Ways to increase site visits and Google traffic

Ways to increase site visits and Google traffic

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This article shows how to increase website visits and the benefits of increasing site visits and Google traffic.

Important factors effectively improve the website’s SEO status and increase its ranking. One of the most critical factors in increasing the website’s ranking is the increase in site visits and Google traffic. According to Google’s algorithms, users enter the website when your website’s content is better, more practical, and more valuable than similar websites.

One of the ways to increase site visits and Google traffic is to buy views. Although increasing your website’s ranking increases site visits and Google traffic, it is not the only factor. You can increase the click rate through simple rules. Join us in this article to learn about buying site visits and Google traffic methods.

Why is it important to increase Google traffic?

In today’s business world, due to the increase in the cost of setting up or renting a place to sell products or starting a company, having a website and operating it is the best solution. In addition, the Google search engine is one of the best. Many audiences and users visit it to find the answer to any question. Lastly, a website can promote any business if designed and operated primarily according to Google’s rules and algorithms.

Buy Google Traffic
Buy Google Traffic
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Obviously, with various registered and operating websites, many businesses are looking for a way to increase their website traffic and sales of their products. Therefore, every company with a website should strive to improve their Google traffics and visits as a primary goal.

The primary condition for success in such a field is to determine the strategy and start. Many digital marketers, content managers, and SEO believe that the number of customers directly correlates with the number of website users. Because every user and visitor can be a customer, for this reason, the main goal that will open the way to success and increase profits and sales is to improve site visits and Google traffic. Google generally provides traffic to more than 50% of active websites. On the other hand, taking basic steps to be in the initial results recommended by Google will not cost you anything.

increasing Google traffic

Benefits of increasing Google traffic

Increasing Google traffic enables the website to rank in search engine results using keywords and key terms that users search for. The higher the ranking these keywords get, the higher the Google traffic you get. For example, if your activity is in the hotel field, you should focus on words and phrases such as hotel reservation, hotel price, discount, etc. Increasing Google traffic and gaining organic traffic is essential to growing online businesses’ prosperity and success. Therefore, increasing Google traffic has the following benefits:

  • Increasing the credibility of the website in other search engines
  • You can test and then analyze your marketing and content strategy by increasing Google traffic.
  • The possibility of obtaining information from the behavioral pattern of users and their interests
  • Increase the click rate better and more effectively
  • Increasing the number of potential and, ultimately, actual customers
  • Earning higher income and more profit

How to increase Google traffic?

Considering the importance and benefits of increasing and growing Google traffic, performing the methods and doing the necessary work to be seen in this search engine is also the most crucial step. In general, there is a method to increase website traffic and attract audience and users to stay on the website, buy and order services, etc. You can increase your Google ranking by following these steps:

1- PPC (Pay Per Click)

Advertising or pay-per-click is also one of the ways to increase traffic. You should use this method if you don’t have enough time to use SEO. In fact, in some cases, many competing websites may typically have a good position compared to your website, and it is impossible to compete with them quickly. In addition, in some circumstances and at certain times, such as before New Year, Christmas, Halloween, etc., you need the website to be seen in the first results of Google.

It is practically impossible to achieve this result in a short time. Carrying out this method is different from one another according to the work area of the website, the position of competitors’ keywords in it, the type of visit order, the time the user stays on the website, etc. When a user searches Google, Google ranks the websites according to how well they are rated and how much competition their keywords have. Therefore, it displays the best result based on Google’s search requirements.

Using Google Adwords, you pay a fee so that your website appears in the search results based on the keyword you want or a keyword with more competition. Clicking on your ad will charge your account. This payment is in dollars, and due to fluctuations in the dollar price, advertising costs vary. If you can pay for this type of advertising sufficiently and consider the increase in the price of the dollar, use this method.

Search Engine Optimization

2- SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

One of the most essential and fundamental methods of increasing traffic and getting traffic from Google is website SEO or optimizing the website for search engines. Actions that are appropriate to Google’s algorithms should be taken in this method. Based on this, you can attract the opinion of Google’s robots and algorithms. This way, you can organically attract visitors and new users to your website. But keep in mind that SEO will pay off in the long run because implementing and implementing SEO measures includes content creation, advertisement reporting, website format optimization, website speed optimization, internal and external linking, etc.

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Professionals should perform each task, which requires time and experience. With the first click, you can register for specialized projects for your website. This method is very economical compared to the PPC method, and the result will be longer. The most important influencing factors in improving SEO are:

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is one of the essential steps in improving the website’s SEO status, which significantly impacts the website’s ranking and increases Google traffic.

