How To Increase Website Traffic?

How To Increase Website Traffic?

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This article learns how To Increase Website Traffic. We get acquainted with the website traffic monitoring tool in the first step.

Increasing website traffic is one of the main tasks every website owner should do. Increasing your website traffic and online business will increase your profits often. As you can tell, increasing website traffic is part of a company’s or industry’s capital.

Even if your website is excellent in every way, it is useless unless you have good traffic and visits. To start implementing the necessary measures to increase traffic, you must work purposefully to attract your audience so that you have several targeted visits per day that lead to shopping.

This article will talk about the basic methods that increase website traffic. We get acquainted with the website traffic monitoring tool in the first step. We will learn new practical ways in 2021 to increase organic traffic in the following. By reading this article, you can optimize your website without additional costs.

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How to increase your website traffic?

There are several free and paid ways to increase website traffic. Implementing free methods will be better for any business. The best ways to increase website traffic are as follows:

1- Writing practical articles

The first and best-principled way to increase website traffic is to write technical articles in your field. By writing this category of articles, you add value to your audience, increasing their trust and confidence. But be careful not to write only technical articles. Publish articles with many fans, and the audience is looking for them. The article must be registered for a specific purpose. Such that, Have high traffic every month. To do this, use words and phrases that have a higher search. What are their interests? And what are their concerns?

You can use the tool to research keywords and find the most searched words, “Google Trend” and “Google Keyword Planner.” Also, You can check the search term after registering your website in Google Search Console. To do this, first, register your website in the search console. After several months, Enter the search analytics option through this software. Through this section, you can see the words that have the most views. If your website gets high traffic for some keywords, focus on those keywords, To put your website first. To implement this method, start producing content in a complete article. In a way, users prefer your website to competitors’ and click on your website link.

Another point to note before writing an article is that See the phrase you want to use in the search results. Then read the articles written by others and try to write more completely. Your writing should be more complete and robust. With this method, you can get high daily traffic from Google, even with a few articles.

How to increase your site traffic

2- Write long articles

Long articles are also known as skyscrapers. One way to increase actual visits is to write long articles. This method was introduced by a prominent SEO named Brian Dean at This method refers to the best and most complete content. This way, your audience will spend more time reading the entire range on your website. Also, This action increases the user retention rate on the website. Another advantage of this method is that more audiences will share your content.
The advantages of producing content with the skyscraper technique are:

  1. You can use synonyms and keywords because the content is long.
  2. You can use the H2 and H3 tags with more details below them.
  3. It is possible to use many related images using ALT TAG.
  4. It is possible to use any external links and internal links.
  5. The number of comments received under the post also increases.
  6. The chances of sharing content on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc., also increase.

3- Production and publication of viral e-books

This way, you must turn the articles you prepared for the website into an e-book. Then republish.

What is the importance of using this method?

E-books can go viral faster. After converting the article into an e-book, publish it on popular websites. These websites have many daily visits and publish e-books for free.
By publishing the article, fans and audiences can easily download it. Also, if your writing is helpful enough, it will likely go viral. Eventually, this method caused many users to enter your website through the links on the most visited websites. Furthermore, It also increases the brand awareness of your business.

4- Video production and publishing

The most popular content format is video, which attracts a large audience. You do not have to go in front of the camera to produce video content. You can convert your website articles to videos to generate content because you do not want to build a brand or make a promotional video. Then publish it on other websites or your website. Select previously visited articles and write their essential and practical parts as a headline in PowerPoint for this method. To read more, record your voice in full in a video. You can also use Snagit software to film PowerPoint. One creative way to produce video content is through educational content. In the last step, Publish the video on popular websites. Another method is to, Post your educational video on social media. Then put a link to your website in your profile. Then you will see that the number of visits and traffic to the website increases significantly.

5- Production and release of audio files

You can also get ideas from your previous articles to produce audio content and convert them to audio or podcast files. Also, you can convert e-books to audio files. It is also possible to publish podcasts on popular websites and applications. Audiences come to your website when they hear other websites’ audio files.

How to increase your website traffic

6- Cooperation in the sale of services and products

With the launch of the sales cooperation system, the number of website visits will increase effectively. In this method, you can introduce your website, product, or services by cooperating with websites with your services and products. As your sales or visits through the partner website increase, pay a commission to the website that collaborated with you. You can even put your articles on popular websites for free and do not receive commissions through activities in the marketing system. You can even give all or most of the profit to the website. Or eventually, make a small profit for yourself. Because your product is electronic, this process is in your favor anyway.

7- Exchange links with colleagues

One of the best ways to increase traffic in 2021 is to exchange links with partners’ websites. Link exchange means the exchange of content or reporting. To do this, find a list of co-workers in your field. Then send them an email and announce your request for cooperation. This way, you will receive valid backlinks in addition to increasing website traffic. The advantage of this method is that it has a direct effect on improving your website’s SEO. Encourage your co-worker to work with you by strengthening your negotiating power.

8- Be active on social media

The first step is to produce useful and valuable content in your field. Then publish it briefly on Telegram, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The important thing is that this content should not be the same as the websites. In this way, new audiences get to know your business. It is better to publish audio and text content on Telegram and Publish video and audio content on Instagram. Other social networks such as Reddit, Tumbler, dribble Pinterest, and Medium have a large audience. These popular social networks increase website traffic and click on its link.

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9- Build a mobile application

The number of mobile users is increasing day by day. That’s why focus is necessary to attract this audience. App design is not as complicated as it used to be. In fact, at the same time as designing the website, you can also create the application. Then place your app in the Play Store and similar apps. The important thing is to write engaging content and titles to attract the audience. By registering an attractive title, the audience will receive your application. Finally, website traffic through the application will increase.

10- Improve your website’s organic click-through rate using PPC testing

Click-through rate (CTR) is one of the most critical factors in improving a website’s ranking that you need to improve. Two essential elements that significantly enhance clickthrough rates are the “meta tag” and the “title tag.”  The first step is better to evaluate these two tags using PPC. In this method, you should determine the cost of these two tags by launching an advertising campaign. First, write three meta tags with the same concept and different literature. Then write a meta tag in each step. After evaluating the PPC (pay-per-click) test, you can extract valuable keywords and phrases.

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11- Create backlinks

One of the most essential factors in improving the SEO of a website is receiving backlinks. Because receiving backlinks from reputable websites indicates the high quality of website content. Furthermore, Google also receives positive signals about the value of your website. Another advantage of these backlinks is that new contacts click on your website link and enter the website. And this means increasing website traffic. Register to receive backlinks on websites with high authority And introduce your website.

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12- Send email

Another way to increase website traffic is to send emails to current contacts. In this way, new contacts and customers do not enter; only the connection to the website is essential. Because the return traffic to the website is significant. Because from Google’s point of view, this action is considered by users as a sign of the high quality of products and products. The best way to get users’ contact information is to encourage them to subscribe to the newsletter. Users who subscribe to the email newsletter will surely be interested in your content and products. In fact, by subscribing to the newsletter, you can increase their loyalty. After receiving the contact information, let them know by publishing a new article to visit the website. This increases the number of hits per day.


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