Big data: what is it, and how can it be used?

by Andrew - November 24, 2022

This educational article will introduce you to the basic concepts of big data and discuss its various applications. Any company that deals with data will soon go to big data.

What is a push notification? And what are the benefits?

by Andrew - November 17, 2022

Push Notifications are short clickable messages displayed on the user's browser page or the lock screen of their mobile phone.

A powerful way to monetize your blog with daily visits

by Andrew - October 27, 2022

A powerful method of generating income from the blog with daily visits is the method of ordering reports. Next, we examined the rest of the ways.

What is Click Advertising? Advantages and disadvantages of pay per click

by Andrew - July 06, 2022

Pay Per Click advertising is a new method that has enjoyed great popularity among web users and webmasters in recent years. This method allows advertisers to advertise their content or product on a wide area of the Internet. The cost of this type of advertising is paid only for each click on the banner or text.

Marketing Trends in 2022

by Andrew - June 21, 2022

Businesses can use the most lucrative marketing trends in 2022 to grow our social media, virtual events, content types, and… if we know all about them, our business will overgrow.

Digital Marketing Channels to Adopt in 2022

by Andrew - May 17, 2022

What are Digital Marketing Channels to Adopt in 2022? In this article about seovisitor, we say more about it.