Essential tips to improve SEO and increase website ranking

Essential tips to improve SEO and increase website ranking

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There are various methods to improve SEO and increase website ranking. Paying attention to these critical factors is very important. This article will teach us how to improve the website’s SEO and ranking. You can implement the methods mentioned according to the website’s topic and activity type.

Importance of improving SEO and increasing website ranking

Currently, there are 3.5 billion active websites worldwide. Surpassing them and increasing the website’s rank is very important in improving the position of branding and sales. The website design goal is to be visible in Google’s primary results. For this reason, the most important and best action to get a better ranking is to improve SEO and the website ranking. In this way, you optimize your website for search engines, including Google, so that Google’s robots find your website and give it the appropriate credit and rank. This article will teach us the latest website optimization methods and tips to improve SEO and increase website ranking.

The first step to implementing website optimization methods for search engines, or SEO, is to use specialized tools to analyze the website. You should be able first to check the position and rank and the actions you have taken on the website so far. Then, according to the analysis, start the necessary steps for the SEO of the website.

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Importance of improving SEO and increasing website ranking

Reviewing the criteria using Google Analytics

The best thing you can do for your website is to learn and use a powerful tool called Google Analytics. You can make the right decisions to implement on your website using this tool and the detailed statistics. In fact, with the help of these criteria, you can understand which parameters and factors Google is more sensitive to increase the website’s credibility. With this method, you can spend your time and focus more professionally on these critical factors. You can also focus on these factors and create content for the desired pages.

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The best statistics and information provided by Google Analytics are as follows:

What browsers do users use?

Knowing what browsers users are using may not be essential. But by knowing what browsers most users use, you can optimize your website for these browsers. Spend your time and focus on more good browsers. But be aware that if you are an SEO worker, users may use different and new browsers according to each field. So, knowing the appropriate browser for each work area will be different from others.

What devices do users use to search?

User satisfaction is one of the most critical factors you should always consider during website design and SEO. By knowing the users’ devices, Google Analytics helps you optimize the website according to the same devices. Users worldwide access the website from various mobile phones, tablets, computers, laptops, etc. By understanding these devices, you can design the website’s SEO time and UI design, button size, font type, call to action (CTA) button size, image size, etc., according to the same devices.

What devices do users use to search?

Users’ geographic location

Launching an advertising campaign is one of the essential measures any internet business can use to boost its business. But how? You can launch a more targeted advertising campaign when you have complete information about most users’ geographic location and culture. In this case, you can run appropriate campaigns with a better understanding of their needs, tastes, interests, and even their ethics and culture. With this method, you will have intelligent marketing, and the number of users will also increase in a targeted way.

Checking the conditions of competitors

One of the best other information that Google Analytics provides to SEO professionals is to check competitors’ current positions and conditions. With this tool, you can view and analyze the traffic and content of competitors’ websites. With this, you can start taking the necessary steps to compete strongly with your competitors’ websites. In addition, you can simultaneously use several specialized tools such as Ahref, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics and synchronize the observed statistics.

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Identifying the inactive pages of the website

People and users are always looking for new and updated content and topics. This issue is not limited to news websites. Moreover, educational, statistical, and shopping websites must also have unique and updated content and issues. When you do not edit your website’s content, it is evident that users will leave it and look for the following website. In addition to keyword research and other necessary measures to produce optimal content, content marketers always try to provide new and attractive content to users. The content creation expert and the SEO worker should search the website’s different pages and find those that do not work. For this, the content production and SEO team must analyze the pages that opened less than others and have a high bounce rate or low traffic.

Content that has few visits may have the following conditions:

  • The article’s word count is less than the average amount.
  • Their backlinks are few.
  • They are older.
  • They do not appear as frequently through various search engines.

After finding and identifying the pages with fewer visits, you should create content for these pages again using attractive and valuable keywords. One of the successful and meaningful methods for this work is using mental maps to start producing new content. Following mind maps, the content production expert chooses more prominent topics and divides them into more complex issues. Writing specialized content on these new and minor topics is possible.

