All things about on-page SEO

All things about on-page SEO

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In this article, we will familiarize you with the activities that our experts and specialists do in improving the on-page SEO of your website and see what issues can be planned in optimizing a website.

The on-page SEO is a set of activities done to improve the SEO website. These activities and changes are all done inside the website and are by the latest methods of Google and other search engines. On-page SEO is the first step to optimizing a website and increasing its position in search engines.

Seovisitor, as an active group in website design and SEO, always relies on the principle that it should start from within the website. This is the issue that the managers of Google and international SEO experts have emphasized and pointed out that with the advancement of Google’s algorithms, the impact of on-page SEO is more significant than in the past.

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Steps to perform on-page SEO of the website

Now that the importance of on-page SEO in website optimization and increasing its rank in search engines has been briefly explained, we intend to review it to improve a website’s internal situation.

1- Choose the right keywords

The first step to start SEO is choosing the right word or keywords. The usual websites of various information managers are not suitable for keyword selection. This point should be remembered that its purpose is to increase website traffic and send the number of users to the website from search engines. So, those words should be chosen as keywords more likely to be searched by users. Advice on choosing the right keywords is our first activity to improve the on-page SEO of the website to increase Google traffic.

Choose the right keywords

2- Improving the content of the website

After choosing the keywords, it is time to improve the website’s content. With the increasing progress of Google and the introduction of advanced algorithms such as Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, and Rank Brain, the importance of producing suitable content for the website has increased. In other training, we will introduce Google algorithms and how each works. Still, the point that should be noted in this section is that the production of low-quality content or copying can seriously trouble the website and result in fines by Google.

When you create content for your website, you should always prioritize the users of the website and write the text that is attractive to them and at the same time correctly and morally and away from any exaggeration of words. Use the appropriate key. Google recognizes this issue and gradually assigns more value to your website.

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Improving the content of the website

3- On-page linking of the website

Link building is one of the most important things to improve the website’s on-page SEO. Without internal linking, the pages of your website will be like several separate pages without any connection between them. But when you give links to other pages in your texts and use appropriate keywords (follow), these pages are linked, and like a connected chain, they transfer more value and credibility to each other. Of course, linking should be done accurately; any mistake in using too much or too little of it can lead to the opposite results.

4- Improving the coding structure

Observing the essential points in website coding structure and fixing existing defects is another issue that can effectively improve the website’s SEO. The investigation of international experts has shown that among two websites with similar SEO and content, the website with fewer coding problems was ranked better in Google results. The appropriate coding structure has been introduced by the W3C company, which Tim Barzenelli, the inventor of the HTML language, manages.

5- Increase website speed

After creating the right content, we can safely say that website speed is the second most important factor in on-page SEO. As mentioned in other articles, Google’s crawlers cannot check the content correctly when the website does not have a fast and proper loading speed. Because they do not wait long for the website to load, they leave it by sending negative pulses to Google. So, the following essential points in improving website speed can play a key role in optimizing your website. This issue is also effective in the satisfaction of users from the website and reducing the bounce rate and leaving the site. Like Google’s crawlers, most users do not have enough patience to load the website, and if it takes more than 5-8 seconds to load the website, they refer to another website.

Increase website speed

Reducing the size of images and website codes, using CND, and caching files are among the effective ways to improve website speed. Of course, there are many other factors that our experts will solve as much as possible during the project.

6- Better activity on social networks

This case is also considered part of off-page SEO, but since it is directly related to the website, it is also considered part of on-page SEO activities. Correct and moral activity in social networks is regarded as one of the essential things in improving SEO. The right way to operate in social networks to improve SEO and create a suitable internet business is fully explained in the training file sent to the website manager.

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Better activity on social networks

7- Solving server problems

Finally, it comes to issues related to server-side programming. Failure to comply with some of the points on the server side can reduce the website’s security, which is a negative parameter for the website, according to Google. On the other hand, some htaccess codes. Like the 301 redirects, it is also applied in this section, effectively on both content and speed.

Solving server problems


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