Increase website traffic with social networks in 2023

Increase website traffic with social networks in 2023

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Website traffic is a vital part of online business. Using free social networking tools is one of the most influential and essential ways to improve site traffic. Why use this tool to increase sales? In which social networks should we be active? What are the 3 specific suggestions of the Seovisitor in the targeted use of social networks?

In this article, we want to explain how to Increase website traffic with social networks in 2023. Join us.

How to improve revenue and sales by Increasing website traffic with social networks

The first concern of any online business owner is to increase traffic and visit the website in various ways. Because improving area and traffic increases rank and position. Improving your position among competitors will ultimately increase your business revenue. The importance of social networks in increasing website traffic in 2023 has become more significant than ever.

Website is a vital artery for online businesses. However, attracting an audience with traffic to the website is a challenge. Why increase website traffic significantly? The answer is straightforward: compare your online business with the traditional version. What factors attract people to conventional shops or enterprises? Who buys after visiting and asking questions? What causes a company to sell and generate more revenue than competitors?

First, we need to be familiar with the basic concepts of increasing website traffic. Then, we will examine the Role of social networks in increasing website traffic. Finally, some specific suggestions are presented according to the experiences of the SEO visitor team in this field. What does it mean to earn website traffic?

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What is website traffic?

Imagine owning a physical store on one of the busiest streets. Every day, many people across the street where you are. But do all these people also visit your store? In short, website traffic refers to people who pay attention to our store. But does everyone go shopping?

Types of website traffic

Are all the people who see your business sign your customers? Is everyone who enters the store environment a customer? What methods do we use to attract customers in a traditional store? Conventionally, we try to attract more people to join our desired environment with different tools (choosing the right business environment, signboard, etc.). Site traffic refers to the number of people who enter our website domain. Of course, not all people who enter the environment are our target customers and audiences.

targeted traffic

What is meant by referral traffic?

Many people probably enter our business by viewing billboards, environmental advertisements, etc. But are all people our customers too? Not. Having more people does not always mean more sales. However, their presence is not unrelated to our income. In short, targeted traffic is about persuading potential customers into our workplace, not just visitors.

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The Role of social networks in increasing website traffic

Today, almost all Internet users are also present on social networks. According to statistics, users spend an average of 2 hours and 22 minutes daily on social networks. Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Google Plus, and Pinterest are the most widely used social networks with active users. However, due to Internet issues in Iran, access to all social networks may not be easy. Or a social network with a smaller audience than a network like Instagram.

However, a social signal is one of the critical topics that we must pay attention to. With more and more active users in Iran, Instagram is one of the essential tools to increase website traffic, which we will cover in a comprehensive article.

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The world’s most influential social networks

Many names are heard and examined from popular and high-yield social networks. We will discuss the most effective social networks in the world with more importance:

Telegram social network

Telegram is one of the most popular social networks globally, with more than 400 million active users in April 2020. Telegram was created in 2013 by Paul Doverf to challenge WhatsApp. Over time, features added to Telegram Messenger have made the app more useful than WhatsApp. Of course, there are still more WhatsApp users worldwide than Telegram. Features such as secret chat, the ability to use one account on multiple devices, cloud space, and other features are the advantages of Telegram.

The world's most influential social networks

Why not ignore Telegram?

Telegram tries to be the first among all messengers in terms of security. With more than 50 million Iranian users, Telegram evokes the power of this social network despite being filtered. Because this number means that more than 10% of Telegram users are Iranians. 50 million Iranian Telegram users are equal to 56% of the total population of Iran. This statistic has increased the importance of activity in this social network.

The social network predicts 1 billion users by 2022, although reaching that number early is not far off. The 48-hour ban on WhatsApp in 2015 and the 72-hour ban in 2016 added 5.7 and 7 million people to Telegram users, respectively. In July 2019, Telegram saw a 323% increase over the previous year in Hong Kong during pro-democracy protests. In the first week of August, 41,000 new users were added to this social network, with a 100% increase compared to the first week of June. Telegram exchanged more than 15 billion messages daily; the last time this statistic was updated was in February 2016!

