Ways to increase click-through rate (CTR)

Ways to increase click-through rate (CTR)

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One of the terms that web admins and SEO experts always deal with is CTR or click-through rate. Join us to learn more about the optimal ways to increase the website’s CTR.

Ranking and increasing or decreasing the website ranking depends on the monitoring and view that Google algorithms have on your website. Suppose you want to strengthen your SEO. To have a better position in search engines than your competitors, one of the crucial points is to check the CTR or increase the website click rate.

What is the click-through rate?


What is the click-through rate (CTR) first? We pay. Then, we will deal with the methods of increasing the click-through rate, which is one of the most essential things in increasing the traffic from Google.

CTR combines three phrases: Click, Through, and Rate and the closest translation to be written for it is Click Rate.

When users search for a phrase or word in a search engine (which means “Google search engine”), they are faced with a list of links from different websites, which is the same as an impression at this stage. This means that the website is seen in the list of results on the first page of Google, But it is imperative when the user selects one of the websites and clicks on it. Click rates are the percentage of users who click on your website link after viewing the website.

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The formula for click-through rate

The number of clicks to users’ on-site links is divided by the number of views of your website link to the user. The formula is defined to understand the website click rate:

CTR = click / impression * 100

Word clock rate difference

Websites with different work areas use different and researched keywords, called content SEO.

It is vital to use other keywords, similar keywords, and family (LSI) because users may use different words or long phrases when searching. One of the things that can be checked using the online search console software is the website’s click-through rate and word-click rates, which are used and published in the Seovisitor blog. For example, the word website design has a click rate of 20%, but the WordPress website design has a click rate of 15% or 10%.

Use the Search Performance section of the console to know the website’s click-through rate.

What is an Impression?

Impression (view) indicates that your website link is in the first to tenth results of the first page of the Google search engine. The presence of the website and the website map (SiteMap) in the search results means the same Impression or website visibility.

When a user searches for a word or phrase, the list of websites is on the first page of Google and other Google pages. The website link will only appear when the user enters the second page of Google. But what if it does not enter the second page? You are even one of the first websites on the second page, and Impression is not considered.

The importance of word search

Every content creator researches keywords before writing an article to publish SEO content on a website or social media pages. More importantly, one of the most essential concerns of any SEO and content expert is using and applying necessary and valuable keywords. There are many tools for finding popular keywords (which are often searched by the user) or a set of similar and similar keywords, Including online software keyword planners and critical finders. Still, this software does not show a specific number that indicates the number of searches.

After launching the website and publishing content on the website, with a target phrase or word that has the highest density among the website keywords, When we see the results on the first page of Google, we can have a closer statistic of the visible (impression) rate.

Once you find relatively better and more specific statistics through Impression, you will have a better chance of understanding keywords and phrases, ultimately a better way to generate specialized content and a better way to reach the first page of Google.

Impact of CTR on-site ranking

Impact of CTR on website ranking

One of the most important criteria for ranking a website and publishing articles in Seovisitor is the website click rate. The highest click-through rate among the first-page websites is related to the first website.

According to statistics and research conducted by a series of reputable websites worldwide that use different keywords and phrases, the maximum click-through rate on the desktop screen is 32%, and using the mobile screen is 24%.

The numbers obtained are based on a global average, not a whole one. When you check the website click rate, you may find that the website click rate, which is the first result of Google, is 80%.

Ways to increase click-through rate (increase CTR)

In the above lines, it was said that among the links of the websites displayed on the first page of Google, the user decides in a few seconds to click on the website’s link for the user to select your area. There are methods and actions. Which can be helpful and helpful, will also lead to conversion rate optimization, Including:

  • Attractive and functional page title
  • Appropriate and useful meta-description
  • Create a scoring system
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1 – Attractive and functional page title

One of the most important tags for SEOs to optimize an effective and productive website is using attractive and functional titles on the page. The Title tag in the HTML programming language is in the header; It also determines the position of the website page title. In the experience of some SEOs, the amount of selected space allowed to write labels on-site and, of course, to be displayed on the screen is 70 characters. For this reason, you can use this space enough to write an attractive and helpful title for the user.

In the following article, we will teach you different methods of writing attractive titles:

1- Put your company name and brand at the beginning of the title

Some businesses seek to build branding and awareness for users and customers through branding for their business. For this purpose, it is recommended to put their company or brand name at the beginning of the title. To address internal page SEO, put the brand name at the end of the sentence in the titles of the website’s inner pages. Also, write at the beginning of the sentence other vital topics related to the case of the internal page.

