What is Click Advertising? Advantages and disadvantages of pay per click

What is Click Advertising? Advantages and disadvantages of pay per click

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Pay Per Click advertising is a new method that has enjoyed great popularity among web users and webmasters in recent years. This method allows advertisers to advertise their content or product on a wide area of the Internet. The cost of this type of advertising is paid only for each click on the banner or text.

Click advertising is a method of advertising. The advertiser must only pay if the ad is clicked and the visitor displays the link. Click ads are equivalent to (Pay Per Click) and (Cost Per Click); their abbreviations are PPC and CPC, respectively. This method is always in conflict with SEO.

Click advertising is divided into two general modes:

The first is that the advertiser is directly related to the publisher of the ad. After the necessary agreements, the ad is displayed on the publisher’s site, such as Google Ads.

The second case occurs when the advertising company displays its advertisement through advertising agencies that are affiliated with a large number of websites.

In both cases, the parties consider an amount as the price of each click. First, it is paid directly to the viewer after calculating the number of clicks. Second, the estimated amount is paid to the advertising agency. The agency pays the rest of the money to the exhibitor according to the contract and deduction of commission.

How to calculate the number of clicks

The viewer and the agency count the clicks based on the visitors’ IP and use scripts and web-based software. IPs are usually stored for a certain period (a few hours or a day). If you click again during this time, only one click counts.

Benefits of Click Advertising

This advertising method has positive points, some of which we will review in the following:

Benefits of Click Advertising

Time setting

You can activate your ads at certain times of the day. This setting can be selected in Google ads and advertising agency sites. So if it’s essential that users only see your ad at certain times of the day, you can use this method.


Another favorable option in this type of advertising is the ability to specify a location to display the ad. This way, it can be determined that your ad will be displayed only in certain cities and provinces.

Target point connection

In this method, you direct only interested customers to your product. Click marketing will drive interested customers to your business with the right keywords and textual goals. You might as well pay a lot for your ads without even one user coming to your site through the source site. But in click advertising, you only pay for people interested in your ad.

Flexible cost

Click advertising allows advertisers to tailor their advertising budget to their needs.

View inbound statistics

In the click advertising method, you only pay per click. You can see the exact statistics of visitors and your site’s entrance. Then make your macroeconomic decisions about online advertising based on them.

Disadvantages of Click Advertising

Disadvantages of Click Advertising

Now let’s examine the disadvantages and problems of this method of Internet advertising:

The higher cost of click advertising compared to other methods

In click advertising, the best method is advertising on Google (Google Ads). The ad rate is calculated as an auction, which means that the more a website costs. The more It can take a better position, and a site whose administrators do not intend to spend a lot will fail.

In this case, if you spend your money on ads on specific sites, your ad will indeed be seen 100% by users of those sites. While in the click advertising model, you pay per click, not the customer! So the sooner your clicks are done, the sooner your ad campaign will end, even if the clicks are inadequate.

No guarantee of results

Although click advertising can drive many visitors to your site, there is no guarantee that these visitors will become customers of your site.

In this case, if the ratio of the number of visitors to the site’s customers is low, your advertising campaign will fail, and your return on investment will be negative. Now, if we consider the possibility of unrealistic clicks, there may be a catastrophe for your advertising budget.

On the other hand, to have an effective advertising campaign, you must know about this type of advertising and how search engine algorithms like Google are constantly changing and updating. If you do not have enough knowledge, your return on investment may fall sharply.

displaying ads

An improper platform for displaying ads

Given that your ad may be displayed on many sites, some of these sites may use an inappropriate platform to show ads.

For example, there should be advertising in a place where the possibility of unwanted contact with users (especially on devices such as mobile phones and tablets) is very high. In this case, you will receive a lot of unwanted inputs.

Another example is displaying ads in places users ignore. In this case, the possibility of attracting customers is very low. Another way is when your ad is displayed on a site whose content does not match your identity and causes your brand to be discredited.

The possibility of fake clicks

The most crucial problem with click-through ads is that there is no guarantee that humans did the clicks. Let us illustrate this with an example:

Suppose the advertising agency tells you you can see a complete list of clicks in your user panel, including actual and unreal clicks. But the problem is that there are many ways to circumvent this statistic. If the ad agency is looking for ways to defraud, there is no way for you to prove it if there is a problem.

Extensive advertising agencies list advertising contracts with thousands of websites. There are also display websites that place ads within their site and receive a fee for each user click.

The advertising agency assumes a contract to charge the advertiser $ 2 per click. Of this amount, $ 1 will be allocated to the exhibitor, and $ 1 will be the agency’s share. The advertising agency may seek ways to circumvent the actual statistics to increase its revenue.

For example, it can display fewer clicks in the display panel than the actual number and the advertiser panel more than the exact number. If the number of clicks is 950, the agency can display 700 clicks for the display and 1000 clicks for the advertiser. In this case, too, there is no way to prove the dishonesty of the advertising agency.

Unrealistic clicks

In another case, it is possible that the clicks you receive as an advertiser were not made by site visitors and users and were done in one of the following ways:

  1. Viewers make clicks to increase revenue.
  2. When ad publishers use ways to encourage users to click.
  3. When the ad is in a place with a high possibility of unwanted clicks.
  4. Use tools that lead to automatic clicks or increase traffic.
  5. Use robots that can do this.
  6. Use any deceptive software.

The high volume of Advertising

Since click advertising in a combination of JavaScript code, animated images, and text are placed on the site, they occupy a vast volume of the advertiser site and cause slowdowns and, thus, dissatisfaction among many users. As well as search engines from the site.

On the other hand, because the information must be sent entirely from the server site every time the page is refreshed, any slowdown in the source will reduce the loading speed of the advertiser site. Slowing down the website is one of the harmful factors in internet business.


Advertising agencies sabotage publishers.

On the other hand, since advertisers register their sites in agencies that provide advertising services and receive click advertising codes, all responsibilities, such as click-through rate, revenue, And payment, depending on the advertising agency. In the case of sabotage, there is no guarantee for the advertiser site to get its due.

The agency can easily block the advertiser’s site and even delay the revenue payment for as long as it wants. However, in other advertising methods, the site administrator receives the desired amount and then displays the ad on his site.

Unprincipled Codes

Because each click-through server site uses a specific structure for ad codes, this structure may not be consistent with your site code and may even be considered evil by the W3C or the World Wide Web Consortium. The existence of problems and problems in coding in the site’s position in search engines such as Google has a negative impact. It causes a negative SEO for the site.

The final word

Using the click advertising method may increase your site traffic quickly. But that does not mean that the number of your customers will increase.

In this case, even if we ignore the percentage of unrealistic clicks, you still only pay for the people for whom your ad was attractive, not the customers who came to your site through these ads. Your site will not be stable in the market due to advertising instability at a specific time and place.

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