According to the latest statistics, Telegram, in April 2020, with more than 400 million active users, ranked fourth after WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, and Viber. Of course, in March 2019, /, which included WhatsApp, attracted more than 3 million new users in just 24 hours. In August 2019, 3 million users downloaded the iOS version, and 9 million downloaded the Android version of Telegram.

Telegram is most prevalent in Ethiopia, Uzbekistan, and Iran. In Iran, the number of users of this social network increased from 20 million in 2016 to more than 50 million in two years. The second-largest download website after Instagram in the world belongs to Uzbekistan. Of course, it should also be noted that the government uses restaurants to order food in Uzbekistan and issues traffic fines and telegrams.

Only Telegram, Telegram!

The use of Telegram from 8 billion messages in 30 days to a report presented by Telegram in 2018, the expansion of this number to 12 billion per day in 2015 and 15 billion messages per day in 2016, increases the importance of activity in this social network. Slowly

Telegram channels are one-way messaging groups. Channel admin can send messages to followers. There is no limit to the number of channels to follow. Although telegram channels are not interactive, robots can add more features. Social network features are unique feedback bots, creating polls, and paying subscriptions to join a private channel.

Interestingly, after the movie channels related to India and Telegram News, the most visited channels belong to the Persian language channels of education, fashion, and entertainment. Telegram has excellent potential for business growth and online revenue growth. We will surely hear more from this creative and practical messenger in the coming years.

Instagram social network

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks globally and the most popular social network in Iran. Instagram officially launched in 2010 as an iPhone app and reached 1 million users in one month. Compared to Facebook and Twitter, it should be said that they tried for two years to get this number. That’s why in 2012, Facebook bought Instagram for $ 1 billion. Today it is known as the 13th most popular website in the world. According to a poll, Instagram became the most important social media channel for effective marketing, with 89% of the vote. Today, the social network is valued at more than $100 billion.

Why are Instagram followers essential and sometimes expensive?

Since 2019, Instagram has had more than one billion monthly active users. More than 500 million people use Instagram stories every day. 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile every day. 80% of users follow a business profile on this network. That’s why there are more than 25 million businesses on Instagram.

More than 60% of this popular social network users log in to Instagram at least once daily. In 2020, social network users spent an average of more than 53 minutes a day on Instagram, the second in the world after Facebook, with an average time of 58 minutes. Interestingly, 89% of Instagram users are outside the United States.

The gender composition on Instagram includes 52% female and 48% male and is almost uniform. This social network arrived in Iran a little late. The number of Iranian users of this social network, with more than 24 million people, is in eighth place after Japan and before the United Kingdom. According to the Young Journalists Club, statistics in 2019, about 30% of Iranians were active on Instagram.

Why should we be active on Instagram

Why should we be active on Instagram?

Following foreign patterns, we are witnessing the activity of a new generation of celebrities on social networks. Users in fashion, food, entertainment, tourism, sports, and… express their views and opinions directly. These users are known as bloggers, Instagrammers, Influencers, and. etc.
Many Instagram page followers become credible sources for advertising goods and commercial products. So that Internet celebrities were also considered 100 significant issues in “Iran’s Future Studies of 1997”. The vast turnover generated by sub-celebrities is one of the topics that this study has explored.

As a result, when 90% of accounts follow at least one business on this social network, brands also start marketing on this platform. Because users of this application do not get tired of the presence of brands, a simple look at Instagram activists and page advertising rates based on topic and number of followers, targeted activity on the Instagram network to increase sales and earn money online, is not only a good option but also a serious “must.” For example, according to a survey, 78% of people considered Instagram brands famous, 77% creative, 76% fun, and 72% committed to the community.

Of course, according to marketers, 89% said Instagram is the most important social media channel for effective marketing. Fortunately, the influential market of this social network is still not saturated. This is encouraging news for brands that want to experience increased online sales with Instagram.

LinkedIn social network LinkedIn and job search

303 million monthly active users and 121 million daily active users make LinkedIn a robust social network to increase business revenue. As a result, 92% of the world’s top companies use the social network LinkedIn. However, LinkedIn aims to attract 3 billion users. So, it is still necessary to start a business on LinkedIn to increase the business’s sales, and it is not too late.

