Increase Google traffic through Google Ads

Increase Google traffic through Google Ads

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The main point in increasing website traffic and Google visits is to use methods that convince the user to click on your website link among the many competitors in Google.

The main point in increasing website traffic and Google visits is to focus on the methods that convince the user to click on your website link among the many competitors in Google. This article will explain Google Ads and examine the impact of increasing Google traffic through Google Ads.

Every day, 3 billion and 500 thousand searches are performed on the Google search engine. Most of these searches relate to people looking for your services and products. You can be in front of these people’s eyes quickly and within a day by doing targeted ads on Google and thus take an essential step towards increasing Google traffic for your website.

It should be noted that advertising in Google requires a competent and expert team to manage this advertising campaign. Therefore, it is essential to get help from SEO visitor specialists in this field when advertising on Google to increase Google traffic.

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Ways to increase website traffic from Google

We can mention SEO and search engine advertising to discuss ways to increase Google visits and users entering the website. But SEO includes several sub-branches and fields, some significantly impacting website traffic.

Some SEO measures are taken to improve the website’s speed, others to attract users through other websites, and a set of measures to improve the website’s ranking. But again, they cannot be considered a guarantee of increasing website traffic from Google.

The main point in increasing website traffic and Google visits is to focus on the methods that convince the user to click on your website link among the many competitors in Google. According to our experience, the following actions have a significant impact in this field, and by implementing these primarily free methods, you can increase website traffic through search engines.

Ways to increase website traffic from Google

Combination of types of content

With the increasing attention of Google to published videos and images, as well as the interest of more users in this type of content, it can be concluded that one of the best ways to increase website traffic through Google is to produce and publish videos, clips, audio files, The podcast and images are new in addition to having the ability to display these types of files separately on the main page of Google. They are included in the video or images section of each search engine.

Another way to increase Google traffic is to use and combine several types of content at the same time. Content is not just written text. Anything conveying a concept or purpose to the user is helpful for a website. It means you insert a combination of text, image, video, or audio on the website pages. This is one of the magic formulas in content marketing. The variety of content, length, and format can be more attractive to users. It will also increase the chances of appearing in the results for various searches and types of content.

According to research, pages that have at least one video in their content have a 50% higher click rate than other websites. On the other hand, Google has considered separate and unique sections for video, images, PDF, Word, and other content formats. So, the variety of content can include one page in several categories. And increase the number of times it is seen in the results.

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Attention to on-page and technical SEO

Despite the impact of many factors on website ranking in the search engine, if we want to name only 1 element to increase Google visits, it will undoubtedly be on-page and technical SEO. A website must first be technically and functionally acceptable than any other method. Be sure to check the status of your website and see the related URLs, links, images, meta tags, and website codes.

Suppose your website is designed with WordPress. Most of the technical points have been observed in the programming and structure of the website. But it would help if you were careful when looking at robots.txt, sitemap, .htaccess file, URL type selection, and alt tag of images.

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Increase Google traffic with internal linking

Internal links are like a bridge between pages and website content. When the user reads a page, suggesting a link from another page can encourage him to visit more and continue being on the website. Internal linking makes it easier and faster for users and search engine crawlers on the website. In addition, link-building increases the authority and credibility of all website content. The sum of all these results helps to increase Google traffic.

Attention to responsiveness and mobile compatibility

The mobile version of the website will be Google’s main priority for ranking websites from 2021. A good website should be visible on all devices like laptops, mobiles, and tablets. This means that all parts of the website, such as content, tables, images, slideshow, header and footer, sidebar, request registration form, CTA buttons, menu, logo, and other components, can be executed without any problems in any mode and the website is fully responsive.

Because many users use mobile phones to search the Internet, more than 60% of searches are done with mobile phones. And if your website isn’t responsive, it won’t rank well in mobile results. And as we said, from 2021 onwards, the search results on other devices will be the same ranking on mobile. So, to increase Google visits, pay attention to responsiveness and mobile compatibility.

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Attention to responsiveness and mobile compatibility

Increasing the loading speed of the website

Sites that have low speed cannot be suitable for earning money in any way. Google’s primary goal in ranking is to provide the best website in terms of content, relevance to the searched word, website performance, and loading time. So, it ranks a website higher and has a faster loading speed. Reducing the size of photos, optimizing HTML codes, using cache plugins, and a powerful and high-speed host can increase the website’s speed.

Analysis and review of competitors

In any field you operate in, there are competitors anyway. Analyzing competitor websites is one of the most important things that affects the increase of Google. What kind of content do your competitors produce, what websites do they get links from, what keywords do they focus on, and what are their advertising and marketing methods? How many visits to Google per month? How many articles does he publish per week? What words do you search for the most? What is their Alexa rank? Other information about competitors can give you good ideas on which of its most visited pages.

