10 times website traffic by producing optimal content

10 times website traffic by producing optimal content

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As we know, the most critical challenge that is always in front of website managers and SEO specialists is to be able to increase their website visits. Content creation is not done just to increase pages or improve ranking.

Stay with us in this article to see how we can 10 times website traffic by producing optimal content.

Indeed, you can quickly increase your website’s traffic by creating optimal content. Meanwhile, some people have two goals for creating content:

  • Increasing the number of website pages or filling the website
  • Improve website ranking

If you are one of the people whose purpose of creating content is only these two things, generally draw a line around content creation and the cost for this work. Creating content is not done to increase website pages or improve ranking. Behind the secrets of the king of Google or content, there are benefits that we will fully explain in this article. In this article, I fully explain how to increase website traffic by ten times by creating optimal content. Be with the Seovisitor.

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What is the purpose of content production?

Different websites are launched and started to operate with other goals and strategies. For example, store websites have been designed and launched to increase online sales by creating content about the products and services they provide to customers and users. The goal of such websites is that more users enter the website in the first place and see the products or become familiar with their services and brand. Then their goal is to convert these users or potential customers into actual or loyal customers. In shopping websites, users will make their first purchase if the content is targeted and the so-called strategic content production. If satisfied, they will visit the website several times and use it as a reference and a reliable website. they know

Some websites are educational, publish unique or authoritative articles related to their field, and aim to increase website visits or traffic. In some cases, such websites publish part of an article to generate income and encourage users to click on a link to read the rest of the paper and buy the paper. Both websites aim to increase website visits, traffic, sales, and profit.

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10 times increase in website traffic with content creation

You must have come across some websites that have a lot of articles and a lot of pages. By producing specialized content, these people are trying to get a good ranking from the Google search engine. But they do not know how and with what method. Such websites may contact a relatively good rating after publishing 50 articles.

Some websites have been able to increase the traffic and rank of their website several times by publishing several articles. But how? In the following, I will explain strategic and targeted content production.

10 times increase in website traffic with content creation

What are the interests of your audience?

Your website has audiences and users who visit your website daily or several times a week, even seeing different pages of the website. One of the most reliable methods you can use to check the reaction of website users is the online software “Google Search Console” or the old “Google Webmaster.” By using this software, you can notice the reactions of different audiences. For example, you can determine how long the users stay on which page. (Dwell time), what links did you click on? What was the bounce rate of that page? What words or phrases did he search for to enter your website? Knowing about such reactions shows what the interests of your audience are. Collect all your audience’s interests and then prepare a list so you know for whom and with what topics you will produce content.

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For example, someone who is interested in digital marketing is interested in the following topics:

  • What is digital marketing?
  • How long does it take to learn digital marketing?
  • What is the meaning of the life cycle?
  • Head of digital marketing learning chapters

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Or for example, the audience who wants to design a website has the following concerns:

  • Which of the content management systems (CMS) is better?
  • How much time does website design take?
  • What are essential WordPress plugins?
  • How to increase the security of WordPress websites?

Each of these topics can be the field of producing the content of a specialized and practical article that will attract a lot of traffic. And this means creating targeted content.

What are the interests of your audience?

Write attractive and persuasive titles.

To address the importance of the impact of creating content using attractive titles, it is better to say without pretension: “Just by seeing persuasive titles,” they will want to read the entire article. Some users don’t have the patience to read the whole piece with details, so it is suggested to write attractive titles from the beginning. On the other hand, writing a beautiful label is one of the most important influencing factors in website SEO. By writing beautiful titles, the ranking of your articles will increase in the search results, and as a result, you will be seen more. An excellent and persuasive rubric will encourage the user to click more people on the website link, and this is precisely the result that every website manager is looking for.

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Relate to the audience.

This word means the place of language users. When writing an article, put yourself in the audience’s place and judge whether the article you write is helpful for the user. Does it answer all the possible questions of the user or not? Just answering all the user’s questions, it will cause your audience to go to another website, and you will have to pay, so to speak, to reduce the website drastically. It means that you should only settle for the momentary traffic of the website and do something to bring it to you for the next time.

If you have a store or educational website, answer a sample of previous users’ questions and put it in front of new users; Maybe this is the question of new users. To sell through a store website, you must fully and comprehensively describe all the product’s features, even in some cases describe the product’s defects, compare your product with similar products, and mention its strengths and weaknesses.


Write entirely and comprehensively.

Test showing thorough and complete articles, explaining all the details thoroughly, and making the point clear will rank better for the recipient. For example, regarding the topic of the article on designing a store website, you should refer to all the things that are about store websites, such as plugins, the website about satisfaction, the effect of speed in increasing customer satisfaction, the impact of the experience of use in improving health, refers to all the items do. You must explain the website and… entirely and comprehensively.

Writing such articles forces the user to consider you as a reference and not only increases the user’s retention on the website but also for the next time the user searches your website directly and only through the website’s direct address. Most SEO and opinion content research have articles that are more than 1500 words, and even up to 3000 are ranked better.

Do not be tired of publishing articles.

Don’t just rely on your website’s brand and visibility of content creation to increase. Publish articles on other websites and social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, etc. The most important thing in producing this content is how many people have seen and shared your articles.

Sharing articles on social networks has a direct effect on increasing website traffic. For example, when you share a part of the article on the website or other social networks, you can ask users to visit your website or click the link to read the rest. And this means the website traffic increase. Google also allows sharing by other users.

Relate to the audience


Everything mentioned in this article is the solutions implemented on the Seovisitor website. Producing targeted articles and publishing 2 or 3 targeted articles for specific audiences will create an added advantage for users, bring them to your website, and ultimately increase website traffic. I hope you get the most out of this article. Ask us your questions about content creation.


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