2- Use keywords at the beginning of the page title

Using keywords in the title attracts users, increases the click-through rate, and makes the search engine pay more attention to websites that initially used keywords. Shows such websites to users with more priority. Increasing the click-through rate increases the website’s ranking and ranking in the search engine.

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Use keywords at the beginning of the page title

3- Use numbers in the main title

Many people prefer to read and click on the website link to see several methods, solutions, and specifications and then click on the website. Using numbers makes the minds of the audience and the user more ready to read the article.

4- Use the vertical line in the title (|)

In producing SEO content on the website, one of the most important things is to use words related to it. And similar to the main keyword of the website. For this purpose, it is recommended to use the exact family words and the vertical separator line to make the title attractive and separate the main keyword.

5- Do not write duplicate titles

Google web admins warn websites that use duplicate titles on their websites. If your website is designed to have many pages, write page titles. Do not use duplicate titles in writing page titles for essential pages, the first and second pages of the website.

6- Use a title related to the main topic of the website

When users select a website to click on, they pay attention to whether the title they write is the same as what they want. When a user enters the website, he expects the content he is reading to be what is stated in the title. It will leave the area immediately. Increasing the bounce rate is irrelevant.

7- Use unique words

The following keywords can increase website traffic and click-through rates: This is the best, free, step-by-step, easy tutorial right now.

Step 2 – Appropriate and valuable meta-description

Meta is a description displayed to the user under the title when searching and after showing the first search results page. A meta description summarizes what the user will read on the website. The number of characters allowed to write meta descriptions is 168 characters. As a content production expert or web admin, you publish content with 168 characters on the website. Of course, depending on what the user is searching for, the length of the meta description you see may be shorter or longer. To write a meta description, try to use attractive and functional phrases that are useful for the user and motivate the user to click on the website address and read the full article.

Step 3 – Use standard schema

Maybe it happened to you, too. After searching, you notice that much information is displayed next to the website. One of the website’s most famous and standard markup systems, such as the stars displayed next to the website, is of this type. This markup and scoring system will attract attention and user satisfaction and increase the click-through rate (CTR).

Use standard schema

Step 4 – Frequently Asked Questions (schema)

Another schema that can be very effective in increasing your click-through rate is displaying frequently asked questions in Google results. With the help of these codes, you can show your website in a particular way to the user in Google results and increase his chances of being clicked. This activity is directly effective in increasing the traffic to your website.

Impact of CTR on SEO

Many SEOs who take action with the aim of SEO and website optimization believe that increasing the website’s click-through rate directly and significantly impacts the website’s ranking. This is precisely why SEOs, web admins, and content production experts try to increase the website’s ranking by providing solutions in line with the rules and regulations of search engines, such as producing SEO content, reviewing, and using the principles of internal and external linking.

Imagine you are between the third and fourth search results. When your website’s click-through rate is higher and better than your position, Google improves the website’s position based on the Rank Brain algorithm. This algorithm increases the probability of expanding the website’s ranking and reaching first and second place in search results.

When you rank 3rd on Google, the number of website visitors is probably around 9%. But when you use an attractive title for the tag heading, you can increase the number of visitors by at least 15%. By doing this, you encourage them to click on your website link.

Use the robot to increase CTR.

As mentioned, increasing the click-through rate has a direct impact on increasing rankings and increasing SEO. For this reason, some SEOs decide to use robots to improve their SEO and ranking, To search for your website phrase at different times and with different IPs and click on the website. To do this, the website’s click-through rate will increase over time.

We must remember that Google is user-centric and only seeks the best results from users. Not only does using the robot not affect the website’s ranking and SEO status.

But it also has the opposite effect, causing the website to be penalized and the area to lose its current position.

Because it is impossible to define information such as Google account history, previous searches, and geographical location for bots, the intelligent system’s Seovisitor leads to organic growth by visiting real users inside the browser.

Concluding remarks

One essential parameter that is important and even necessary to improve the website’s status is the click-through rate (CTR). Using the methods discussed in the article, you can increase the attraction of users and visitors in the first stage. Then, increase the click-through rate and improve the website’s ranking and position.

You can buy website traffic, focus on user engagement, optimize on-page and off-page SEO, and leverage social media channels to reach a wider audience.


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