What is Website Statistics? Introducing the best website statistician

What is Website Statistics? Introducing the best website statistician

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The website statistician is considered one of the most essential tools for web admins, which can be used to obtain detailed information about visitors to their website. If you are working as a website manager or SEO expert, website visit statistics and checking users’ satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the website is an issue that should be important to you.

The statistics service or Web Statistics is a web program that analyzes websites and has exciting information such as the amount of traffic received by the website, the number of page views, the number of individual visits, the number of sessions, and other types of data—provided to the website administrator. The website statistician does not show the traffic of the website. But the more advanced this service is, the more facilities it provides us, such as tools for analyzing advertising computers. The use of a suitable statistician on the website and the correct analysis of user information are among the things that can be successful in the success of a website.

Paying attention to the status of users and analyzing the statistics of visitors to the website is one of the things that can be used to make better decisions in increasing website traffic. I also know that visits are one of Google’s criteria for checking and improving the website’s SEO.

The importance of website statistician

Using website statistics tools is considered very important and necessary for all internet websites and website managers. Suppose you have a long-term plan to launch your website. In that case, you must have complete and comprehensive statistics of the status of your website’s users and the number of visits and complete information about the websites linking to your website. For this purpose, you need to use website statistics tools installed on your website and provide you with comprehensive statistics of the status and progress of your website.

After launching and publishing different content, any website or blog will undoubtedly find a user who will visit it. However, the critical issue is the number of daily visits, the amount of user retention on the website, and the website traffic in general, which directly relates to the level of user satisfaction and, as a result, increasing sales and making money for the website. One way you can help check the status of your website’s users accurately is to use a statistics website.

Why should we use a website statistician?

Why should we use a website statistician?

It doesn’t matter if you have a small blog or a tremendous business website. You should be aware of how many users and audience you have and how much these users engage with the website. Having a content production calendar and publishing a few new posts on your website or blog daily is great, but if you only publish posts and do not analyze them, you will never become a good webmaster! Your mind should be engaged in issues such as the following:

  • How much traffic do you have daily, weekly, and monthly?
  • This traffic obtained from which search engines have been attracted?
  • What words did users type to reach your website?
  • How long do users stay on the website?
  • Do users navigate between other website pages when they enter our website?
  • Which countries are your visitors from?
  • How many old visitors and how many new visitors does our website have?
  • What is the user’s browser type?
  • What is the operating system used by users?
  • What are your most visited pages?

Now you understand how important it is to have a website analyzer. In this post, I introduce five valuable and powerful services related to website analysis. All these tools are free.

The effect of using a statistician on SEO

We know that the statistician’s use only informs about the number of user visits. In this part, we will check whether the statistician can be a good guide for SEO. For whatever purpose it is designed, a website’s ultimate goal is to increase communication with customers and sell more products and services. However, checking the statistics of visitors and what users do on your website is of particular importance in better analyzing the website’s condition and its strengths and weaknesses.

Critical review and website analysis

Critical review and website analysis

One of the most essential factors you can have in the success of your website is increased website traffic, which makes you have as many users as possible. When users grow your website, they need a tool to manage these users to have detailed information about the pages visited by them, the duration of each user’s presence, the platform used by the users, and the websites. Get sources and links to your website. Knowing this information can help you make better decisions and policies.

The second important reason for checking this website is that after some time, you will notice the ranking of your website and the decrease in traffic. The best way to troubleshoot the website is to check and collect statistics from the website.

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First of all, you should know that there are two types of website visitors:

New Visitors: Visitors who have entered the website for the first time.
Returning visitors: users who visit your website daily.

The parameters that are checked on the website

Before introducing the best websites available in the field of SEO website statistics, you must first submit the review website to the analysis website.

The parameters that are checked on the website

Daily website visit (page view)

Visiting the daily statistics of the website is essential to check the daily progress and the level of user satisfaction at different hours and times of the day.

The number of website visits

A tool such as Google Search Console or Google Analytics shows the analytics ways that users enter the website or enter the website through a Google search or entering a URL.

In general, it should be said through analysis and checking the website through a statistician, you can check the following lists:

  • The length of time users stay on the website
  • Do users open the website from other pages or not?
  • What browser did users use to enter the website?
  • What are the most visited pages of the website?

Four essential points in checking website statistics

Four essential points in checking website statistics

The website statistics tool provides a lot of information to the managers. Still, you should know what information is necessary about the website statistics and which website can be used better:

1- The number of visitors

The number of visitors is limited to an individual. The number of page views is essential in website statistics, and checking its changes provides the proper website performance. Suppose the bounce rate or the bounce rate of your website is what percentage, or how much do users spend the minimum time on the website? In that case, these indicate the extent of your success in improving your visitors’ user experience (UX) and satisfying them.