Attention to primary and secondary keywords in the content

Attention to primary and secondary keywords in the content

After creating the content, revise it again. Ensure the article only revolves around one main keyword and several secondary keywords. Using the main keyword helps the paper to have a main framework and a clear structure. Second, it allows users to find and use your website and page according to their needs. The most critical first step to finding keywords is understanding what is exciting and valuable for your users. But in general, use keywords naturally in the text. For this, putting yourself in users’ shoes and naturally scattering keywords throughout the article is better.

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Using keyword magic tools

In some cases, when you have long content, using related keywords and synonyms will help generate SEO content for the website. You can find the best keywords related to your main keyword using Keyword Magic Tools. You can also search for users’ most frequently asked questions using keywords.

Some users search in a slang tone in the search engine. For example, these people use when, where, how, and whether to search. By knowing these words, you can purposefully answer these questions in the text and attract users’ opinions. In addition, you can SEO the website’s content and increase the website’s credibility and, as a result, increase the clicks and traffic of your website.

One of the best features this website provides is the keywords users search through voice search. By recognizing and finding these voice-searched words, you can meet the needs of users who use voice search instead of typing. You can also answer these questions usefully in the content of the website.

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Use the backlink technique

Suppose you have done all the necessary actions using the introduced tool. But you won’t get a good ranking and credibility if you haven’t used backlinks in SEO techniques. One of the best methods is to use backlinks and get backlinks from reputable websites. To get backlinks, you can post reports on popular websites and encourage users to enter your website, increasing your website traffic and SEO authentically. If users enter your website from other websites, Google considers this action valid and gives your website a significant reputation and rank. To publish the reportage, choose the most visited and reliable websites.

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Use the backlink technique

You can also use SEMrush Backlinks Analytics Tool to check the quality of backlinks and find suitable and reliable websites.

Find parameters of reliable websites

To find quality and reliable websites and backlinks, you should pay attention to the following:

Look for the best websites related to your business field

You will get a better ranking if you get backlinks from websites linked to your industry.

Ensure your website’s content can be shared across social networks and other websites

One of the best ways to improve your website’s position and SEO is to get backlinks through social networks. Before you share the content on the website, familiarize yourself with the principles of content creation in social networks, start writing, and then publish.

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Write content that fits the evaluated data and information

One of the best ways to increase backlinks is to make the content narrative and story-like. Many users must read estimated and accurate information to communicate with the content and article and trust it. Evaluate and analyze various information and data to write content. Then, share the received results that may be useful to users. Also, provide a solution if there is a problem or discrepancy in the evaluated results. In addition, you can write the content as essential news to attract more audience.

Write content that fits the evaluated data and information

Using header tags to specify important sections

One of the essential points that, in addition to increasing satisfaction and attracting the attention of the audience, is considered one of the vital parameters for measuring the SEO of the website is to set a central structure and framework for the content. By seeing a website page with a stable system and categorized content, users can meet their needs faster and have access to various items.

The page and written content should be available to users and logically categorized according to the user’s needs. One of the essential points you should keep in mind when publishing content, especially UI design, is that the most important practical information should be in the initial part of the website. According to the research and reviews, they spend 80% of their time reading the website’s primary content.

Also, some users who don’t have enough time for the initial scope of the website, after entering the website, take a general look at the various contents and sub-headings. By doing this, users will understand whether your contents are comprehensive and valuable. Does it completely meet their needs or not? For example, if you have written the content in an integrated and continuous manner, the content will be boring, the user will not enjoy reading it, and needs will not be met.

If the content is long, at the beginning of the article below, list the titles and headings in an orderly manner. After reading the sub-headings, the user finds the material he needs and goes directly to it. With this, the user does not lose time and stays on the website satisfied. In addition to improving the user experience, using headers helps Google’s robots understand the website’s content. Additionally, it is advisable to use keywords in the headings to improve the website’s SEO and ranking. With this method, Google quickly realizes what you have written about and introduces your website to users as the right website.