The most critical measures of on-page SEO are:

  • Choosing the correct title for each page
  • Writing correct sub-titles appropriate to the website’s domain
  • and writing meta descriptions using accurate and relevant keywords.
  • Explain the image’s text ( ALT Tag) and that the URL selection is correct.

Meta descriptions appear below URLs. In fact, by reading the meta description, the user decides whether to click on the website link or not. By writing the meta description morally and correctly, the user can determine the website’s topic and whether the page’s content suits his needs. Increased Google traffic and website traffic are significantly affected by writing meta descriptions relevant to the domain.

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Create backlinks:

Creating backlinks is an essential step in improving the website’s SEO status. A backlink means linking other websites to your website with a related topic. The links linked to your website will increase Google traffic and be exposed you to new users in this way. In addition, Google increases the website’s credibility by recognizing and analyzing the backlinks of reputable websites that link to your website. As a result, it increases trust in your business and brand. Increasing confidence through Google will improve its ranking from Google and increase its traffic.

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Using long keywords and LSI:

Because all users do not have the same level of knowledge and information, their search patterns are also different. In the current study, we have described the search patterns of users. Long keywords and phrases are searched by users today. In addition, due to the development and improvement of Google search engine algorithms and the possibility of voice search, users use specific and long phrases to search. Also, due to the advancement of these algorithms, Google can identify words and phrases with the same meaning and synonyms as each other and display the best results to users. LSI refers to keywords that are semantically closer to your desired keyword. Due to this, LSI terms and keywords significantly impact increasing Google traffic.

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Using guest posts and reportage

Using guest posts and reportage

One of the best tricks to increase website traffic is the possibility of publishing other people’s articles on your blog website. You can also use this method. You can use the guest post technique to publish your articles on other websites that have the same field of activity and link from their website to your website. Or, in other words, get a backlink. In addition, you can write a separate article with reportage ads and publish it on popular websites and get backlinks. This method can also create website diversity and organically increase website traffic. In this way, you should note that the content is valuable and practical for users.

Activity in social networks:

Today, many people are continuously active on several social networks. Two examples of the most popular social networks are LinkedIn and Instagram. Publish a vital part of your articles on LinkedIn and ask users to visit the website to read the full article. You can also introduce your products on Instagram and encourage customers to enter the website to buy.

Content update:

As Google algorithms are updated constantly, their performance becomes more accurate. One of Google’s precise algorithms is the content recency algorithm. This algorithm checks the publication time of the articles and ranks them based on the correct performance of the website pages. One of the best ways to improve the website’s SEO and, as a result, increase the website’s traffic through Google is to update and create new content for the old website’s articles and content. Additionally, you can remove old content and pages that are no longer visited.

Improve website speed:

One of the essential factors in increasing user satisfaction is high website speed. In addition to improving website speed, it directly impacts website ranking. This effect is such that Google confirms it. It optimizes the website’s speed for mobile and desktop users’ betterment.

Compatibility of the website with mobile

Compatibility of the website with mobile (Responsive):

In addition to website loading speed, the website must be compatible with mobile and increase mobile users’ satisfaction. Smartphone users will leave the website immediately without proper speed and basic design. Rising bounce rates also reduce a website’s ranking since creating a good user experience is imperative to making a good user experience.

Email Marketing:

Creating a communication channel with customers is essential for success in any business. To develop effective and valuable communication and increase Google traffic, you can also send regular, functional, and relevant emails to users in the form of advertising messages through email marketing. Write valuable and practical news and information for users in these emails and encourage them to visit the website.

Site Analysis:

All the actions and methods mentioned will be successful if you analyze the website well after doing it. For this, you can use the free Google Analytics tool. You can use the links tracked by this tool to launch advertising and marketing campaigns. You can also check what strategy and what type of content have increased Google traffic. Which content needs improvement? And which content has had good traffic and traffic?

3- Buy organic traffic from Seovisitor

Buy Organic traffic causes your website to gain popularity from Google and other search engines. Keyword hits are critical to your website because, this way, you can earn more money.

Is increasing Google traffic constantly helpful?

If you use SEO or the technique of buying website visits through Google ADS, you should focus on choosing the right keyword. Sometimes, you may lose a lot of time and money by choosing the wrong keyword and not getting the desired result. One of the critical factors when choosing a keyword is the relationship between the word and the website’s products and services and, more importantly, the level of competition for a keyword.

If you choose the keyword and describe the services and goods wholly and correctly, the number of website users may be few. But this number of users is actual. They entered the website purposefully. In addition, the number of users who enter the website by searching descriptive phrases and a specific keyword will be higher. In addition, note that the use and ranking of keywords for which there is more competition will be.


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