2- Referring websites (referral)

The percentage of your website’s input from Google or other places in the statistician determines the website’s status or the success rate of advertising campaigns created for the website. Estimating how much you spend to attract each visitor will show you their actual value. You should identify the main traffic channels to the website and plan to improve and strengthen it.

3- Output pages

Getting visitors to your website is the first step to making money. You should be able to spot the weak points of the website and the pages that cause the donkey.
They have well-identified the visitors to your website, which requires a detailed review of the website’s statistics and referral to a vital statistician. One of the practical techniques on the main exit pages of the website is to use a CTA or an invitation form to download an e-book or something similar. By doing this, you will receive emails from the visitors before they leave, and you can use them in the future. Could you make use of it? Return to your website from email marketing, one of the most critical points in digital marketing.

4- Choose the correct keywords

Choosing the correct phrases and keywords is a big step in achieving success. However, checking the website’s statistics to determine the role of keywords, the amount of daily receipt of each keyword, and your ranking in Google results for each will guarantee your continued success, and this is only by using a website statistics system. Solid and efficient is achievable.

All four significant factors are decisive for the cost of attracting from the website and the amount of your income for each.

The strategy and moving away from the terms that the visit may seem wrong, but if it aims to attract real customers and earn more money, it is more than changing the website statistics analysis. Reducing the website visits instead of increasing the return rate will be very beneficial. However, both can be achieved with proper management.

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What should you do to check website statistics?

What should you do to check website statistics?

In the first step, install a vital statistician for the website with suitable facilities. You don’t need to check your website statistics every moment, but daily and weekly reports about the arrival of visitors to your website and the keywords influencing it are essential. Will be. You can quickly expand your business with access to more powerful panels and data analysis power. Tripling your monthly income is not just a dream but entirely achievable.

Introduction of some professional website statisticians

There are free tools and presentations for displaying website statistics, each with various features, and is available to users. In the following, we will introduce and review some of the best free SEO tools that are among the best tools available. You must be careful to use statistical tools to reduce the website’s speed, and it is better to use them after studying the facilities.

Introduction of some professional website statisticians

1- Google Analytics Google Analytics

Among most web admins in Google, analytics tools are considered the best and most popular website statisticians, providing many possibilities to website managers and experts. Also, Google Analytics offers suggestions for improving the website’s status, which can significantly help website managers. It is also possible to view live users on the website in analytics.

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Google Analytics is an online tool that can check factors such as Bounce Rate, CLV, Time On the website, CPA, CTR, etc. First, let’s introduce the above abbreviation terms:

Click Through Rate (CTR)

In simple words, this term means the click rate of the website (Click Through-Rate). When the user searches for a word or phrase in the search engine, he can decide to click on one of the links after seeing the list of searched results on the first page. Click-through rate is the percentage of users and visitors who click on your website’s link.

Another definition for click rate is:

When you search for a phrase or word through Google, your website’s link will be seen on the first page of Google, and it is said that the website has been viewed.

The relationship between click rate and website viewing is as follows:

CTR = Impression/Click *100

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گوگل آنالیتیکس Google Analytics

Customer Lifetime Value or Total Customer Value (CLV)

This term is called Customer Lifetime Value. It means a customer has visited the website in a certain period, purchased, or downloaded an article. (Time frames for each business should be considered different because the efficiency of other business websites is extra.)

The number obtained from this term is the value that each customer has created during their relationship with a company or institution. It is certain that the higher this number is, the better the correct performance of the website in business.

Bounce rate (bounce rate)

This term means the bounce rate of customers and users who entered the website and quickly left the website and did not purchase or download from the website. The lower the bounce rate of the website, the more correct the website’s performance and the satisfaction of the website’s users and visitors.

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Time on website

Users who entered the website, how long they stayed on it, read the content, and scrolled the page. The unit of this feature is time in minutes. The longer and higher this time, the better.

How to work with Google Analytics

How to work with Google Analytics

First, log in to analytics.google.com. Log in and enter the address of the desired website. (Don’t forget that you have to activate the filter breaker to use Google Analytics.) After that, a code will be sent to you through this software, which you should put on your website. The Google Analytics statistician provides you with the following:

  • Direct: This option shows that the user entered the website address directly.
  • Content: It shows the scope and contents of the user.
  • Audience: It shows the different characteristics of people who have entered the website, such as age, gender, user’s country, user’s interests, etc.
  • New Session: This represents the number of first-time visits by a new user.
  • Purpose: This option lets you understand what users have done on the website.
  • Average session duration: when people entered and stayed on the website.

In summary, check the following with the help of Google Analytics:

  • Control the status and number of incoming users
  • Controlling the sources of sending users to the website (linking websites)
  • Checking the quality of the user’s behavior on the website and the number of pages visited
  • Checking the user’s presence time on the Time on Page website
  • Bounce rate of users
  • The most visited pages by users
  • User segmentation of agents based on country, system type, browser type, and device platform is used.

check the following with the help of Google Analytics

Also, Google Analytics offers suggestions for improving the website, including ways to increase website speed, user retention, etc., which can significantly help website administrators. It is also possible to view live users on the website in analytics.

