Things we need to know about the types of site visits

Things we need to know about the types of site visits

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There are many things to consider when visiting a site. In this article, we will look at types of site visits and examine them.

Suppose you plan to increase your website traffic on Google and are considering increasing website traffic. In that case, we have to say that if you can implement the following methods properly, then you will experience excellent results. Stay with us to learn more about the different types of site visits.

1- Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Initially, to increase website traffic, you need to focus on finding keywords that indicate that they are your blog’s content. Usually, it would help if you concentrate on choosing one or two keywords for each website page. Of course, you can use SEO and keyword-finding tools to find relevant keywords.

Focus on keywords first so their search volume is less than 10,000 monthly searches. After a few months of launching your blog and optimizing your product pages, you can focus on keywords for more search volume.

The fundamental trick to increasing site visits in this area is to have a robust set of related keywords. Another critical point is that you should make the most of the benefits and capabilities of your blog in your online store. Because it naturally has a significant impact on increasing Google search traffic.

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2- Content updating

Content updating is one of the most commonly used SEO hacking methods to increase website traffic. In this method, you should remove old and outdated content from your website pages and have new sections related to the content instead.

The easiest way to refresh the content of a product page is to ask users to write their comments or reviews of the products in the comments section. In this case, Google recognizes users’ comments as a continuous task and new content. In addition, you can keep the content of your pages up to date by constantly publishing user and buyer feedback.

3- Introducing the website to search engines

Another helpful option for increasing website traffic and SEO is to ask search engines to crawl and index your website to rank better in the traffic related to your website in Google.

4- Do not take your eyes off the competitors

Analyzing competitors is one of the main methods to increase your website traffic. It will help if you determine where your competitors’ primary traffic source is coming from and which marketing channels their audience is most focused on.

One of the easiest things you can do is enter the competitor’s websites in the Alexa tool and go to the Upstream Sites section to see which websites have been visited before the competitors’ website landing page.

If you see Google at the top of this list, you will notice that they have used Google Ads and SEO ads. Suppose Facebook or other platforms were a source of inbound traffic for competitors. In that case, you should look for ads on these platforms, or if you see that most of the inbound traffic came from one of the blogs active in this field, you should also focus your strategy on collaborating with such blogs.

Creating backlinks

5- Creating backlinks

Backlinks are another essential part of SEO. Their ability to increase website traffic plays an important role. When another website links to your website, it sends signals to Google, indicating that your website is valuable and relevant to the related keywords.

In addition, backlinks have the ability. They drive a lot of traffic to your online store. Users will access your website and store by clicking on the desired link, and your sales percentage and users’ chances of buying will increase.

You do not have to pay to get backlinks, and it is possible to get backlinks for free from different sources, and you should do it in a principled way.

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6- Optimizing website content based on long keywords

While developing short words when researching and working on keywords, we should not overlook Long Tail Keywords. These unique words can benefit us and help increase website traffic.

Few competitors have approached them since these are unique words and have a better chance of being ranked. Not only is it easier to type in long and relevant keywords, but it is also easier to guess the searcher’s intent.

When you create a user experience that fits your search engine, your content is more relevant to the search. This method works very well in naturally increasing the Google search traffic by a group of target users.

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7- Adding content or product to the website daily

Since one of the most important factors for Google to rank the content is the freshness of the content, constantly updating the content daily can be very useful. This is very good for SEO and a reason for users to come back and revisit the website. If they know there is something new to discover on your website every day, they are more likely to visit it every day.

8- Publishing specific content on the website

Starting a blog, holding a free course, publishing presentation files, having a webinar, and posting related content on the website will significantly help you. If you can go ahead with the program and publish your content exclusively, users have a reason to return to your website.

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Publishing podcasts

9- Publishing podcasts

Today, the podcast market is much better than before, and we see professional and attractive podcasts. Podcasts can reach a large audience and increase website traffic to support you and subconsciously listen to your podcasts.

10- Writing in free content publishing platforms

Another great thing you can do is publish content on free platforms like Medium or LinkedIn. This will help you create backlinks for your website or ask users to follow more complementary and exciting content.

