How are SEO and digital marketing related?

How are SEO and digital marketing related?

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Here is an explanation of SEO or search engine optimization and the relationship between SEO and digital marketing.

The vast majority of purchases were made in person in the past when technology wasn’t as advanced as it is now. Nevertheless, with the development of technology and virtual spaces, especially the Internet, the form of purchases has also changed, and they are moving towards non-attendance.

This change has progressed to almost 100% of assets being made online in some families. Just hold the phone and enter the desired word in the search engines to find countless virtual pages.

On the other hand, introducing and advertising the product and communicating with customers is one of the essential principles in marketing. Consequently, advertising is most effective where there are many people. Today, in the digital world, the Internet has turned the world into a small global village in which most people are present. So, the best place for product marketing is the Internet.

Attractive and powerful marketing is called digital marketing

Attractive and powerful marketing is called digital marketing

Digital marketing includes all activities related to online marketing. Digital marketing is essential for expanding a business online. Of course, for success in digital marketing, website design is the most crucial technique.

In addition, it is vital to follow the principles of SEO, especially Google, to receive natural traffic. You can also promote digital marketing through click ads on other websites and email marketing campaigns. Of course, news reports and informing everyone about the desired brand can attract customers effectively.

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What is SEO?

What is SEO?

SEO consists of the first three words, Search Engine Optimization, which means website optimization for search engines. Of course, this concept is not only limited to search engines. One of its essential principles is adapting the website for visitors. The opinion and satisfaction of internet users have always been a priority. As a result, Google has recently adjusted its policies to reflect what website visitors expect.

Searching in the Internet world is based on search engine standards. If you want to improve your website’s performance and attract more visitors, following SEO principles will help you in this field. Factors such as the words used in the content, the incoming links to the desired website from other websites, as well as the proper structure of the website are considered SEO principles.

In simpler terms, SEO refers to the set of activities that we use in website design and content production to have a better position in Google search results. Only in this situation can we attract more visitors to our desired website.

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Google has equipped its search engine with new algorithms, especially the RankBrain algorithm. Using this algorithm, this company is trying to analyze the behavior of its users when searching. By analyzing the user’s search, the search engine can optimize the results for the user according to the same ranking.

When the user searches for a term in the Google search engine, Google offers one or more suggested terms to the user about the entered words. In addition, the Google search engine attaches great importance to users’ choices. If a website has a low rank in Google results, but many users visit it, Google will raise its position on that website.

Most internet users find the pages they want from the Google search engine. Of course, search engines like Bing and Yahoo also have their fans. For this reason, following SEO principles is the key to attracting more traffic. A search engine provides what users want and attracts more to your website than internet advertising. All the explanations above prove the value of SEO and why we should use it.

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SEO; The key to success in digital marketing

The key to success in digital marketing

By promoting the concepts of SEO, the importance of the relationship between SEO and digital marketing is no longer a secret. In cyberspace, the words users search in search engines are critical. Experience has proven that attracting many visitors through the Google search engine can guarantee the success of any company.

Attracting customers and increasing visits obtained from SEO principles is better than any advertisement and will cost you less in the long run. Adhering to SEO principles will increase your reputation and visibility among your online competitors.

As a virtual user, how often have you looked for your search term on Google’s second or third page? Most of the information needs of Internet users are determined on the first two or three websites and finally on the first page of the search. Statistics show that more than 70% of users get results in Google searches on the first page and links 1 to 3.

With these conditions, if your website’s link is among one of the first three links, you will have a better chance of attracting customers.

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SEO and digital marketing relationship

SEO and digital marketing relationship

The importance of the relationship between SEO and digital marketing doubles because the user enters the desired website based on the search performed by the user himself. The user will boost your online market based on their investigation, not based on your high and expensive advertising.

One thing about the relationship between SEO and digital marketing is that SEO can increase website traffic. According to statistics, more than 63 thousand keywords are searched in search engines every second, proving SEO’s high importance.

Undoubtedly, one of the main goals of digital marketing is branding and increasing visibility and, as a result, increasing the purchase of a product or service. To achieve this goal, SEO is the best option. Placing your website among the first search links will make your brand name last in customers’ minds. You are among the first search results in people entering your website voluntarily looking for your products or services.

Marketing success by earning customer trust

Marketing success by earning customer trust

The relationship between SEO and digital marketing can play an essential role in creating a sense of trust in customers. Maybe it happened to you that you refer to the content of websites with good SEO. Adhering to SEO principles and ranking high in Google has led to user trust, and you can sometimes refer to your website as a reliable source.

The algorithmic process of the Google search engine gives a better rank to websites with a higher E.A.T. and leads to a sense of trust in the user. Web experts can also gain Google’s confidence in their website by creating unique content and getting natural links from reputable websites.

The relationship between SEO and digital marketing can lead to a better user experience on the Internet. Users unsatisfied with your website for various reasons will leave your digital marketing at risk. The number of visitors leaving a website indicates that Google has placed the wrong website on the user’s path, which means the website will rank low if the number of visitors leaving the website is high.

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As a result, you will quickly lose your ranking and customers. Leaving a website is unnecessary to determine satisfaction. Instead, we consider the exit time after entering the website. Google search engine algorithms measure this duration.

The relationship between SEO and digital marketing does not end there. The relationship between SEO and digital marketing is so complicated that it can impact investment in the long run. You can’t expect brilliant SEO results in the short term. Because creating a sense of trust in the Google search engine and, of course, users is time-consuming.

But in the long run, the odds will turn in your favor. Over time, following SEO principles will show you its impact and make your investment profitable. If you stick to SEO, many customers will come to your website for free without paying you any money.

The relationship between SEO and digital marketing also affects the buying cycle. Before purchasing, the customer researches and searches for practical information in his desired field. At this stage in your digital marketing, introducing your website to the customer will be a turning point.

Thus, when the user searches for terms, your website’s name should appear next to your competitors’ websites. The customer will consider your website when choosing the product or service.

Increasing website traffic can be achieved by crafting compelling content that resonates with the audience, harnessing the power of SEO to climb search engine rankings, and embracing the landscape of social media to foster meaningful connections and spark curiosity.


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