Minify HTML tool

Among the things that cause the website's loading speed to reduce is a lot of numbers of codes and HTML files on the website, which has a tremendous negative impact on the website's SEO. Seovisitor provides the ability to compress HTML files and improve website speed to SEO specialists and website managers.

Compress HTML codes

Compression HTML website codes

Minify the size of your website's HTML files.

Compressing the website's HTML codes is one of the ways to increase the speed and reduce the size of the website's codes. Improving the website's loading speed is one of the most influential factors in the website's position in Google and can affect the overall condition of the website.

Seovisitor allows you to easily convert your website's HTML codes into compressed codes (minify) with just one click.

minify HTML tool

You can enter your HTML codes in the first Textarea box on this page and then click on the "Compress" button. After that, wait a few seconds for the compressed codes to appear in the second box. You can copy the minified codes and paste them on your website by clicking on the "copy to the clipboard" button.

What does minify mean?

If we want to check from a linguistic point of view, shrinking means shrinking, and in search engine optimization, it means reducing the size of HTML files and HTTP. The question that arises is why minify is so popular? Because the pages can be made smaller and, as a result, search engine optimization.

What is the use of compressing HTML files?

HTML files have a lot of code, and because humans write them, they have spaces, line changes, and other factors that make coding easier. Minifying removes elements, semi-spaces, and unnecessary files from the website, significantly reducing your website's size and increasing the site's loading speed.