Discover 38 real ways to increase website traffic

Discover 38 real ways to increase website traffic

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The main concern of all web admins and those who manage internet businesses is to increase website traffic. In this article, we share with you 38 ways to increase website traffic naturally. These ways can help improve your website traffic and explain step-by-step how to implement each technique.

Those who have a website or an online store know very well that they should try their best to get more traffic for their website from the previous day and month. This article will tell you about the best ways to increase website traffic. You create engaging and unique content or have added new and attractive products to your store. Now, you only need to get visitors to your website and the online store, and you can attract the most traffic to your site.

After starting any business and start-up, the first step is to launch a website for success and further development. Many online business and digital marketing leaders believe that not having an online activity and not having a website is like having a business or a shop in a remote desert; no one will see you, and you will not make any progress. Whatever your activity in the internet space is, you must have visitors for your website to succeed in the field of competition with your competitors and achieve your desired goals.

In this article, we teach standard methods and tips that increase website traffic and comprehensively familiarize ourselves with 38 ways to increase website traffic.

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How does increasing rank impact website traffic?

Although the increase in the site’s rank has a direct relationship with the site’s visits and traffic, all the factors that increase the website rank are not precisely related to the increase in site visits. For example, as mentioned above, the traffic that enters the site may be entered naturally by humans, or in some cases, by robots. Google robots and algorithms are among the essential robots entering the site to review, analyze, and rank the site.

But along with these robots, some other malware robots enter the site to steal information and destroy and disrupt different parts of the site. This issue has made information security one of the essential parts of internet marketing. One of the significant challenges that may disrupt and involve some websites is that some site administrators (of course, beginners) block the access of robots in general so that no robots enter the site. This is a wrong method and not only has no effect on improving the site’s ranking but the site is generally removed from the ranking review list because Google robots have no way to enter the site and check the site.

Website traffic monitoring tools

Before discussing the methods of increasing website traffic, you should analyze the site using the following tools and then diagnose and fix the problem of the pages that have lost traffic. The site traffic monitoring tools are as follows:

Website traffic monitoring tools - seovisitor

Google search console

Using Google Search Console software, you can check the following:

  • Checking landing pages
  • Review of website sessions (the number of times users enter the site and activities such as clicking on links, entering other pages of the site, and scrolling pages)
  • Examining the time the user stays on the site.
  • Checking the keywords through which users entered the website.
  • Containing how users entered the website. (through social networks, Google ads, CPC)

Google Analytics

After installing the online software, view the landing page, session (the number of times users have entered the site and performed an activity, such as clicking on a link, scrolling the page, entering other pages, etc.) and analyze

AMP Analytics

Today, due to the easy access of users to mobile internet, many users prefer to use mobile phones instead of laptops or computers. AMP is an advanced platform for designing websites exclusively for mobile phones. This way, reducing the site pages’ size reduces the site’s loading speed on users’ mobile phones. The AMP platform changes some of the site’s code, so it is necessary to use the specialized AMP Analytics tool when checking site traffic.

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How to increase website traffic for real and free?

Up to this part of the article, we got acquainted with the basic concepts of marketing channels. In this part, we introduce different methods of increasing site traffic in a primary and step-by-step manner. The following are organic and promotional strategies for increasing website traffic.

The first part examines the fundamental methods for increasing organic and unnatural visits. These 38 ways to increase website traffic:

1- PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising

To grow online businesses, Google has provided a comprehensive and practical tool for businesses to start advertising for several ad users precisely on the keywords you are considering. This type of visit provides you with the conditions to get personalized and a lot of visitors in a short time. This method will make many users get to know you and return to the site if satisfied.

2- Setting up an SEO campaign and optimizing the site for search engines

SEO is one of the most reliable and fundamental methods that can make a real change in the business life of all businesses. Proper attention and follow-up of basic SEO methods are the best way to increase site visits and ranking, which cannot be easily ignored. SEO’s impact on the site is the best input method to get the best and most natural visits to the site.

In fact, with this method, you can get a significant amount of input from different users at a low cost and be included in the list of Google’s primary sites. SEO is one of the most important digital marketing discussions that cannot be neglected. This method helps to increase the number of site visits, leading to more effective visits and more audiences becoming customers.

