Improving Google’s position with backlinks traffic

Improving Google’s position with backlinks traffic

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In search engine optimization, backlinks SEO is one of the most common keywords that cause improving Google’s position. Many people have just started their website. This is probably the first time they have encountered the word backlinks and would like to understand its meaning.

In this article, we will explain the impact of backlinks on improving Google’s position on your website. Join us.

What is backlinks?

A link that directs users from one page on a website to another is called a backlink. In this way, if someone refers the users of your website to your website, it means they are linking your website, and on the other hand, if you invite users to visit another website, You have backlinked to that website. The name is also called backlinks, inbound links.

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Before today’s algorithms existed, Backlinks was just a moving element before search engines. With the advent of various algorithms for search engines, this mobility element has become one of the most critical SEO issues. So, backlinks in SEO today are of undeniable Importance.

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The Importance of Backlinks in SEO

In general, backlinks are helpful and essential for SEO in 3 aspects:

The importance of backlinks in SEO

1- Influencing Google ranking

Backlinks are a guarantee and a vote of confidence in the eyes of search engines such as Google. It is as if the host website guarantees you to Google and increases your credibility. Hence, the website that can gain more trust votes has a better chance of improving Google’s position.

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The results of related research also confirm this. Results of the study on the effectiveness of backlinks ranking websites show a direct and significant relationship between the number of backlinks a website from a single domain and the amount of organic traffic attracted by the search engines of that website. If the backlinks are quality, We will see an increase in a website’s ranking in Google search results. Although Google’s algorithms are constantly undergoing extensive change, they are still getting technical solid backlinks in implementing SEO strategies.

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2- Increasing the possibility of being seen

Search engines can discover new pages and content by examining links on previously identified pages. Given that Google and other search engines monitor the most visited and popular pages more than other websites, you will increase the likelihood that Google will see your website if you can get backlinks from a popular website. In fact, through backlinks, you help Google’s crawling bots to index your website.

Creating backlinks is one way to speed up indexing a website’s pages on Google and increase the share of creep.

3- Increase the amount of referral traffic

Backlinks are clickable and can refer users from one website to another. You direct the customer to a better and richer content source in this referral. The traffic is attracted through this, and referral traffic is called. Where referral traffic has a lower bounce rate, it Emphasizes the role of backlinks in SEO.

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6 criteria for recognizing good backlinks

6 criteria for recognizing good backlinks

The quality of backlinks is more important than their quantity. Maybe this did not matter much in the past, and as soon as you could get backlinks, It was satisfactory and credible. But after the release of Google’s Penguin algorithm, the strategies changed, and the page turned! Currently, receiving each backlink is different in value from other backlinks. Here are the criteria for identifying a good backlink that is more effective in the SEO We mention.

1- Relevance of the website

Because users are likelier to click on related backlinks, Google also values such backlinks. You may be wondering what we mean by associated backlinks. Suppose a laptop store has two backlinks from two different websites. The first is a website about animals, and the second is for selling electronic equipment. In this example, the value of the second backlink is higher because it is more relevant.

The same thing applies to domain names. Someone visiting a website with a domain related to the laptop is more likely to click on the link of the laptop sales website than someone visiting a website like

2- High credibility of the website

Naturally, the stronger your guarantor, Your credit rating is also higher. Hence, the credit you get from solid website backlinks is more potent and effective than the credibility backlinks from weak websites add to you.

ewer page output backlinks

3- Fewer page output backlinks

The credibility of a page is directly related to its organic traffic. Therefore, we can say that not all backlinks from reputable websites will necessarily lead to more credibility.

In this regard, Google has announced that the “credit” transferred from a reputable website to its external links is divided equally among all relations. Therefore, we can say that the number of links on a page is also significant in SEO. But, if you get a backlink from two pages with precisely the same validity, The amount of credit you receive from a page backlink with fewer external links Is higher.

4- High traffic on the website

Backlinks from high-traffic pages will send more traffic to your website than pages with less traffic. Generally, a relationship exists between website rank and backlinks on pages with high organic traffic. However, the number of backlinks from a single website and the page’s credibility are more important.

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5- Position the link on the page

In general, users are more likely to click on specific backlinks. Therefore, some links are more valid on one page than other links.

Position the link on the page

6- Link text

Anchor Text, or link text, are clickable words that make backlinks. The link’s text, according to Google itself, affects the ranking of websites. However, empirical evidence shows that the effect of this event is not so strong! You generally recommend that you use appropriate text using related keywords for backlinks.

How to get more links?

So far, in this article, we have found out what backlinks are and how essential backlinks are in SEO. We also reviewed the criteria for identifying a valuable backlink. In this section, we will discuss more ways to get backlinks.

Three ways to get more links

  1. Create backlinks
  2. Get backlinks
  3. Build backlinks

Get a backlink

1- Get a backlink

Getting backlinks is when a user finds your content in various ways, such as search, social media, or any other way, and then selects your content to link to. We can say that the backlinks obtained through this method are organic (natural) backlinks.

To increase your chances of getting organic backlinks, You need to be confident in the quality of your content production. By producing quality content, we mean content that appeals to users.

2- Create backlinks

The second case occurs when you manually create backlinks on other websites. We can do this in various ways, such as creating an account in business directories, commenting in the comments section of a website, or doing activities in forums.

Important Note: Do not post your comments in the comments section of spam websites. Instead, you can end up with reputable websites. Write a comment. Write helpful words that have a good chance of being approved. Try to take the time to write your comments and look at things from different angles. Increase the chances of receiving backlinks and confirm your opinion by writing valuable and related words.

3- Build backlinks

This refers to how you interact with the administrators of other websites and create backlinks on the host websites. For this strategy to be implemented, You need to plan more carefully.

Build backlinks


We hope reading this article will help you understand the concept of backlinks and the Importance of backlinks in SEO. One of the concerns of web admins is planning to get backlinks. According to Google’s algorithm updates, the quality issue is more important than the number of backlinks.

What steps do you take to create quality backlinks? Please share your experiences and knowledge with us in the comments section.


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