11- Video content

Video content should be considered the best type to communicate with the audience. Therefore, try to make some of your content in videos and publish them on free platforms such as YouTube to increase website traffic. If you can publish a video for at least a week, your website traffic will increase.

12- The power of social networks

One of the most basic ways you can increase website traffic is to use the capacity of social media and messaging apps. You can link to your website or posts by following the rules of each platform and thus attract more natural and free visits. If you have an online store, you also can advertise your product using content marketing and finally direct the audience to the product page and buy it using the link.

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Email marketing

13- Email marketing

Email marketing and placing links in your messages can increase website and online store traffic. While some social networks like Instagram are susceptible to establishing connections, email marketing is the best channel.

14- Cooperation with partners and other brands

Another thing you can do to increase your website traffic is to work with other brands and brands. You also can publish their content, and they can share your content. Each of you has your audience, and this win-win game will attract more traffic.

15- Updating and editing old content

Google’s algorithms may have been different when you published the old content, or you may have had less experience producing content. Updating and improving old content in line with current trends and Google algorithms is another way to help you increase your website traffic.

To do this, you can republish your article with new corrections or add new sections, update your report from the words (LSI words related to the main keyword), or update the previous article with new data.

16- Cluster content

Cluster content plays a significant role in increasing your website traffic. You select a keyword and publish content around it in this type of content. Then consider the main content as a column and generate other related content.

This method increases the number of published content and provides more information to the audience. On the other hand, you can do an excellent job linking content professionally.

Publishing long content

17- Publishing long content

Contrary to many beliefs, short content is always better, but research has shown that content longer than 3,000 words is 28% more shared. Therefore, one of the ways to increase website traffic that we mentioned is to publish long content by the skyscraper method.

Brian Dean, a leading SEO and digital marketing expert, first proposed the skyscraper method. This method consistently works around a network of backlinks to your content, is scalable and result-oriented, and helps increase website traffic.

The most fundamental aspect of producing long, skyscraper content is building strong backlinks from websites and resources we know as reputable platforms. Because Google’s algorithms love quality content, you will rank higher in Google search results if they read your content as valuable or suggested by a reputable website. In this method, you do not need to look for the subject of content production yourself, and you can use previous successful examples in your style.

18- Avoid sliding or rotating design

These designs have been popular for years, and customers love them. But the problem with this method is that visitors may only see the first slides. Many studies have reached the same conclusion and found that the following slides are less visible in this type of design, and the call or click on these slides is almost zero. Also, these designs may be popular, but their use is suitable for domestic policy, Not to increase visitor rates.

19- Use people’s pictures

Faces are unique and powerful images. We also look at other faces more from the moment we are born. The magnetic power of images is beneficial in website design.

Faces attract attention. A well-known case study has shown that the results of combining looks and descriptions on one sales page are awe-inspiring.

20- Use arrows as visual cues

Faces can grab visitors’ attention but are not the only way to control and guide visitors’ eyes. Even small arrows drawn by hand may be more effective. You should know that even a simple indicator in attracting CXL to visitors’ eyes is a powerful element on the page. If visitors want to look at something, point to it with an arrow.

Write meaningful subtitles

21- Write meaningful subtitles

Vague titles are available on all websites. These titles are generally large and useless but follow small and useful ones. Make sure the oversized items are meaningful and helpful to visitors. If your bosses want to say things like services and products on the web, you must ask yourself what description might be best.

22- Use simple words

The easier to read the text, the more successful your website is. Use the common words that readers expect. It is not good to use long sentences and fancy words. Instead, it would help if you used simple language that everyone can understand. Research has shown that simplicity in reading can significantly impact increasing your visitors.

23- Answer visitors’ questions

Questions may arise for visitors. The main task of the website is to answer these questions. Any question that goes unanswered will lose the opportunity to gain trust. Unanswered questions also increase the possibility of users leaving the website.

When Joel Koltke found his process for finding questions and writing answers on HubSpot, he doubled the landing page conversion rate. He interviewed customers, analyzed their responses, prioritized messages, and finally used his users’ words in a clever new way of marketing.


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