SEO of the site and paid advertising methods are two complementary methods that can send significant traffic to the site. SEO experts and web admins believe that SEO is 10 to 13 times more profitable for online businesses than paid advertising and other methods of increasing website traffic.

3- Increase site speed.

By optimizing site speed and increasing site visitors, audience satisfaction also increases, and they stay on the site for a more extended period, which increases the probability of more visitors. By increasing the website’s speed, users can see the different pages of the website with more time and without delay and choose and buy the product or service they need. Optimizing site speed has a direct impact on increasing site visits and increasing site security and SEO.

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4- Produce valuable and persuasive content.

In the first step, we recommend choosing a part of the site as a blog or a particular section and creating content. Having quality content is one of the best tools you can use to get natural and real traffic. By producing optimal and practical content, you can gain real and popular users and audiences and significantly attract the opinion of the Google search engine and their robots.

Useful and valuable content for the user makes them trust you, recognize you as a reliable site, and become loyal to you. The content helps to create a communication bridge between you and the audience, and even in some cases, they contact you, raise their questions, and increase their trust. In addition, if your content is of high quality and authentic, many other sites or social networks will link to you, increasing the click rate and Google traffic.

When you see a good and helpful post on social networks and send it to your fans and other friends, it goes viral when the content is excellent and valuable. With this, you only pay once and publish good and useful content for the user on the site, and then without any effort, a large amount of input and traffic will come to your site. In professional and proven cases in digital marketing, this method is called Auto Pilot because you don’t need to do hard professional work, and content creation will do it for you.

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5- Use popular social networks to share videos.

Suppose your business allows you to work in video content production. In that case, you can make short and long videos about your services and products and go to famous and popular social networks such as YouTube and Instagram. Go ahead and publish your videos to get more and better views. This marketing method, called video marketing, is proven reliable in increasing actual visits and user trust.

Marketing on YouTube

In this method, put a part of the video, called a demo, on popular sites and then publish the video link so that they can enter your website to view the full video. It is recommended to encourage users to write persuasive and attractive text in the description section of the YouTube site and ask users to click on the link to see the rest of the video. Educational videos that are an advantage for users are considered the best to increase site visits.

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6- Using social networks to get website traffic

Today, almost all Internet users are present on social networks. According to statistics, users spend an average of 2 hours and 22 minutes of their time on social networks every day. Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest are among the most used social networks with many active users.

Using Telegram

Before addressing the effect of using Telegram in increasing site traffic, it is necessary to mention that Telegram is not a social network and is considered an online software for chatting. The importance of using Telegram is to increase the conversion rate. That is, keep in mind that the best brands in the world do not use methods like Telegram for advertising and increasing sales and conversion rates. If your goal in business is only sales and not branding, using Telegram is a good method.

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Don’t ignore Twitter.

Twitter is one of the best social networks that has provided unique and special facilities for various businesses. Tweets that contain useful and practical links will bring a lot of clicks to the site.

For this, it is recommended to produce attractive and persuasive content and introduce your brand and business hashtags in it. One of the best social networks with a large audience is LinkedIn, with the difference that its audience is people who have unique expertise in small and large businesses. This network allows users to introduce jobs and specialities to others and even create jobs and find jobs.

Go to Instagram.

Instagram is also one of the busiest social networks, which fortunately allows businesses to publish a link to their site in the story, with about 100 thousand users, so that interested users can see more pages and products. To gain the trust of users and audiences, you can publish photos and videos from behind the scenes or in your workshop so that users can trust you. You can also put the site link in the biography section so that the audience can enter the main page of the site.

Advertising on Instagram is a sure way to increase site visits, and you can increase site traffic through the “#” hashtag. The important thing about Instagram advertising is not to use ads for all Instagram posts. For this, you can publish 3 useful and practical posts and then one advertising post.

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Take publishing articles on LinkedIn seriously.

LinkedIn is a popular social network for reputable businesses. To get more visitors to your site, you can use the most frequent keywords that users search for and keywords related to your business when creating content on LinkedIn and ask users to log in to read the entire article.

