

So if you want to use input Google instead of spending a bunch of money on branding, you can use a keyword plus brand with high volume traffic, you can have an impact on your website and brand.

Depending on the value amount and the number of keyword searches, you can get between 300 keywords and up to 1000 per day for high search topics.

How to get the best feedback by buying Google traffic?

To get the best results from your order, you need to follow the parameters of regular visits.

  • Improve website SEO

    Before looking for a way to increase your Google website visit, you should notice that is not the main factor. If you do not do internal SEO properly, you will not significantly impact Google results.

  • Improve signal branding

    If you want the best feedback from Google traffic service, it is better to work on breaking your website and introducing your website pages to Google along with the brand name. Then you can be sure that Google will usually detect high traffic to your website.

  • The strategy of choosing the best keyword

    When registering an order to increase Google search, the first and most important is to choose a primary keyword, so your complete visits seem natural. SEO indeed follows all the parameters required, but it does not make sense for a website to receive a bunch of traffic from Google with one keyword, especially if a word is not one of the results on the first page.

    The best way is to use a keyword with the brand, for example, "Increase keyword traffic Seovisitor".

    In this combination, "Increase keyword traffic" is the keyword, and "Seovisitor" is the brand. So you may do online advertising for your brand and services. Using this combination is very natural. If you follow your website SEO correctly, you will be among the top search results.

  • Reduce Bounce rate by clicking on the internal link

    By choosing the option of a visit from other website pages (from 2 to 3), you can reduce the Bounce Rate, which is one of the essential subjects for users. When the users visit the other links from your website, it means that the content of your website is so attractive to them.

  • Select the time of the user's presence

    For the visits to look natural, choosing a time between 120 to 180 seconds is necessary. This time includes the total time the users on-screen and on other pages. The more users stay on your website is another factor of user satisfaction and naturalness.

Depending on the keyword's value and search volume, you can get anywhere from 30 hits per day (for normal topics) to 150 hits per day for high search topics. Of course, note that for more natural traffic, use direct visits at the same time. The first click offer for users who don't know how many views to buy is 50 to 100 views per day for a period of three weeks to one month.

For which page or keyword to get Google traffic?

Choosing pages or keywords to build a campaign depends on your website's goal and SEO strategy. But if you don't have a specific page in mind, or if you plan to create a Google input campaign for your website for the first time, we suggest you choose your website's main page and put the keyword as the brand name. Because in the natural state, the most basic form of traffic from Google occurs with the brand name.

In the second step, you can use the brand keyword combination. If you have advertising campaigns or direct visits for your website's internal pages, you can also activate the Google input campaign for those pages.

For which page or keyword to get Google traffic

Does buying Google traffic attract users?

Seovisitor Google's traffic purchase system works so that several users provide their computers and mobile phones to Seovisitor. Even though all traffic parameters are normal, the visits are done by the browser and design, with no intervention from the users.

For this reason, these visits alone do not cause the user to delete, register, and increase the sale of your products and services. To achieve such a goal, you must use methods such as SEO and optimization, CPC, or Google Ads.

convert traffic  to users

What is the benefit of visits that do not convert into users?

With the help of such traffic, you can influence Google's algorithms and improve the SEO process of your website. In other words, controlling the click-through rate (CTR) increases Google's attention to your brand name and thus increases the growth of your website's pages among keywords. For example, if you are in the last pages of Google (50 to 100 results), you will get to the first pages of Google, and if you are in the previous links of the first page, you will reach the first links of page one.

Also, working on Singal Brand can help you so that your website is displayed among Google's suggestions when searching for a user, and the probability of real users entering your website increases. But improving the website's position with this tool's help requires compliance with important SEO and brand factors that you must pay attention to.

This tool can help you improve your website's position, but you must consider important SEO and brand factors.

Options that you should be sure about before create campaigns:

  • Ensuring that the Google Analytics statistician is installed and active
  • Checking the capacity of the host for the amount of traffic received
  • Compress and optimize files and codes on website pages
  • Ensuring that the page is standard in terms of on-page SEO and that there are no errors among the codes
before create campaigns

Important Tricks

Create the best possible purchase organic traffic campaign and get the best feedback.

Important Tricks
  • Create your campaigns naturally

    Usually, a website has different viewing modes, from direct traffic to referrals (traffic from other websites) and Google traffic. Try to create your campaigns by combining these modes and observing natural parameters.

  • Pay attention to the current traffic of your website

    To make the campaigns as natural as possible, pay attention to your website's current statistics, such as referral websites, time visits per user, etc. Then, depending on the needs of your website, try to create campaigns that gradually increase the number and quality of traffic.

  • Make the campaign period at least two weeks

    The impact of visits on Google algorithms and the website SEO determine within two to four months. Therefore, once you have worked on your website's content and SEO, you can gradually increase your website's traffic in a certain period and check its impact on your website's rank daily.

If you sign up in Seovisitor to use our services, you need to increase your wallet credit and then select your services among all options and pay for your order from your wallet.

FAQs about Increase Keyword Traffic

Is Seovisitor organic traffic real?

Seovisitors' users have valid IPs and use their computers and browsers for their visits. But the difference between this visit and your website users is that these visits do automatically. But because of the naturalness of the visits performed by real IPs and browsers, they are fully approved by Google.

What factors determine the cost of a Google traffic campaign?

When placing an order to increase site visit through Google, you can set the number of IPs per day, the number of visits per day, and the duration of the user's presence on your website. Of course, if you set the higher the number and time, your cost will be higher.

What does the effect keyword traffic order has on SEO?

Increasing keyword traffic is one of the most critical parameters for Google and an essential indicator of your website's popularity in the average of other results. But the point is that keyword traffic has been a side parameter and should be used even after SEO.

Is it harmful to the website to purchase keyword traffic?

If you comply with SEO factors on your website and follow the natural parameters of your order, keyword traffic plays an essential role in your website rank. Be sure to use the full keyword plus brand. You can help to improve your site brand with that keyword.

Does only Google traffic bring us to the desired rank?

No, Google examines many algorithms for ranking websites and countless parameters. Keyword visit is an essential parameter that it can use on your branding, and knowing that you follow all these natural factors can positively impact your position. Carefully check that at the time of order registration, follow the instructions given in the best feedback.

Does creating a campaign in Seovisitor become harmful to the website?

No, keyword hits have natural factors ultimately. If you set the campaign parameters to normal, you will get a positive impact. But even if these visits seem unnatural to Google, at worst, they may make it ineffective.

Is the sudden start and interruption of the Keyword visit service harmful to the website?

No. It would be perfectly normal for your keyword phrase to be a combination of keyword and brand as well as direct traffic. Because this method is quite similar to advertising, there is no problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

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