6 ways to use paid traffic for your business

6 ways to use paid traffic for your business

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The best way to improve your business is to use paid traffic. With this method, you can attract more users to your website quickly and at a lower cost.

Entrepreneurs are looking to grow their businesses and attract new customers. But to achieve this goal, their brand must be recognized and influence new users who may become customers in the future. In this article, we teach you six ways to use paid traffic for your business.

Among the methods of increasing brand recognition, one of the ways to improve this visit is with paid traffic. In general, traffic can be grown in two ways: using content marketing and with paid links. In this article, we will discuss the second method.

If you want to learn how to make your business stand out with a suitable investment, this is for you!

What is paid traffic?

Before explaining what paid traffic is, let’s clarify the concept of traffic in digital marketing.

Traffic is the flow of users who access your communication channels.

For example, let’s say an average of 500 people visit your website per day. This is the current daily traffic of your website. However, since any digital business aims to get more online visibility, you probably need to develop strategies to help increase that traffic.

The same happens with other channels, such as social networks and landing pages. So, when we talk about paid traffic, we are talking about a strategy that involves investing money to increase traffic. Paid traffic is the fastest-growing option on the internet.

But it’s important to remember that just paying for sponsored links isn’t a magic wand. Users want to find a solution to their basic questions on your page. This is the only way they will stay on your page long enough for the algorithms to find your content relevant and show your paid ads.

In short, paid traffic means investing in paid advertising platforms and websites to attract users to a particular page, profile, or offer. Paid traffic allows you to advertise your business in multiple places and thus reach different audiences.

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What is paid traffic?

What is the difference between paid and organic traffic?

As we said before, paid traffic is a faster way to invest in growing your online business. But it is also possible to use free traffic strategies known as organic traffic. Of course, you need to invest your time and patience in this strategy, but financially, you don’t need to spend anything. The difference is that the results will come in the medium and long term.

Paid traffic campaigns, on the other hand, get almost instant results. For this reason, many entrepreneurs use them to boost their business. But one strategy does not preclude another. The best bet is to use both to ensure the best traffic results.

Organic traffic is steady and gradual. You should invest in content creation, SEO, backlinks, and email marketing.

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Paid traffic can be both frequent and sporadic. It depends on how much money you want to invest and what kind of return you want. But for all entrepreneurs, it’s a worthwhile investment.

Why should you invest in paid traffic?

Many believe they don’t need to invest in paid traffic because organic traffic is enough. This idea may be considered false because one of the premises of digital marketing is the development of integrated actions that, when implemented together, increase the desired result.

Of course, using only organic strategies to promote your business is possible. However, investing in only one area may mean jeopardizing the practice’s success and not exploring other options.

Why should you invest in paid traffic?

When is it a good idea to use paid traffic?

Here are some tips on when it’s a good idea to use paid traffic:

Promote specific actions

Many entrepreneurs complain that it is not possible to maintain exclusive funds for paid traffic. This mode can be used for particular actions if a constant value is impossible.

For example, you can use a traffic buying strategy whenever you launch a new product, exclusive content recently posted on the website, an ad, or something sporadic with a predetermined start and end time.

Get more visibility quickly.

Organic traffic helps keep the brand name at the top of the search results, but the main problem is that it can take months for this to happen. As a result, by investing in paid advertising, you will increase your business visibility and improve brand recognition faster.

Therefore, after these actions, it is possible to work with the audience that these campaigns have already influenced and convert them into buyers.

Expand the Conversion Rate

Using paid links can effectively influence leads in the last stage of the sales funnel.

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When users perform private searches online, they know their problem, have considered alternatives, and seek a solution. By choosing the correct phrases and keywords, you can increase conversions and provide content and solutions to users when they search.

Expand the Conversion Rate

Improve your reputation with Google.

As we briefly explained, Google uses an algorithm that ranks the best web pages based on certain conditions.

One of the factors that is considered in this ranking is the time that users spend on the website after performing a search. This time, it tells the platform if the inquiry was helpful and if it was, Google knows the page is trustworthy and improves the website’s domain reputation.

How does paid traffic work?

Like any other digital marketing strategy, paid traffic requires a lot of planning, monitoring, testing, and analysis.