Optimizing images

Optimizing images is one of the essential actions that can increase website visits. Using the image and optimizing it on the website has the following advantages:

  • Increasing the attractiveness of the content
  • Match Google’s visual search intent
  • A better understanding of content by the user
  • Increasing the credibility of content by Google

Another thing that reduces the website’s trend is slowing down the website’s SEO speed. A user closes the page before the images open. To use the Alt tag, you must pay attention to the following:

  • The text you write in the alt tag should describe the details of the images in the best possible way and explain how they relate to the content.
  • It would be best not to use content keywords to write the alt tag.
  • The content of the alt tag should be as short as possible. This tag best explains the image’s relationship with the content and keyword.

Optimizing images

Make sure that the website is also suitable for mobile users

According to statistics and research, today, 60% of users use mobile phones to search the Internet. For this reason, you should optimize your website for mobile phones. Otherwise, you will lose these types of users. Today, with keyword analysis and research tools, you can easily find and compare keywords suitable for mobile and desktop.

Many website designers believe it is better to prioritize mobile users from the beginning of website design and optimization. Doing this removes many elements and additional elements on the website. Eliminating these items has a significant effect on increasing the speed of the website.

To optimize the website for mobile users or to make it so-called mobile-friendly, you must observe the following points:

  • Put the most helpful and best content on the first page so people will see it first.
  • Use keywords that are frequently searched for on mobile phones as keywords.
  • Write comprehensive, concise, valuable content so mobile users can enjoy reading it.

Using short and appropriate URLs + meta description

To improve SEO and the website’s ranking, Google must first determine the website’s content and topic. Google can quickly identify the website’s content by choosing and writing the appropriate URL (Internet address). There are no rules and regulations regarding selecting and writing URLs and meta descriptions. But generally, these two items should be as short as possible and related to the main topic. Additionally, try to use keywords in the URL and meta description whenever possible.

To write the Meta Description and URL, follow the following:

  • Use the same writing structure: It doesn’t matter what field you work in. Try to have the same and similar structure for both meta and URL writing. In this way, users will remember your web address. It also causes them to be encouraged to click on the website by reading the meta description.
  • Use keywords: For Google to quickly understand the topic of your website and different pages, use keywords in the meta description and the URL.

Reducing website loading time

One of the most critical factors that decrease user satisfaction and cause temporary leave of the website is website loading time. Websites that take more than 3 seconds to load and display are considered slow. Using specialized analytical tools, you can see and fix the factors affecting the website’s speed.

Analyze the website continuously

Analyze the website continuously

After launching, every website should undergo continuous analysis. With this method, the position of your website remains in the first rank. Otherwise, your competitors will quickly take your place. You should check the status of your website using specialized tools such as the search console and remove all actions that have caused the website’s rank to decrease.

Every month, you should check the invoices and the following items for the website

  • Average time spent on each page (Time On-Site): Each website has different pages. Users may devote additional time to each page depending on their needs or interests. You should check how long users spend on average on other pages. For example, if a user leaves a page after opening it, it shows that the page’s content was not helpful enough for the user. So, you need to update the content.
  • Bounce Rate: The bounce rate indicates how many users have not entered other website pages after entering the website. Using the search console tool, you can see what isn’t followed on the page by having a high bounce rate.
  • Site visitors’ sources: One of the essential factors you should check continuously after designing the website is how users enter the website.
    • Have they entered your website directly by entering the URL of the website?
    • Have they clicked on the website address through backlinks on other websites?
    • Do they enter the website through social networks?

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By checking the sources of visiting the website, you can take appropriate measures for the same source.


There are various methods to improve SEO and website ranking, and paying attention to these critical factors is very important. This article taught us how to improve the website’s SEO and ranking. You can implement the mentioned methods according to the website’s topic and activity type.

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