What are the types of SEO in digital marketing?

What are the types of SEO in digital marketing?

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What are the types of SEO in digital marketing? in this article of seovisitor, we say about types of SEO in digital marketing.

What are the types of SEO in digital marketing? In this article on Seovisitor, we talk about types of SEO in digital marketing.

Digital marketing is one of the most modern marketing techniques that uses various tools. Such as the Internet, search engines, social media, mobile phones, and other digital media platforms. To achieve its primary goal of website credibility, product branding, and acquisition. Many customers are affluent in digital marketing.

SEO is the most crucial factor in digital marketing that can not be successful in digital marketing and Internet businesses without sound SEO principles and rules.

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What are the types of SEO in digital marketing?

At the beginning of search engines, a few weak algorithms could quickly get good rankings from Google by using excessive repetition of keywords and excessive linking of websites, but with the increase in the number of other algorithms used. Such practices were not suitable for reaching the first pages of Google. So, after the new rules on search engines were released, Google introduced different types of SEO. You may ask yourself or others what the types of SEO in digital marketing are. To answer this question, I suggest you join us until the end of this article to introduce SEO types in digital marketing and their characteristics to explain to your dear ones.

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Types of SEO in digital marketing include three types: black hat SEO, white hat SEO, and gray hat SEO, each of which is explained below.

Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO in digital marketing refers to methods used to deceive the search engine and use low-value or low-quality content instead of rich and decadent content. In the past, when search engines did not have the intelligence and power of today, you could easily use this method to get a good ranking on Google and establish your position on the first pages.

But today, using this method is no longer responsive, and you may be able to succeed at first, but you will soon lose your ranking and be removed from the Google results page altogether. Join us to continue the article to fully acquaint you with black hat SEO methods.

Publish a lot of low-quality content

At first, you may be able to attract the attention of the Google search engine by publishing many worthless and various content and increasing your website traffic. Still, when people see the website’s texts, they notice that the content is useless, and the algorithms notice your content. They analyze and realize its poor quality.

Excessive repetition of keywords

Google perceived many keywords early, implying that you had written complete content. But when users face repetitive and excessive keywords, they do not like your website and leave it. Google’s algorithms also notice this and quickly remove you from Google results.

Misleading redirects

In the past, to increase the rating of a newly created website, robust websites were redirected to new ones, increasing the rating of the novice website. But today, doing this for the novice website is no use and penalizes the redirecting website.

What are the types of SEO

Buy multiple backlinks and spam

Backlinks effectively use all kinds of SEO when users create them, and naturally, if you try to buy these backlinks, it has done something unusual. Google will immediately notice this, and It destroys your page rank, which is one of the harmful SEO methods.

Create fake or fake comments

One of the most essential things in content production is updating that content, which is one way to update the website’s content. If you comment on your websites unprofessionally, Google will identify you very quickly and give you a negative rating for your website.

Negative SEO and False Reporting

People submitted unrealistic reports to Google to eliminate their competitors in the past. But today, Google’s human resources quickly recognizes and controls these false reports.

White hat SEO

White hat SEO is another type of SEO in digital marketing and consists of techniques that increase users’ visits to various websites in search engines. Using the white hat type of SEO is much better and more appropriate than the black hat type, and using it can increase the website’s ranking and score on Google and increase the number of users visiting the website. In the continuation of the article, join us in fully explaining the features of white hat SEO and the factors that cause it to get points from Google and increase its ranking.

Provide high-quality content and high value.

Before doing anything to produce content, you need to gather your senses to create comprehensive and complete content that can meet all users’ needs and prevent them from referring to the size of other competing websites. It would help if you had your article to get Produce and supply for this purpose.

Speed ​​up the website.

Today, most users seek to use websites quickly to meet their needs. You must design your website to show users the content immediately. Having high speed on websites is one of the best features.

What are the types of SEO

Use the right keywords

Keywords are one of the most essential things to make your website well-known to search engines and users. You should try your best to use relevant and effective keywords in your text, not just one specific keyword; you should use different and related keywords.

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Use multimedia content

Today, we all know that textual content can help you succeed in business, but you should not neglect multimedia content in your industry. Multimedia content includes images and infographics, audio files, and video clips that can improve the SEO of your website. You should have complete information about that content before producing it. For example, in the case of video marketing, you can help increase the ranking and traffic of your website by making a video and publishing it on the website, giving a lot of credibility to your brand.

Using internal and external link-building

Internal and external link building is among the most important and influential factors in white hat SEO. Using both types of links has its benefits, and if you can create them purposefully, you will see their tremendous impact on increasing the rankings and visits of users to your website.

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Gray hat SEO

Gray hat SEO is another type of SEO in digital marketing with no exact definition to explain. As its name implies, Gray hat SEO is, in fact, something between white hat SEO and black hat SEO. The best and most straightforward definition of gray hat SEO is that gray hat SEO uses unprincipled and unidentified techniques and methods. Most of these methods are not considered by Google search engines, but they can only deceive users and Give them false suggestions in practice. Google also does not recommend using gray hat techniques to any webmaster because Google penalizes most of them.

External linking and commenting instead of the user are the most critical factors significantly impacting gray hat SEO, which we will explain below.

External link building

External link building is one of the most essential methods of gray hat SEO. Unfortunately, few people can link to their colleagues today, and if we do not want to use the black hat SEO method, we can not find links to our pages. In this case, the only way left is to use gray hat SEO. You can generate high-quality links by learning your website’s different external linking and backlinks techniques in this method. It would help if you gathered your attention that your linking is not abnormal. Indeed, You must have thoroughly learned SEO before implementing this method.

Leave a comment instead of the user

This is one of the old methods of big and famous websites that hired people to comment instead of other users on the percentage of their websites. You must be aware of your user’s needs and do it naturally. You need to ensure that your comments increase as your website traffic increases.



Digital marketing is one of the most advanced Internet marketing methods to increase a website’s sales and credibility. SEO is crucial and is known as the primary nut in digital marketing. In this article, we have tried to answer the question of many of our users: What are the types of SEO in digital marketing? And fully explain the types of SEO, including black hat SEO, white hat SEO, and gray hat.

Black hat SEO is an illegal method users should avoid for their websites. White hat SEO is also a moral and approved method that can give many points to the website and increase its traffic. Gray hat SEO is a set of techniques that uses white hat and black hat SEO, and to avoid being penalized by Google, it must be done with complete accuracy and professionalism.


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