To properly plan this strategy, you must first decide on your goal. Some options are:

  • Promote your brand and be seen.
  • Get more followers.
  • Bring more visitors to your website.
  • Get a clue
  • Sales offer

In addition to the goal, good planning requires that you know your audience and personality well. This is because the more targeted your paid traffic campaigns are, the better the results will be.

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Next, you need to define the format of the offer: text, image, video… and also what your call to action will be. This choice also includes choosing the channels or platforms it advertises. He discussed this later.

And finally, you have to choose the advertising budget and how to pay for it. Billing can be per click, CPC, or CPM. See below!


CPC is “cost per click”. With CPC, you pay every time your ad is clicked, or you can set a budget, let your campaign run, and get as many clicks as the budget allows. CPC is ideal for anyone looking to generate, for example, page views, product sales, leads, etc. This is precisely why you pay to have people who see your CPM ad click on it.

How does paid traffic work?


CPM is cost per thousand impressions. In other words, you’ll pay every time a thousand people see your ad. In this format, whoever makes the highest bid has the best reach and rank. So, if you want more results, you must invest more money and create a relevant and valuable ad.

Money is not the only criterion that determines the reach and rank of a campaign, but it is one of the most important. Therefore, CPM is recommended for those who aim to gain brand recognition and online visibility.

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Six tools to use paid traffic

Currently, various platforms and websites offer advertising options. It is up to you to understand the purpose of each and where to place your target audience.

Here, we have outlined six primary sources:

1- Google Ads

Google Ads is one of the most widely used traffic generation platforms because ads appear above or next to the Google search engine or partner websites. One of the advantages of this option is that you can pay only when users click on your ad.

Additionally, the platform allows for A/B testing with call-to-action, keyword, text, and call-to-action variations. That way, it’s more accessible and transparent to tell what works and what doesn’t.

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Ads can be selected to display the above competitive search results based on the ad’s value proposition and associated website. The platform also offers a display with critical metrics needed for evaluation, and ads can be targeted based on gender, access device, and location, among other options.

6 tools to use paid traffic

2- Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads allow you to create ads with photos, text, and videos to appear on Facebook, driving users to visit your business website. This platform can be used with Google Ads because it attracts different audiences. It also allows for high segmentation, where it is possible to define the display of ads based on interest, gender, age, relationship status, and profession.

3- Instagram Ads

With Instagram Ads, you can display video, single photo, or photo slideshow ads, including text. You can also advertise in the Instagram story and shop. This tool is connected with Facebook because they belong to the same group. This feature is excellent Because you can create common strategies for both channels.

As one of the most used social networks worldwide, advertising on Instagram benefits many entrepreneurs. You’ll have fantastic targeting and analytics tools and various features and formats to engage your audience.

4- YouTube Ads

YouTube ads can be great if your business produces video content. Users are now changing their data consumption habits, and most of their online access is done through videos. In addition, creating video content is a bait to attract users to your website to sell content and online courses.

YouTube Ads

5- LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is a platform used for professional communication and making contacts between B2B companies. However, if your audience is on LinkedIn, nothing prevents you from advertising on this platform.

It is important to emphasize that CPC pricing on this platform is usually higher than other options. But, if your audience is segmented and can be converted into customers by doing this, it may be worth investing in.

6- Taboola

Another option is Taboola, which brings users traffic from significant news portals and can reach millions of page views daily. This platform allows you to create campaigns displayed on important internet portals as content offers.

For example, suppose users access news websites to read news about possible changes to Social Security, and you are a labor attorney. In that case, readers can find your business ad immediately below the article. Users will be redirected to your page.

Investment and analysis

The fact that your brand is investing in paid traffic does not mean that your website will get more reach and users will not be part of your target audience. But this is another strategy that can be used to increase the reach of your business.

But remember that before investing, you need to plan, create content, have a responsive website, and think about your users’ experience to optimize these ads. After all, there’s no point in buying traffic if your users have nowhere to go.

In addition, you need to access data from existing campaigns and generate reports that determine whether the investments are worth it. That way, you will discover what worked and what could be improved. Did you enjoy this article? If you have any questions, let us know.


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