The best free keyword research tools that can increase your website’s organic traffic

The best free keyword research tools that can increase your website’s organic traffic

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Understanding how a search engine results page (SERP) works would help you dominate the search results and increase your website’s traffic. However, it would help if you used the right keywords to achieve this goal. This article will review the importance of keywords in increasing organic traffic. Furthermore, we will introduce the best free keyword research tools that are beneficial for increasing your website’s traffic.

Visibility is all that matters in today’s digital world. You can introduce your brand, gain value, invite loyal customers, and eventually sell more products with visibility.

There are various ways to increase site traffic, as experts refer to it. Understanding how a search engine results page (SERP) works would help you dominate the search results and improve your website’s traffic.

However, using the right keywords to achieve this goal would be best. For this reason, in this article, we will review the importance of keywords in increasing a website’s organic traffic. Furthermore, we will introduce the best free keyword research tools that are beneficial for increasing your website’s traffic.

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The best free keyword research tools

Why would we need keywords?

There are various SEO and non-SEO techniques for increasing your website’s traffic. You can create paid ads and eventually gain more clicks to land visitors to your website.

This traffic is known as “paid traffic” because you spend a lot of money to achieve it. On the other hand, people can end up on your page due to their searches. The latter is organic traffic; the only way to increase it is to learn how search engines work.

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Choosing the right keyword is vital for good performance on search engines. Keywords are those phrases that your possible website traffic searches in various search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing. They are the keys to your website. For instance, those fond of cryptocurrencies would probably frequently search phrases like “price of crypto” or “bitcoins.”

Hence, these phrases would be important keywords for people creating content in the crypto-related industry. For any topic, any branch of the industry, or any product, there are three groups of keywords:

  • Hot Keywords: Those keywords are used frequently in your field or appear in most searches.
  • Cold keyword: Those keywords are not widespread, but you need to use them because they may regain their popularity.
  • Standard keywords: These are the basis of searches in your field. They are classic because they explain your work or product and are counted as the core of your content.
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Buy Organic Traffic
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How can we find these keywords?

Fortunately, there are a lot of analytical tools that can give you statistical information about different keywords in your field. These analytical tools take advantage of data available in various search engines. They feed these data to their accurate algorithms, and the results of this analysis are different keywords with different weights or scores.

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You can use these tools to increase the visibility of your content and outrank your website to the upper levels of search engine results pages. Some of these analytical tools are not free; you must buy their software or subscribe to their monthly services.

Google Keyword Planner
However, many of these highly beneficial tools are free of charge, and you can take advantage of their robust results for your purpose. Now that we have reviewed the importance of keywords, it will be time to introduce the best keyword research tools that can help you increase your website visibility and organic traffic.

Google Keyword Planner

If the accuracy and clean layout of the tool matter to you, then the Google Keyword Planner would be the best free research tool you might ask for. This tool is easy to use, and many refer to it as the first practical keyword research tool. Since this planner is a product of Google, it has access to a vast dataset.

Hence, the results of its analysis are robust and precise. However, this analytical tool cannot access data from other search engines. Therefore, if your unique field of work is not frequently searched on the Google engine, the chances are that the Google Keyword Planner does not give you precise results.

Moz Keyword search tool

If you are looking for more detailed research tools and have a limited budget, then Moz would be a perfect choice.

Moz is a well-known name in the SEO community. This platform provides SEO-related products and offers tools related to content marketing, link building, and inbound marketing. This platform also provides a detailed, highly efficient, and exact keyword research tool among its other services and products.

Brands and websites interested in more detailed research over possible keywords and those eager to see statistical data related to each keyword would be happy with the research results of Moz. You can find even more tools and better research functionality with Moz Pro, which, unfortunately, is not free.

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Moz Keyword search tool

SEMrush Keyword Magic tool

SEMrush is another professional platform for SEO reporting. You can use this analytical tool to inspect the efficiency of your digital marketing. Furthermore, you can use its Keyword Magic tool to pinpoint the most efficient and proper keywords for your content marketing. All you need to do is find an initial keyword.