7- Marketing Conference Sponsor

Using this technique is effective when a period has passed since the start of your site and activity, and you have some kind of potential user and customer. When a marketing conference is held, ask company leaders or financial managers to introduce your site as a financial sponsor if they agree to cooperate; In this case, people participating in the site will be more willing and confident to enter the site when the site is introduced.

8- Activities on question-and-answer sites (forums)

One of the best ways that some webmasters may not be aware of its impact on increasing traffic is to be on question-and-answer sites. is one of the best active sites. To work on this site, when your site has a problem or you have technical and specialized questions in general, you ask the users on these sites and you may receive hundreds of answers. But the important thing is that when you enter your name and the site address, thousands of people enter the site, which is very pleasant and popular from Google’s point of view.

In many cases, when other users ask their questions, webmasters put the correct answer in the answer section and ask users to refer to the site for more guidance and related articles. Don’t forget to do excessive and unusual activities on these sites, because Google notices this high volume of abnormal visits.

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9- Create free backlinks.

One of the most important ways to increase visits is to pay attention to SEO and site optimization and create backlinks. The more links you get, the more authoritative your site’s pages will be and gradually the authority of your site will increase. This issue can bring you closer to the top of Google search engine results.

10- Get help from email marketing

Email marketing is one of the methods of creating an advertising channel to communicate directly with the audience. With this method, you send e-mails exclusively to your customers and special audiences. For your email not to be considered spam emails, only send useful and practical products and services to users and ask them to visit the site through a persuasive text.

Email marketing is still one of the most popular marketing methods used by digital marketers. Email marketing directly increases site traffic and increases revenue for online sites and businesses. In this way, you send an email containing an advertising message to sites with similar activities or to users who have registered their email on your site or have purchased or left comments in the past. Users enter the site directly by receiving an email.

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11- Don’t forget to update the old content

Many of the contents we publish on the site have an expiration date and need to be updated to satisfy users. With time, the value and credibility of the content are reduced, and updating the content causes site visits to increase significantly. In addition, doing so will make your site known as an essential and authoritative resource. Also, according to the content freshness algorithm, Google robots attach great importance to this update. However, if the content is not valid for updating, you can delete the content and redirect the new content to the previous address. You can also read the published article to learn about redirect methods.

12- Creating cluster content is very important.

One of the things that play a prominent role in increasing site visits is the Production of cluster content. Clustered content means you create a parent article, create several links in it, and bridge it to related content. Cluster content is the central column on which several other contents can be produced.

This type of content production has excellent link power and traffic increase. At the same time, it can provide more comprehensive information to the audience.

13- Designing infographics and quality slides

Many audiences do not have enough time to read textual content. In such a situation, designing infographics is the best way to work, and even users interested in reading textual content come to infographics. Infographics convey information to the audience faster and with more specific details. For this purpose, it is recommended to put a watermark or brand logo on the infographics to prevent them from being copied.

Designing and producing quality slides is one of the best ways to create content and publish it in educational institutions. By doing this, many users will share this content and introduce the site link to each other as an essential and reliable educational resource.

Designing infographics and quality slides - seovisitor

14- Content creation in SlideShare

This site is one of the most visited sites; many users visit this site daily. The number of visitors and traffic to your site will increase by producing helpful content using Power Paint software on this site. Produce functional and valuable content for users to share your content.

15- Use affiliate marketing

One of the systems that have flourished in some internet businesses these days and have attracted many customers is an affiliate marketing system that can increase your website traffic. Based on this system, customers become the marketer of your site and can introduce it to other people on various social networks. For every new customer who enters your site and makes a purchase, A certain percentage is offered to these people.

16- Production and publication of electronic books

Producing and publishing multimedia files such as electronic books (E-Book) is very easy. You can print the same articles that you post on your site, which are of great value to you, in the form of an e-book on the Internet. You can upload these books to sites that have many users per day. These users get to know your website by downloading and reading these books and sending them to their friends.

On the other hand, people who like your e-book will publish this book on their website and even on social networks and applications, which means more users! The important thing is that your e-book contains a desirable topic and content but, at the same time practical and helpful so that it can be distributed among many users. This way, many people connect with your business and enter your site.

