Spam marketing and negative impact on your brand

Spam marketing and negative impact on your brand

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In this article, we will go to “Spam Marketing” and learn more about this grand mirage of the digital marketing world. Stay with us.

Spam is not an unfamiliar word. When most of us hear this word, we repeatedly think of spam emails and unsolicited text messages from our inbox or phone. Of course, email marketing is one of the most suitable methods in digital marketing Because it directs very high-quality users to our site, albeit a limited number. The story is something else. In simpler terms, the emails we send are into two categories:

  • Permission marketing emails
  • Spam marketing emails

Permission marketing emails

“Permission marketing” is done with the user’s permission. For example, when a user enters our site and enters his email in the newsletter section, he automatically permits us to send him content through his provided information.

It is improbable that such emails will end up in the spam folder. Nevertheless, sometimes it happens that the user regrets it. In this case, it either sends the email to the spam folder or ends the process of sending emails by clicking on the unsubscribe button.

Permission marketing emails

Spam marketing emails

In the second method, or spam marketing, you send emails without the user’s permission. A bank of these addresses is usually available for purchase. Emails sent in this way are 100% spam.

Such methods are considered unauthorized entry into the privacy of others in the online space. We cannot expect those methods to attract quality users.

The exciting thing is that many email marketing services have problems with spam. Usually, reliable services do not allow you to enter and use many email addresses that are unknown from where they came. Even if they give you this permission, they will find out about it by tracking the user’s reaction – for example, banishing the email to the spam folder or clicking the unsubscribe button – and prevent sending emails again.

The fatal blow of spam marketing to your brand image

The flow of respect for users’ privacy online and the deterrence of dealing with spammers is a good thing that did not exist previously. Remember, even if there was no problem with spam marketing and you could buy a lot of emails for a certain amount and generate decent sales for yourself, you still shouldn’t go for it.

Because the only thing you get from annoying your users is tarnishing your brand’s excellent image. Remember that unhappy users share their experiences. Undoubtedly, this will not be a good thing for your brand.

The fatal blow of spam marketing to your brand image

Is spam marketing only limited to email?

Spam marketing is more widespread than it seems. The story of unauthorized entry into the privacy of others is not limited to email. For example, it is an example of what happens to me daily. I have a page on LinkedIn, and there is no day that I do not receive promotional emails.

Even when I post on LinkedIn, some people post promotional comments without asking permission and leave. Sometimes even Instagram directs become a clear example of spam marketing. Fortunately, Instagram is dealing with these false advertising methods.

Summary of what we talked about it

  • Permission marketing is at the opposite end of spam marketing.
  • In this method, you send messages to your users without getting their permission to send SMS or email.
  • Many email marketing services have a problem with spam marketing and will limit you if they find you are using bulk emails.
  • Harassing your users by sending them emails they don’t want to receive is considered online harassment and tarnishes the image of your business.
  • The story of spam marketing does not end only with email or SMS. You can find it on LinkedIn, Instagram Direct, and anywhere you can send a message.

Has spam marketing targeted you?

Has spam marketing targeted you?

In your opinion, which spam channels annoy users more than others? Spam emails? Spam text messages or direct spam messages?

Why do you think some people go for spam marketing instead of essential marketing?

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