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A good way to increase website traffic and Improve website ranking

What are the benefits of buying website traffic?
Get more traffic for your website by Seovisitor that you can specify IPs number, time on site, and pageview per visitor by each IP. You can raise your website traffic and improve your website ranking.

There are many websites with different content like news, sports, lifestyles, fashion, etc. But all of them have one common goal, that is their increase in traffic and improve their website quality.

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Website name: ?
Website URL: ?
IP per day : ? Each IP: visit
Number of days : ? Total IPs:
Time on home page :
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max sec
avg : 40 sec

Subpage visit

If you want to reduce the bounce rate and make it more effective, enable this option.

Number of Subpage :
min pages
max pages
avg : 1 pages
Time on Every Page :
min sec
max sec
avg : 30 sec

Traffic Platform

Determine platform of the visitors to be mobile or desktop.

mobile 0 % Desktop 100 %

Traffic source

You can choose 1 to 10 websites as a traffic source and receive hits as a referral visits.

First website:
Second website:
Third website:
Fourth website:
Fifth website:
Sixth website:
Seventh website:
Eighth website:
Ninth website:
Tenth website:

Traffic region

You can choose 1 to 28 countries as a region and receive hits from this countries. Note that by selecting some countries, you may receive less than 5,000 visits.



    Boosting Website Visit

    One of the main issues that every webmaster should take care, is increasing website traffic. In fact, in every type of online business, you are active in, it is really important to increase website traffic and absorb the internet user's attention.

    When your traffic site is increasing, more users are facing website and improve your online business. If you intend to sell your product or prepare a service to a mass group of customers, increasing website traffic can help you to achieve your website goal.

    By increasing the credibility of your wallet, you can earn between 5 and 30 percent of the additional credit.

    Improve website ranking

    Increase website traffic also can Improve website ranking of your site. The higher the site traffic and more users visit your site daily, the more positive impact it will have on your Alexa rank. The effect of this method can be seen over 7 to 14 days. Currently up to 5000 IPs selection per day is possible due to limitations in the number of users.

    Increase traffic website by adjusting location and traffic source

    The main concern of all webmasters and online businesses is to increase their website traffic because they can gain considerable income. It is no different in which field of online businesses you are active. If you want to win out over other competitions and reach the goals you need to have visitors for your website. In this way with choosing the intended site, get traffics with favorite sources, and selecting a location, make your traffic purposeful. These traffics can be shown in the referral part in several websites like Google Analytics and observe accurate traffic statistics.

    Setting favorite location Optional

    You can set location with this type of traffics, for instance, if you want traffics to be from particular countries like the USA or another continent.

    Setting traffic source Optional

    By choosing 1 to 10 favorite websites you can receive traffics with a selected traffic source. These traffics can be shown with statistical sites like Google Analytics in the referral part. You can watch the exact statistic traffic.

    Features of Increase Website Traffic

    Features of Increase site Traffic

    By ordering Increase website traffic in Seovisitor, You get these options:

    Set Time on site

    Set Time on site

    You can set the Time on site with your panel by Seovisitor and improve your Alexa rank. It is possible to select Time on site up to 10 min.

    Set Pageviews per Visitor

    Set Pageviews per Visitor

    The users may see more than one page on your website. You can choose the Subpage option and determine that each user visit up to 10 times from your website.

    Decrease Bounce rate

    Decrease Bounce rate

    By choosing the option to visit the subpage, you can decrease your website's bounce rate. The website traffic provided at Seovisitor can decrease your site Bounce rate close to zero.

    Improve Alexa Rank

    Improve Website Ranking

    One of the most important parameters of the Alexa website is the number of traffic sites. By increasing website traffic you can recognize the effect of this on your website rank in Alexa and decrease your ranking in the short term.

    Choosing a favorite platform

    Choosing a favorite platform

    You can adjust your traffic platform in the presented system and specify how many of the visits are done by phone and or computer. Seovisitor provides for you to do that.

    Live statistical display

    Live statistical display

    Live statistical display of this website provides this possibility to boost orders of Increase website traffic so that they can observe their traffic statistic momentary.

    Buy Website Traffic

    Live display of statistics

    The live display statistics system of Seovisitor provides for website traffic orders and increase keyboard to see their visit statistics instantly. After you register and pay for your order, you can click on the statistics in the order table and see it in form of chart and table. The count of visit statistics is instantaneous and, it with displayed after each visit immediately.

    The effect of choosing subpage

    Choosing the number of subpages is another point you should pay attention to that has a very positive impact on your website bounce rate. The proper number of subpage is at least about 2 to 4. The more subpage views each user has, the better your Alexa rank.

    The importance of increasing website traffic

    Regardless of what kinds of goods and services you supply to your customers, your efforts would be resultless as long as you are not able to receive real traffic for your website and increase site traffic even if your website is in high quality. The main problem of such websites is to be ignored by cyberspace users. If the managers of these sites increase their website traffic successfully, they will be able to attract real and target visitors to their website.

    Impact on SEO

    You can increase website traffic by selecting lots of methods, so you can improve your SEO and optimize your website. Seovisitor is one of the best systems that help you execute this goal amazingly and quiet, however, this is not the only method you can boosting website traffic. Focusing on website activities, content creation, advertising, SEO, and more can help to increase your website traffic and the number of constant users.

    Statistic confirmation by Google Analytics

    Visits that come to your website from Seovisitor are quiet real and visible and tracked by reputable statistics such as Google Analytics.

    Increase traffic website

    The advantage of increasing website traffic?

    1. Your income will be increased.
    2. It will bring you to the top of Google search engine ranking gradually and gain more popularity from Google's perspective.
    3. The more you can attract visitors to your website, the faster you can become a brand.
    4. Your visitor's site can act like a free marketeer (face to face) introduce your business to others.
    5. Customer attraction and more visitors have a great effect on your SEO and website optimization.
    6. It can greatly reduce your website’s bounce rate with the help of the Seovisitor system.
    7. If you can attract more people to your website, you observe that your Alexa rank improves over time.

    If you have registered in Seovisitor to use our unique advertisement, you need to charge your wallet and then select your personal services among all options. Straight online payment is also provided to customers.

    FAQs about Increase website traffic

    What does website traffic affect SEO?

    Website traffic is one of the important parameters in Search engine optimization. Google is always paying attention to your website visitors a website that has more hits gets a better rating.

    How the order price is calculated?

    Price per order is determined based on parameters such as visit time, number of days, and number of IPs.