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17- Pay attention to mobile version users.

Accessing and connecting to the Internet is easily possible anywhere and any time of the day and night, and for this reason, according to the surveys, more than 70% of users use mobile phones to search. For this reason, investing in the mobile version of the site and its responsiveness is indispensable. One of the critical factors that will increase site visits is paying attention to a responsive site design or mobile-friendly site.

mobile version users

18- Hold a test and publish the results.

One of the most effective tools that are mixed with the concept of content marketing; Conducting tests. Since the conversion rate for holding trials is very high, You can use this tool to increase the duration of users’ presence, increase linking and sharing of content on social networks, and ultimately increase site traffic.

19- Setting up a CDN (Content Delivery Network) system

Also called a content delivery network, it is an integrated system of high-speed servers for hosting site data, which directly impacts site speed and increases its ranking. Content distribution network allows access to site resources to be sent and viewed by users at a better rate and process. By launching this system, all users worldwide can easily access the site’s data. This will increase the satisfaction of both users and search engines.

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20- Use Caching Tools in browsers.

You can activate the caching tools in the browser to increase the speed of providing information to the users. This makes the site information load for users at high speed, and users don’t have to spend much time reloading information and files to revisit the site. In addition to increasing the site’s loading speed, users’ satisfaction will increase, and the site’s traffic will gradually increase. If your site is WordPress, you can use W3 Total Cache and WP Center Cache tools.

21- Sending guest posts and link exchange

One of the practical ways to increase website traffic is to use the guest post system. The guest post technique is one of the most reliable ways to increase site traffic, which sends healthy traffic to the site. By doing this, you can provide conditions where users can send their desired content to others.

With this method, if the content is of high quality, new users will see it again and again without your intervention. You can also exchange links and collaborate with sites in a similar field to see the valuable content of both sites. For this purpose, you can convince well-known and reputable sites with relatively significant visits to cooperate with you in publishing guest posts.

22- Using the newsletter

Another method of increasing website traffic that most site managers use is to improve the number of customers who use the newsletter. This issue significantly impacts site traffic, and users can benefit from the latest news, content, and articles by registering on it. Therefore, using the newsletter is an excellent way to attract more audiences.

Using the newsletter

23- Select long keywords (LSI) for content creation.

In basic keyword research for content creation, it is recommended to use short and medium keywords. This will make you appear with specific keywords and in a more typical range. But long keywords should not be neglected either. Long keywords have less competition, and with better luck and hope, you can be seen and attract the audience’s attention.

24- Don’t forget to respond in the site’s comments section.

Google is user-centred and has only put its work based on Google’s satisfaction. To increase user satisfaction, you can answer all the questions users ask in the site’s comments section. This will increase user satisfaction, and they will recognize you as a reliable and active site.

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25- Analyze your competitors.

Despite all the methods discussed in this article, don’t forget that your competitors are also active, and you need to be aware of their activities. Knowing competitors’ weaknesses and gaps will help you find excellent and unique ideas for your work.

26- Use online tools to analyze the site.

When you have taken various methods to improve the site rank, it is time to see your site rank and activity in the online space. By reviewing and analyzing the site, you can try new ways to increase the site’s rank and increase traffic.

27- Check the status of site pages and links.

Broken or disabled links are among the most important factors that reduce user satisfaction and quickly leave the site. When a user enters your site by clicking on a link on another site and faces a 404 error, he immediately leaves the site, which means the worst thing from Google’s point of view. With this, different users will recognize your site as spam and no longer come to your site, which means a decrease in site visits. After being active on the site for some time, identify and delete spam and malicious links using online tools such as and

28- Influencer Marketing

One of the best ways to increase traffic is to ask well-known and reputable people who have gained a good position in the community to introduce your products and services to others. In some cases, users accept the recommendations of influencers without question and enter the site.

Influencer Marketing - seovisitor

29- Writing on free content publishing platforms

One of the best things you can do is write content and publish it on free platforms like Medium. This will help you to create backlinks for your site or ask users to follow additional and more exciting content on your website.

