Minify CSS tool

Among the things that cause the website's loading speed to reduce is a lot of numbers of codes and CSS files on the website, which has a tremendous negative impact on the website's SEO. Seovisitor provides the ability to compress CSS files and improve website speed to SEO specialists and website managers.

Compress CSS codes

Compression Stylesheets website codes

Minify the size of your website CSS files.

Compressing CSS files and stylesheet codes is one of the ways to improve speed and reduce the size of site codes. Increasing website loading speed is one of the essential factors for enhancing SEO and Google ranking and effectively growing website traffic.

Seovisitor allows easily converting your CSS codes into minified mode ones with just one click.

You can enter your CSS codes in the first box on this page and then click on the "compress" button. After that, wait a few seconds for the compressed codes to appear in the second box.

minify HTML tool

Now you can click the "clipboard to copy" button to copy minified codes and replace them on your website.

What is CSS code?

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet. CSS is a web page design language for creating the appearance of files and website information. CSS is one of the most famous and popular website design tools based on HTML or XHTML and easily supports other script languages such as plain XML and SVG.

What is the use of CSS?

CSS's purpose is to separate content information from appearances such as font type, color, and size. This separation increases the speed of access to the site, flexibility to control the appearance features, the ability to design pages with the same format, and prevents confusion and repetitive tasks in the site design.

What factors increase the size of CSS codes?

Many factors contribute to the increase in the number of CSS codes on the site, including:

  1. Spacing between CSS codes
  2. The number of lines of codes
  3. Commenting part of the CSS code
  4. Repetitiveness of styles
  5. Gzip not enabled

In addition to increasing the size of CSS files, these factors also affect the loading speed of sites. Note that these factors are some of the most critical factors that increase the volume of CSS codes.

Compression of CSS files

The optimization of CSS files plays a critical role in the speed and loading time of the website, and this is because a large part of the volume of the sites is related to the number of CSS files, JavaScript, and website images.