Increasing Google traffic in local search

Launching local search results has increased Google traffic to websites. Especially new websites that have little power to compete in natural results. Local search allows users to access the closest store, product, or service in terms of location, and websites close to the user are shown at the top of the results list. Research shows that local searches drive more user purchases than natural searches. To have a prominent presence in the local results, you must include your contact information, address, and business location in Google Maps. On the other hand, strengthen local SEO factors, such as using the name of a place or city in the title or the description metatag.

Title SEO to increase website traffic

One of the metatag websites displayed in the search results as one of the website symbols is the page title. In SEO, it is essential to be individual in the title tag and use the primary keyword and some descriptive words such as sound, beautiful, cheap, etc. On the other hand, the title should be summarized in 70 characters. And while being short, they attract users.

Title SEO to increase website traffic

Metatag SEO description

The second factor displayed in the Google search results to introduce the website to the users is the description tag. The description tag briefly describes up to 160 characters from the page to the Google bot and users. It is not only effective in improving the ranking of the website but also in increasing traffic by attracting and persuading users. In the meta tag, you should provide the best sentences related to the page’s main topic and a new message for the audience.

Publish articles on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the social networks that, in addition to registering links to articles on the website, allows you to publish articles and an unlimited number of words. Just like when you post something on your website. You can also publish content on LinkedIn with images, inserting headings, internal linking, and inserting video or audio. If you do this accurately and correctly, you can have an article in the ranks of good Google results, which, in addition, is to be done on absorption. Direct traffic can drive users to your website and increase website credibility.

One of the advantages of LinkedIn is that it is a social network for professionals and businesses. After publishing any article on LinkedIn, it can attract specialized audiences indirectly and free of charge, increasing Google visits and users entering the topic of your website’s activity.

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Increase Google traffic by choosing the correct URL

When a user sees a website link in search results, it sees 3 elements: title tag, description meta tag, and page address! After seeing these three items, he clicks on the comment link. We explained how to explain the description tag. There are a few things to remember when choosing the correct URL.

  • The URL should be short and optimal.
  • Enter the phrase or keyword in the page address.
  • Avoid mentioning symbols in the URL. Also, you never use _, and you use a hyphen or for space between two words.

The pages must be completely distinct and unique so that the user can understand the difference between the two pages. Maybe the factor is one of the crucial factors in increasing Google visits, but these small factors go hand in hand and determine the difference in the quality of the two websites.

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What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is one of the services provided by Google that enables you to be seen on the Google results page by paying a fee. Google Ads is a system developed by Google to help you determine your services or products in the Google search engine and its affiliated websites. In the Google Ads advertising method, the ad text is displayed in the Google search results for related queries.

Advertising in Google Ads is done according to the pay-per-click (PPC) system. This sentence means you can determine the ad’s position by investing and bidding in various terms. And click on the payment that the user will make on your ad. In this way, you would pay for the increase in Google traffic through advertising on Google for your website.

What is Google Ads?

How to advertise in Google Ads?

The advertisement in Google Ads is displayed in text with 2 titles and descriptions and a URL link to the website or a brief page. You can see the ad on the results page, for example, at the top or bottom of the Google results page. You can specify the position of your ad according to your auction to increase Google traffic. It should be mentioned that according to the research, almost 90% of the users do not pay attention to the following pages of the search and do not check it. Based on this, for whatever reason, you rank higher, you can drive more traffic, and increase ads that users click on more often than other pages.

For this reason, the increase in Google traffic through Google ads is very impressive.

Using Google Ads

Using Google Ads for advertising that increases Google traffic and improves the website’s position has many advantages. The advantages of using Google ads include the following:
The possibility of setting and determining the budget

You can specify each of them and their position based on the importance of the desired words. It will also be able to apply appropriate management about the daily budget, total budget, and display hours of each advertising campaign.

  • Ability to specify time and display device: You can give Google Ads advertising campaigns to your users at appropriate times and on target devices such as computers, tablets, mobile phones, etc., to increase Google traffic. To manage your advertising campaign in a targeted and more efficient way.
  • No restrictions on keywords: To create and build an advertising campaign and increase Google traffic, you have no limits on creating password keywords.
  • Pay per click: One of the best features of Google Ads is that you pay only by clicking on your ad.
  • Sending statistics to Google Analytics: One of the good features of Google Ads advertising is the connection between Google Ads and Google Analytics. In this way, you can control and evaluate the behavior of the customers who entered your website through Google Ads.
  • Detailed and continuous reporting: You can do your desired ads in Google Ads to increase Google traffic for your website, and you can check ads, clicks, display ratio, and even the word searched by customers at any moment of the user’s performance. Do and analyze and make decisions based on this to improve the campaign.

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