Terms and Conditions

To sign up and activate in Seovisitor

Dear user, while thanking you for choosing the Seovisitor system, it is necessary to read the agreement and rules before registering your order. Seovisitor provides you with the website traffic system under the terms and conditions of this agreement, and you, as the users of this service, are required to comply with the provisions of this agreement, which may change in the future.

  1. To access the services, you must sign up and increase your wallet credit. You can then access Seovisitor's increase in traffic services.
  2. Each user in Seovisitor can have one account. It is forbidden to create multiple accounts for one person to make more use of the facilities that are sometimes provided to users by Seovisitor.
  3. Pay per click from an IP. If more than one click made from the same IP, payment made only once.
  4. Websites that have welcome or farewell codes or display any messages as soon as they appear on the site will not be approved.
  5. Seovisitor does not guarantee that the visits will be successful, from websites that take more than 10 seconds to load, websites that play music and online video, and websites that contain more than 15 photos.
  6. Seovisitor is not responsible for the content of the customer's Website.
  7. Avoid sending tickets or emails to confirm and do! The order verification process takes between 1 hour and 24 hours after a full review and only done during office hours.
  8. When the management deems it necessary, it can suspend or remove suspicious websites or customers to check and prevent violations, or delete them. It works to increase the quality of work for the customers who receive the hits and also to improve the system services.
  9. There may be changes in these rules and regulations in the future, including the removal or addition of content and rules that must be implemented immediately by the Seovisitor administrators. Therefore, customers are required to review the rules during the use of the Seovisitor service to be aware of possible changes.
  10. If an order that has not been started yet is canceled at the customer's request, 20% of the amount will be deducted from the claim.
  11. The deadline for following up on any problems in the order is finally 3 days after the completion of that order. If more time passes, the Seovisitor will not accept any responsibility in this regard.

Thanks alot, Seovisitor management