2- Going UP

Goingup.com is one of the best statisticians of the performance status of the website, using which you can have complete statistics of your website and check each page of the website in terms of content and possible problems and fix potential issues.

You can also view your website’s source and link to it and check what pages users have visited and, finally, on which page they left your website.

In addition, it also provides you with complete information about the keywords through which users entered the website. To use all the features of this website you can use the premium version to provide all the features of the website.

3- StatCounter

Statcounter.com website statistics tool, which has a long history of providing services, allows web admins to analyze 250,000 visits per month for free. This number is suitable for small to medium websites.

This tool is mainly used to review the number of visits to the website pages and cannot accurately control the status of users on the website. You can set these statistics as an image that will send you a weekly report on the website’s visit status.

One of the most essential and practical tools is that it can create a heat map of your website, and with its help, you can see exactly which website has the most and most minor visits.


How to use StatCounter

First, create a profile for your website. The website will give you a project ID and security code to copy. If your website is WordPress, you must install the Statcounter plugin.

After installing the plugin and activating the plugin and password taken from the website above, log in to the account you created and see the information and statistics of your website.

4- Samrosh

After Login to Semrush.com, enter your email address for more detailed information about website traffic, search engine rankings, links, and paid ads.

5- Similarweb

The Similarweb.com tool provides you with online information about website traffic and website traffic, including the following:

  • The number of visitors to the website daily
  • The country and regional areas that have entered the website
  • Advertising
  • Top destination websites that have visited the website

Number of 10 keywords for free to fix possible website defects


6- Ahrefs

Ahrefs.com is one of the best online tools for checking and analyzing the website, which provides detailed information about website traffic analysis compared to the above software. The items that are observed and analyzed by this website statistic tool are as follows:

  • New website links
  • Broken and lost backlinks
  • The websites that have sent the most traffic to the website.
  • Website rank in search engines
  • Pages of the website that have had traffic.


7- Authority laboratories

The performance of this website statistician is SEMRush, and through it, you can see your website’s rank compared to competitors. Some users have searched for specific phrases or words and entered your location from the results. This is a statistician of words and phrases that users enter and give to the website.

The essential reason for showing and analyzing these words is that these words can be used to optimize and increase your website’s ranking.

8- Quantcast

With this website statistics, you can check who enters your website via mobile phone and who uses a laptop system. Quantcast is a tag that gives accurate statistics of the number of Iranian visitors, its geographical areas, and the amount of mobile phone or desktop usage.

9- AWStats

This tool is free, n-source, and active on the server side. For this reason, you do not need to change your website or add code to your website to use it. Most server control panels and web standings like Cpanel, Plesk, or DirectAdmin contain this tool.

This tool can use the number of visits to your website pages in different intervals, the duration of the user’s presence, and even the bandwidth.

10- Piwik

The Piwik website is a precious tool for website statistics, provided as open source, and its features can be used as self-hosted. That is, it is installed as software on the host and provides you with all the website statistics, and you do not need to use other services.

Piwik has all the features of Google Analytics and is suitable for people who only have the website’s statistical information and others who may not have access to these statistics.


11- iPerceptions

This website is a tool for evaluating website users, fully coordinated with Google Analytics. When you use this tool, the following questions are entered with the user to your website with unique algorithms that can be used:

  • Who is he?
  • Why did he visit your website?
  • What do you think about the performance of your website?
  • What suggestions do you have for improving your website?

This website asks users for experimental strategies and provides you with the result in the management panel so that you can analyze and analyze the situation of your website users and fix possible problems.


12- Open Web Analytics

Like the examples introduced above, this tool is presented in open-source form and provides many possibilities. You can use it through the API or by installing its special plugins in the WordPress content management system. Among the features of this website, the following can be mentioned:

  • Inbound traffic control
  • Control several different websites in one panel
  • Controlling the user’s behavior on the website and the pages visited by him
  • User click control
  • Create a heat map
  • Control of users who visit the website many times and…

Although many things have not been done better in the features of this website, it is still solid and reliable for many users, and its features are perfect for WordPress websites.

13- JetPack for WordPress

If you use the WordPress management system to set up and manage your website, you must be familiar with the Jetpack plugin. This plugin, provided by WordPress.org, adds many features to your website. One of the features of this plugin is the partial display of website statistics, where you can visit websites and see the overall website size, users’ location, clicks, and user behavior on the website.

The only problem with the Jetpack plugin is that it slows the loading speed of Iranian websites.


final word

If you intend to constantly improve your website and daily success, use one of the above statistics and check and analyze the daily behavior of website visitors. Examining the exact situation of users through a professional website statistician will help you make decisions related to website growth.

Now that you are better acquainted with using the statistics on the website, it is better to use it as soon as possible, and if you don’t, put the statistics on the website.


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