LinkedIn is a professional social network for businesses and communications. This social network allows you to view and follow the work life of individuals and companies. There are users with different specialties on LinkedIn.

This network allows connecting with professionals in various fields of work. LinkedIn users aim to create and expand business relationships, share knowledge and skills, or find job opportunities.

We should note that according to statistics, the share of LinkedIn is 17 minutes out of 2 hours, and 22 minutes is the average time of presence of social network users. The importance of working in this network to increase website traffic is evident. Job seekers spend an average of 30 minutes on LinkedIn! These global statistics prove LinkedIn is also a robust social network for finding work. As a result, more than 87 million of the world’s 2 billion young people aged 18 to 24 are members of LinkedIn.

94% of business-to-business (B2B) marketing-based businesses use LinkedIn to distribute content. Because about 80% of the leads generated in the B2B markets were on LinkedIn. 38% of B2B marketers said they made money from LinkedIn. Over a third of B2B commerce marketers have used LinkedIn to increase their business and sales. This number is 3 times that of Twitter, 4 times that of Facebook, and 19 times that of Instagram.

Increase sales with LinkedIn.

From 2015 to 2016, the use of page companies on LinkedIn more than doubled. The growth from 24% to 57% in a year is to help reach new customers or clients. Having a company page on LinkedIn with updated descriptions will make a big difference in increasing sales. In 2019, more than 20 million jobs were created on LinkedIn. More than 4.6 million of these job opportunities belong to the management team.

All of the above shows the importance of being on LinkedIn. Being on this social network is much more critical if you own a business based on business-to-business (B2B) marketing.

Twitter social network

Twitter is a microblogging service. That is, on the social network Twitter, blogging is provided in 140 characters or letters. Short sentences can convey your news, views, or corrections to the audience. With over 1.3 billion user accounts, 330 million monthly active users, and 145 million daily users, Twitter is an essential social network for increasing sales of businesses and individuals.

Twitter users spend an average of 170 minutes monthly on this social network. Two-thirds of the users of this social network are men. More than 500 million tweets are sent daily, meaning more than 6,000 tweets per second. This means that the daily tweets of the social network Twitter are a potential 10 million-page book. Seovisitor suggestion before starting the activity is to review the methods of spreading content on social networks.

More than 65% of American companies with over 100 employees use Twitter for marketing. $ 70 million was spent on advertising in 2017. Fifty-four percent of Twitter users reported seeing a brand, searching for a brand, or retweeting after seeing a brand on Twitter.


It may be hard to believe that the average user time of this social network is more than 1400 minutes per month. This means that Facebook users spend more than 233 hours, about the time of a full-time job, or about 10 full days each month on this social network! This is related to 2 billion and 400 million Facebook users. It is interesting to know that the world’s Internet users population is 4.4 billion.

However, this is an extensive global social network in Iran. Facebook has more than 23 million users in the Middle East. Iranian users of this network are estimated to be more than 2 million. We must not forget that if you want to increase your dollar income, you should not ignore this large population of Facebook users because the number of Facebook users is about the total population of India and China.

Seovisitor suggestions for using social networks

3 Seovisitor suggestions for using social networks

Do we have to be present on all social networks? Should we be active on all these social networks? Is being present and active in all these media possible and practical? First, click set suggestions; being Active in the growth of Internet businesses since 2015 can also be helpful for you. Do not forget these three suggestions after creating a subscription link in social networks to use the best tools reviewed.

  • Determine where your audience is also a potential customer. Of course, not all of our audiences are our customers. The mentioned social networks can create more audiences for all businesses. But websites are tailored to our business and our customers. Determine where your audience becomes a potential customer. Which social network are your potential customer’s active audiences?
  • Perseverance alone is not the key to success; Be purposeful. Each of the tools that help us be seen is indeed important, But we must not forget that a lot of work is not more productive. Instead of focusing too much on social networking, focus on your target audience.
  • Instead of being active in all social networks, be the best in one of them! You will spend a lot of energy on targeted activities on social networks. If you increase the number of your target audience, you will grow, not just the number of audiences. Choose a social network that fits your business based on the number of users with more potential customers. This is one of the secrets of increasing your website traffic. Be on social media, but be active in at least one.

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