What is website traffic?

What is website traffic?

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Website traffic is the main pulse of online business that can boost your work and your progress despite having traffic on the site. More than one internet site to increase site traffic through paid ads (Google ads) intends to increase site visitors. Using these methods will only be effective for a short time, But keep in mind that organic methods that follow only the principles and rules of Google will work better.

Do not underestimate users.

The only downside is that it will increase the conversion rate. Users who have found your products and services through a Google search and are logged in organically and without paid Google ads; The conversion will be different compared to when users see the ad sign next to the site URL during the search and then click on the link. Users know that when Google shows the site to users naturally, it offers quality. It dramatically enhances the quality and buyers and users, thus increasing your trust and increasing the rate.

Website traffic monitoring tools

Before paying to the Shirin site, the method of increasing site traffic, you should analyze the site using the following tools and then make a problem with the pages where you have dropped the traffic and solve it. Site traffic monitoring tools are as follows:

  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • AMP Analytics: Using the Internet Using a Mobile Computer Using a Mobile Computer Prefers to force your users to use. AMP is an advanced platform for mobile site design only. Reducing the volume of site pages reduces the site’s loading speed on the mobile phone using them. AMP platform sometimes changes through site sites, so it is necessary to use site review time using AMP Analytics specialized tool.

Google Search Console

After installing the online software introduced above, landing pages (landing page), session (the number of times users log in and perform their activity, such as clicking the page, scrolling the page, entering other pages Seeing and analyzing).

Using Google Search Console online software can check the following:

Check landing pages (landing page)
Site review sessions (number of times users enter the site and their activity by clicking on the link, entering other pages of the site, scrolling pages)
Check how long the user stays on the site.
Check the keywords through which users have joined the site.
Check how users have entered the area. (Through social networks, Google ads, through site ads such as Media Ed, and YektaNet)

11 Ways to increase website traffic

11 Ways to increase website traffic

1- Paid advertising (advertising):

One of the ways that many business owners and online businesses increase site traffic is paid to advertising. In this method, by paying Google, Facebook, and ads on YouTube, a lot of traffic enters the site. When using this advertising method, ensure that accessing the landing pages, purchased and paid for, is appropriately designed. In this case, most users who enter the site become customers and buy.

2- Search Engine Optimization

SEO and paid advertising methods are two other complementary methods that can be seen as a site if your site can change it. SEOs and webmasters believe that SEO is 10 to 13 times more than paid advertising and other ways to increase website traffic. It increases conversion rates and is profitable for online businesses and works.

3- Using the guest post technique

The guest post technique is one of the safest ways to increase site traffic that sends healthy traffic to the site. For this purpose, you can see other favorite and reputable sites that your visit rate is a significant amount that you are convinced to use due to the publication of guest posts using it on the Internet.

Using Telegram

4- Using Telegram

Before paying attention to the effect of using Telegram in increasing site traffic, it is necessary to mention that Telegram is not a social network. There is online software for chat. Use Telegram to increase conversion rates. This means that the best brands in the world do not use methods such as Telegram to advertise and increase sales and conversion rates. If your goal in business is just shopping, not branding, using Telegram is a good way.

5. Use Instagram

Advertising on Instagram is a surefire way to increase site traffic, which can increase site traffic through the hashtag “#.” The important thing about Instagram ads is that you do not use ads for all Instagram posts. To do this, you can publish 3 valuable and practical posts and then make an advertising post.

6- Article published on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social network for businesses and a credible work audience. To increase your site visitors, you can replicate the content generated on LinkedIn by the keywords that users are searching for. Use keywords related to your business and ask users to log in to read the whole article.

Creating content in slide share slides

7- Creating content in slide share slides

This site is one of the most visited sites that many users visit daily. By producing helpful content using PowerPoint software on this site, the number of visitors and traffic to your site will increase. Generate valuable and helpful content for users to share your content.

8. Marketing using YouTube

YouTube is the second most powerful search engine after Google, which has been very powerful in video sharing. A vast number of users use instructional videos on YouTube every day. If you produce educational content (video content), you can ensure that the number of site visitors and site traffic will increase significantly.

9 – Using email marketing

Email marketing is still one of digital marketers’ most popular marketing methods. Email marketing directly increases site traffic and revenue for online sites and businesses. By sending promotional emails to sites with similar activities or to users who have posted, purchased, or commented on location in the past. Users enter the site directly by receiving emails.

Marketing conference sponsor

10- Marketing conference sponsor

Using this technique is effective when time has passed since the start of your place and activity, and you have a kind of user and potential customer. When a marketing conference is held, ask company leaders or financial managers to introduce your site as a financial sponsor if they accept the partnership; In this case, the people participating in the site will be more willing and confident to enter the area with the introduction of the site.

11- Paying attention to site loading speed

Site speed is one of the most critical factors that will directly impact reducing or increasing user and customer satisfaction. If the rate of the site slows down for any reason, users will leave the site after waiting for a few seconds and will not enter the place a second time. First, check the optimization of the site loading speed, and in case of any problem to increase the site traffic, take the necessary measures to improve the site speed.

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