30- Cooperation with colleagues and other brands

Another thing that you can use to increase your website traffic is cooperation with other trades and brands. You also can publish their content, and they can share your content. Each of you has your audience, and this win-win game makes you attract more traffic.

31- Publish long content

Contrary to what some people think, short content is always better, but research has shown that content over 3,000 words gets 28% more shares. Therefore, one of the methods of increasing website traffic we have mentioned is publishing extended content in the Skyscraper method.

Brian Dean, one of the leading SEO and digital marketing experts, proposed the skyscraper method. This method works around a network of backlinks to your content in a stable, scalable, and result-oriented manner and helps to increase website traffic.

The essential aspect of producing long, high-quality content, is creating solid backlinks from sites and sources we know as reliable platforms. Because Google’s algorithms love high-quality content, if they read your content as valuable or if a reputable site recommends it, you will rank higher in Google’s search results. In this way, you don’t need to look for a content creation topic, and you can use previous successful examples in your style.

Publish long content

32- Avoid sliding or rotating design.

These designs have been popular for years, and customers love them. But the problem with this method is that visitors may see only the first slides. Many studies have reached the same conclusion and found that in these types of designs, the following slides are seen less, and the call or click on these slides is almost zero. Also, these designs may be popular, but using them for internal politics is good, not to increase the rate of visitors.

33- Use people’s pictures.

Faces are unique and powerful images. Also, since we are born, we look more at other faces. The magnetic power of people’s photos is beneficial in website design.

Faces attract attention. A famous case study has shown that combining looks and descriptions on a sales page is imposing.

Publish long content - seovisitor

34- Use arrows as visual cues.

Faces can attract visitors’ attention, but they are not the only way to control and guide the visitor’s eye. It is even possible that small arrows drawn by hand are more effective than that. You should know that even a simple indicator is a powerful element on the page in attracting CXL visitors’ eyes. If your visitors want to look at something, point to it with an arrow.

35- Write meaningful captions.

Ambiguous titles are on all sites. These titles are generally big and useless but follow small and valuable things. Make sure the oversized items are meaningful and beneficial to your visitors. If your bosses want to describe services and products on the website, you need to ask yourself what would be best.

36- Use simple words.

The easier it is to read the text, the more successful your site will be. Using common words that readers expect, using long sentences and fancy words, is not good; Rather, you should use simple language that everyone can understand. Research has shown that simplicity in readability can significantly increase your visitors.

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37- Pay attention to visitors’ questions.

Questions may arise for visitors. The main task of the website is to answer these questions. Any question left unanswered will lose the opportunity to gain trust. Also, unanswered questions increase the possibility of users leaving the website.

When Joel Koltke found his process for finding questions and writing answers, he doubled his conversion rate on landing pages. He interviewed customers, analyzed their responses, prioritized messages, and intelligently used his users’ words from the new marketing version.

38- Produce a podcast.

The podcast production market has grown more than in the past years, and we are witnessing the dedication of various sites and platforms for podcast production. The podcast always has many audiences. You can attract this range of audience interested in podcasts to your website and use it to increase website traffic.

But why is the podcast so important?

  • Increasing brand awareness: producing high-quality podcasts can introduce your site to your users and raise brand awareness.
  • Build relationships with customers: You can create added value for your customers through your podcast content. You will also be able to create a wonderful experience for your users by providing engaging and interactive content.
  • SEO improvement: since audio codes are embedded in the site space, Podcast plays a decisive role in improving the site’s SEO.

Website visit analysis tool - seovisitor

Website visit analysis tool

All the methods discussed in this article will be effective when you check the feedback and effectiveness of these methods. One of the best online tools is Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a multi-purpose tool that scans the amount of input and output of the site and compensates for and improves the deficiencies.


If you want to increase the number of visitors to your site, take direct action; There are many free credit methods in front of you. If you want to use free methods, Your primary focus should be creating engaging and valuable content, improving the site’s internal SEO, updating content, distributing content on free publishing platforms, analyzing competitors, and ongoing activity.

In contrast to the credit methods of increasing site visits, she pays attention to reporting, receiving backlinks, content campaigns, cooperation with influencers, using advertising tools of social networks, and renting media.


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