You will be rewarded with more than a million suggestions once you feed this seed keyword to the SEMrush Keyword Magic tool. This research tool also provides ample information on each keyword’s competition score.

The latter is essential for evaluating competitors’ performance and planning content marketing strategies. However, please remember that you can only use the SEMrush Keyword Magic tool a few times. After a specific number of research runs, you will be asked to pay for the platform subscription to continue using this analytical tool.

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Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker combines various available keyword tools and provides a robust analytical result. The Rank Tracker uses over twenty-three high-rank research tools on this platform’s website.

The latter can provide users robust results based on Rank Tracker’s various datasets. With this research tool, you would have more efficient keyword suggestions and a better perception of your interest community. Furthermore, you can use this platform to analyze our competitor’s performance and hunt for less obvious keywords.

Rank Tracker

Google Trends

Although many keyword research tools present you with very efficient keyword suggestions, deciding when to use which keyword would be another challenge.

Google Trends is not a keyword research tool but can provide statistical charts and information. Based on these results, you can classify keywords into hot, cold, and normal subgroups and use them based on your content marketing strategies.

You can find visual charts that show keywords’ popularity over time on Google Trends. This temporal information would be beneficial for outranking your website, particularly on the Google search engine. Those with seasonal content-creating strategies and those who have faced drops in their organic traffic can benefit from Google Trends.

Answer the Public

Each keyword is a topic around which you can start to create content. However, developing new issues or ideas around a specific keyword would be difficult.
Answer the Public is a useful free platform for outranking your website on various search engines. Answering the Public provides several questions that people frequently ask about a keyword.

For instance, if you feed this platform with the keyword “Cryptocurrency,” the research results would provide you with several frequently asked questions. Such as “What is the future of cryptocurrency?” or “Is trading cryptocurrency safe?”.

You can then plan different content parts (such as subheadings and headings). In this matter, your content and page rank would increase, and your website would quickly appear in most search engines. You can also use this tool to investigate your targeted market on machines such as Bing or Google.

Ahrefs keyword Generator

Ahrefs is a well-known name for SEO experts. Ahrefs generates free keywords based on a vast dataset from various search engines. Hence, with the results of this search engine, you can easily dominate the SERP results of various global search engines.

This platform also provides vital information on your competitor’s ranking and performance. Ahrefs can be a perfect choice for those brands, businesses, and websites outside the United States.

Ahrefs keyword Generator


If you are unsure about keywords you would like to use, Keyworddit is your first stop. This platform is based on Reddit and uses the available data to evaluate hot keywords. This platform finds the most used keywords in what people have published in a specified time interval.

Then, these keywords are classified into various topics, and that’s how you would benefit from this tool. You can use these results to find the hot topics or longtail phrases and use them in your content. You can use this tool and other research tools to boost your performance on the SERP.

Bulk Keyword Generator

Do you run a business within a particular industry and run out of ideas for new keywords? The Bulk keyword generator is where you need to start. Select your industry and niche on this tool for a long list of critical keywords.

If you are a service-based business, the Bulk keyword Generator would be particularly beneficial since this tool also considers the local SEO parameters. Hence, with keywords that this tool suggests, you can enhance your performance on SERP for local searches. These are targeted traffic that eventually would increase your gain.

Google Autocomplete

Google will be handy if you are looking for new keywords and particularly longtails. This is primarily a good tool for those who cannot allocate a long time to research keywords.

All you need to do is open a tab on your browser and start typing two or three keywords. Google’s autocomplete feature would come up with various suggestions based on words you type. These suggestions are coordinated based on the most popular searched phrases. With this feature, you can also turn keywords into longtails and use them in your content marketing. Despite being basic, this feature can give insight into topics your target market is searching for.

Google Autocomplete


Traffic means more opportunities to succeed, and one way to gain higher organic traffic on search engines is to choose the proper keywords. However, selecting and using these phrases in your content-making strategies is not about keeping and repeating one particular word 100 times.

Selecting keywords requires a plan and hours of research. In this matter, keyword research tools would become handy. This article introduces ten free keyword research tools that are essential and practical for boosting your performance on SERPs. You can use these tools to drive more organic traffic to your website. All you need to do is to start your research now!


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