What is the significance of Google traffic for website rank?

What is the significance of Google traffic for website rank?

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The importance of increasing Google traffic has a direct impact on website traffic. This article answers why Google traffic plays a significant role in the website.

To increase website traffic, Google is considered a valuable resource. Search engines and social networks are influential, but Google is the leading search engine to generate natural traffic. That’s why increasing user Google traffic is so important. As a result, website admins try to improve their website traffic through SEO. This article will answer the significance of Google traffic for website rank.

Note that improving the website ranking can not guarantee to increase in users’ entry to the website. It is true that the higher your order, the better your chances of attracting a user, but if you do not follow click-through principles, your traffic will not increase, and you will eventually lose your position.

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Techniques to increase Google traffic

To get to the primary Google visit, you must follow a particular recipe, which we will discuss in the following article, the most important ways to increase it. Also, if you use these techniques, you will achieve the desired result in the not-too-distant future.

The most important reasons for the increase in Google traffic are:

  1. Increasing Google traffic leads to targeted website traffic.
  2. Existence of high durability
  3. This method is less expensive than other methods.

Tips to increase Google traffic

Its latest algorithms have paid particular attention to URL structure, which can significantly impact SEO and increase Google traffic. In the following, we will deal with increasing Google traffic.

Tips to increase Google traffic

1- Analysis of activities before implementation

If you want to have a good SEO strategy, identify your keywords well and determine what goals you want to achieve. Only a few websites have done this and achieved their desired success.

It would help to remember what you want to say when searching for your website. You also need to know how your website will differ from your competitors. Regarding keywords, it is essential to pay attention to the performance of your competitors and the tools they use to research keywords.

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2- Exclusive WordPress domain name and settings

Google values websites that have their unique domain name and hosting. Google thinks that a website with exclusive hosting is more valuable. As a result, increasing Google traffic to these websites is a priority.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your domain name

  1. Matching with business keywords
  2. Using a noun or adjective next to a keyword
  3. Domain index

3- Change the main WordPress settings to improve the SEO

WordPress is a platform that works by SEO principles for most people. However, changing the main WordPress settings is better for getting the best results. The first default structure is your fixed links, often set for small categories such as date and name. It is better to put this case to send the post name only.

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Install a plugin for WordPress

4- Install a plugin for WordPress

If you want to run your business professionally, installing WordPress plugins to optimize your website is best. Note, however, that this plugin can be daunting for beginners because it has many settings and features in its structure.

5- Improving the user experience with high accuracy

Existing plugins for WordPress usually try to make your website look good in search engines, but the problem is that you have to ensure it. This is why your website pages should look good. Improving the user experience must be done as carefully as possible.

The important thing is that the better the user experience, the higher the page rank because Google has regularly stated that user experience is one of the main factors of this search engine.

6- Using guest posts

A guest post is a post you produce and publish on a website that does not belong to you. This is one of the best ways for your brand to be seen. For this reason, your website traffic will increase over time. Also, unlike other methods that have been updated over time, this method retains its value.

Regular updating of site articles

7- Regular updating of website articles

If your website has no significant problem, no option can increase Google traffic as much as updating.

One of the primary Google rankings is constantly updating your website. Also, in this update, you must add at least 300 to 500 words to the content text and change your keyword phrase at different times; Because people change the search term in their Google after a while.

8- Email marketing

A large number of businesses try to attract customers via email. Although some SEO believe that email is not very effective in our country, it should not be overlooked because one of the ways to increase Google traffic is still emailing communication.

9- Make sure you have a high-speed website

If you have a website that takes a long time to open, it is not surprising that you will have fewer visitors. Because no one will wait more than 3 to 5 seconds to access the content. So if you have a slow website, you should not expect to see an increase in Google traffic.

Production of video content

10- Production of video content

Statistics show that businesses that publish video content have a 49% increase in sales compared to companies that do not care about video. Because people say, this is video content that ultimately leads to the final decision and purchase.

11- Add sharing button

Google search engines do not consider social media, but it can help improve rankings. There is also no charge for adding a share button, so this is an excellent opportunity to increase the views of your posts.

A few essential points for the practical structure of SEO

In this section, we will provide tips to improve the functional system of SEO.

1- Write legible and straightforward

Google’s first and most effective recommendation is to write as fluently as possible. You do not have to use all the title words in the structure. It would help if you used the keywords that are important in SEO.

Use a hyphen to separate words

2. Use a hyphen to separate words

Punctuation is the most critical factor in readability. Google also recommends using a dash instead of an underline.

3- URL letters must be lowercase

If the uppercase letters are uppercase, they should be lowercase, and if the two URLs are exactly alike, you can use uppercase letters to distinguish them.

4- The title does not match the URL

Some titles are longer and have more characters, for example, about 10 words and 25 characters. If you want to use the words in the title exactly in the URL, it will be too long, and its readability will decrease. So it would help to use short-page URLs to increase your traffic.

Use keywords

5- Use keywords

The most crucial thing in writing a website URL is using keywords, which positively affects SEO and increases Google traffic. It is also recommended that these keywords be used in the initial places.

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6- Use fewer folders

Website designers know that we use folders to categorize products. Each folder shows a category. Now it is recommended to use fewer folders because the readability of the link will be better for people. Usually, in surveys, SEO websites have good Google traffic; The address of its internal pages is less shallow.


Google’s entry into the website plays an essential role because the more visits to Google, the more website traffic, and the more website traffic, the higher the website ranking. There are structural and practical solutions to increase website visits. In the structural type, express the kind of SEO structure, and define the strategies to improve the stay in the suitable style.


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