SEO tricks to increase site rank in Google

SEO tricks to increase site rank in Google

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Suppose you want to start a business. After choosing the field in which you decide to work, choosing the place and the target community is particularly important. If you open a store in a blind spot with hard access; You will not have many customers. The same is true for online businesses.

On the internet, competitiveness comes first! If you can not get a better position than your competitors, you have lost a lot of traffic and so-called ceded the field. In such a situation, one cannot expect high sales rates and success.

Keeping the site up and SEO tricks are the topic we are going to address in this article.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.”

As the name implies, SEO is a conscious effort to optimize a site based on search engine algorithms. In SEO, we provide the ground to be seen as much as possible and keep the site high as far as who can reach the best rank and position. This promotion leads to more credibility and consequently more sales.

SEO tricks to increase site ranks

SEO tricks to increase site ranks

If you want to be seen; Do not neglect SEO! Many users through search engines to your website a day. The importance of SEO becomes apparent when you know that a significant percentage of users will be satisfied with the first page of the search and will not go to other pages. So if you want to have relatively acceptable statistics in visiting your site, you have to get help from SEO.

SEO is a long-term investment that can have lasting results for you. In this article, we will discuss SEO tricks to keep the site high. We review these tricks in 8 steps together.

1. Website data analysis

Data can always provide you with helpful information. However, many of them have nothing to say. However, it is essential to check the data to know the number of clicks on the site CTA, the number of people ignored, the precise performance of users in your website space, bounce rates, and…

2. Research keywords

Older algorithms search engines in the past were laxer in performance. You could pick a keyword and get a pretty good ranking by writing just about 300 words about it. But these algorithms have changed today and are no longer effortlessly past.

Today, web admins can use various tools such as Ubersuggest, Google Trends, or SEMrush to find the most relevant and, of course, the most appropriate keyword related to them and generate content according to them. Finding a keyword requires following the tips that you can get help from the expertise of SEO experts.

Research keywords


3. Generate long and valuable content to improve site SEO

Content production plays a crucial role in determining the quality of a site. Not unreasonable to say that content is king!

You need to follow a set of rules to produce effective and, of course, authoritative content. Among them is attention to the volume of content. Short-range is not popular with users, and therefore Google can not help keep your site up to date. The excessively long range also bores users and causes them to leave your website too soon, increasing bounce rate statistics.

The best length for a website, according to Buffer, is about 1,600 words. With this number of words, the probability of your users’ satisfaction increases, and it helps to improve the SEO site.

4. Pay attention to internal SEO (on-page SEO)

Internal SEO helps optimize your site by examining titles or tags, primary and secondary keywords, tags, titles, and descriptions. Simply put, internal SEO is a set of actions inside the website that ultimately improves the user experience and keeps the site high.

To follow the principles of internal SEO, what should mention the primary keyword in the h1 ?ag. The subheadings used in content text and the density between half and a half percent of the total content are assigned to the keyword. Keep in mind that a density higher than this value will backfire on you.

In the alt tag of images, use keywords and subwords, and finally, follow all the items of Yoast.

5. Paying attention to off-page SEO

External SEO is also a set of targeted actions that we take outside of our website environment to keep the site high. These include guest blogging, active social media traffic presence, influencer marketing, and getting external links.

Website optimization for mobile


6. Website optimization for mobile

The number of users who go to search engines via mobile can not be ignored at all. It would be best if you used the tricks to improve the user experience of this group of users and optimize your site for mobile phones.

Google has recently launched a service called mobile-first index. So if you can focus on the mobile-friendly parameter of your site, the probability of improving your site ranking will increase.

7. Increase loading speed for web pages

Another thing that improves the SEO of the site is to increase the loading speed of web pages. If your site does not have a good loading speed, users will leave it quickly, leading to an increase in bounce rate and, consequently, a decrease in site ranking.

The Google PageSpeed Insights tool provides valuable information for speeding up site loading.

8. Get quality backlinks

If quality sites give you backlinks, they guarantee your credibility. This will increase the value of your site to Google and help improve your rankings. Of course, doing this is not an easy task. For this, you can use methods such as sending emails to influencers and other blogs in your field. Do not forget that first of all, you must have valuable and presentable content. This can increase your chances of getting backlinks.

increasing website conversion rate

Does SEO affect increasing website conversion rate?

Until this part of the article, we have dealt with SEO tricks to increase the site’s results. In this article, we will explain the effect of SEO in improving the website’s conversion rate.

The conversion rate is the ratio of the number of conversions to the total number of site visitors. In other words, the conversion rate shows how many site visitors you have converted to your customers. Improving the conversion rate can help increase site sales without increasing traffic. What is the role of SEO in this process?

If you produce quality content, attract strong backlinks, and increase the credibility of your website, you will see an improvement in your site’s SEO. Improving the SEO of the site leads to an increase in the conversion rate. It has a higher conversion rate. This is because users can understand the value of your efforts to improve your site and become your regular customer.

So as long as you have an attractive offer to offer to your customers, you will be able to increase your site conversion rate.

Do not forget to improve the user experience!

User experience refers to the user’s understanding and the quality of his experience from the moment he enters the site to when he leaves the area. That is, whether the user is happy to join your site or not, whether the features of your site were sufficient for his convenience or not, and whether he was able to meet his expectations and desires in your website space. The answer to each of these questions is directly related to the user experience parameter.

improve the user experience

As you know, Google rankings depend on user behavior. So no matter how much you invest in improving the user experience, you will not lose.

In short, try to make the whole site space simple, accessible, and suitable for users’ needs. Avoid adding additional elements to the site space. Following the principles of SEO can be helpful in this regard.

The last word

SEO is a complex and, at the same time, delightful topic. The effect that SEO has on improving businesses relieves project fatigue from SEOs.

In this article, we look at SEO tricks to increase site results and the effect of SEO on conversion rates.

Although SEO is a relatively time-consuming process and can not show us its immediate effect in the short term, investing in it has lasting and long-term effects. This ultimately leads to brand credibility, higher conversion rates, and higher profitability.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. We hope we have been able to answer your questions on this topic. You can share your comments and suggestions with us.


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