How to increase website traffic for free in 2023?

How to increase website traffic for free in 2023?

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This article will show you how to increase website traffic for free in 2023. All businesses in the online space battle want more customers and thus increase their sales. So, to improve your conversion rate, you should seek to increase website traffic for free to attract more audiences.

How to increase website traffic for free in 2023

This article will show you how to increase website traffic for free in 2023.

1- Social media

You may look for free ways to increase traffic to your website via social media. For example, you can attract traffic to your website by posting a page link to your Instagram story without any payment. You may also consider influencer marketing. Influencers have a lot of followers. So having them mention your brand can be a game-changer and increase website traffic for free in 2023.

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You can also create videos for YouTube. It can help attract new subscribers and demonstrate your products and services. Remember, creating valuable content is the primary way to achieve organic traffic. You need to develop content people see, like, and act on.

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Ensure you interact with your followers on social media to build trust and long-term relationships. It is not enough to produce only good content and hopes to be seen. You need to be active not only on social media. To interact with your followers and engage them actively with your brand name, hashtags, and relevant keywords.

If you have the right strategy for content production, it can increase website traffic for free and reduce your website bounce rate, which is a critical metric for Google and SEO. If you own a B2B business, do not forget to use photo-based social media to increase audience engagement, such as Pinterest and Instagram.

Use a variety of content

2- Use a variety of content

Successful content marketing does not have a magic formula. It would help if you had the right strategy. Your content should be around a specific topic and address the target audience’s needs or problems. Using different types of content such as videos, photos, text, and blogs ‌ can significantly attract the audience and increase website traffic.

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3- SEO

Always consider content SEO at every stage of your marketing strategy. SEO and the right content make sense together. To understand this, imagine:

Your website contains valuable and good content. However, if your SEO is not done correctly (your content is not optimized for search engines), it will not be ranked as it should be.

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Or vice versa:

Inappropriate website content is optimized correctly and exposed to the audience. But when the user encounters poor-quality content, he will leave the website quickly. This not only increases the bounce rate but also damages your credibility.

Proper, strategic, and integrated use of both SEO is still vital in 2023 and will significantly increase website traffic for free in 2023.

4- keyword

Using short and highly competitive keywords and ranking is time-consuming and complex. As a result, the best strategy is to use long-tailed high-volume keywords instead of short-tailed low-volume keywords. Using these keywords will be a golden opportunity to increase website traffic for free in 2023.

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Online forums

5- Online forums

The next thing you can do to increase website traffic for free in 2023 is to participate in public meetings. Quora, Reddit, and Yahoo are among the popular platforms. People want to talk about their hobbies and what they are thinking. So by actively engaging in these forums, you can answer their questions and include a link to your website.

You can also create your online forums by creating an environment for commenting or asking questions on your website and, in this way, increase the incoming traffic to your website.

6- Guest Posting

Another way to increase website traffic is to use guest posts. Gust post is where you can find public blogs in your industry and offer to contribute to their blogs. They get free content, and you give free exposure. This is a win-win situation. Inside your guest content, you can put a link to your website. People will see the link and click on it when they read the post.

Invite others to write guest posts on your website as well

This will increase the incoming traffic, and new users will get to know your website by sharing that post.

Pay attention to the content produced by the guests

Google is sensitive to the quality of content published on websites. Choose quality content to post to increase your credibility. Poor quality content will increase the bounce rate, which is essential for Google. So be careful with your choice.

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7- Backlinks

Instead of pushing other websites and paying them to link to your website, create content they cannot resist publishing.

Writing long educational content as a reliable source for users can be a way to link other websites to your website when citing the source.

If you have a section on your website to publish news related to your industry or field of activity, be one of the first people to post daily and essential information. Over time you will be recognized as a reliable source of credible news, and other websites will quote you.

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Publish content on LinkedIn

8- Publish content on LinkedIn

Today, LinkedIn has become more than just an employment search platform. LinkedIn is the largest social network with successful, educated, skilled users who hire new staff and share their experiences.

As a result, LinkedIn has become a reliable source for publishing educational or scientific news and information, which means it is an opportunity for you to post content and stay active.

Publishing content on LinkedIn can increase organic inbound traffic. Most importantly, a user who enters your website through a link posted on LinkedIn is likely to be interested in other content on the subject. So, pay close attention to internal linking in each of your articles.

9- Use Schema

Microdata Schema will increase website traffic for free in 2023, making it easier for search engine crawlers to find and index your content. Another benefit of the Schema code for SEO is a better and more functional display of website snippets, which increases the click-through rate.

10- Internal linking

Outbound links are not the only way to increase your website’s credibility. Internal links also have a significant impact on it. When creating and developing content, pay attention to how you link internally. This not only helps SEO but also leads to a better user experience.

Email Marketing

11- Email Marketing

Many people are so involved in increasing their website traffic through content marketing that they forget traditional and older methods. Email marketing is a powerful tool that, even today, can have a significant impact on increasing your website traffic.

Also, note that email marketing does not mean sending lots of messages to your customers; Doing so will annoy them and put you on the spam list. Do not forget the traditional method of word of mouth. Please message your former customers who are satisfied with your performance and remind them of your brand name. They will either buy from you again or suggest you to others.

12- Responsive website design

Nowadays, most people use mobile phones to search the web. Therefore, if your users have to scroll left and right while searching through a mobile phone, you redirect users to other websites with your own hands. You need to make sure that your website is responsive on different devices.

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13- Website loading speed

The bounce rate will increase if your website loads for a long time. Make sure your website is well-funded and optimized. Pay attention to things like photo size, website structure, and plugins. The less time the website comes up, the higher rank it gets from Google, and the more it will display your content to users.


14- Commenting

You probably know many websites related to your industry and business, so getting engaged in them is better. Leaving a comment may not increase your website traffic quickly, but it will make you known among the users of that website.

Mention essential and valuable points about different exciting and compelling content for users, and through this, direct them to your website.

15- Website traffic analysis

Google Analytics is one of the significant resources that gives you comprehensive and good information about every part of the website. Use this information to develop and optimize your strategy. Pay attention to what other websites publish about your activity.

You can find out which channel receives the most inbound traffic, content, and keyword through Google Analytics. Analyzing this information will help you generate better content to increase website traffic.

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Website traffic analysis

Final words

All businesses in the online space battle want more customers and thus increase their sales. Depending on the sales funnel, many users will come to your website initially, and some will leave as genuine buyers. So, to increase your conversion rate, you should seek to increase website traffic for free to attract more audiences.


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