The cheapest way to drive traffic to a website

The cheapest way to drive traffic to a website

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There are several critical solutions to get your site up and running on Google. In the following, we will introduce the best practical and principled methods. We suggest using and executing several ways simultaneously.

Increasing the speed of your site is one of the most critical issues in the success of your internet business. In fact, all the routes that increase sales and service demand are directly related to site traffic. The more traffic the site has, the more people have entered the website to buy or view the product. Increasing site traffic depends on your strategy to get users to purchase from you or not. This article introduces and reviews the most critical factors in increasing site traffic. Finally, implement appropriate and practical methods for your site. Follow this article.

What is site traffic?

Site traffic means the number of people who enter the site and visit it. The more contacts you have, the more likely you will become a customer or a loyal customer. Ultimately, increasing the number of customers will increase profits and revenue. So it can be said that increasing the site traffic of different businesses is one of its important problems. There are several ways to solve this problem and attract the audience, which are:

  1. View and review problems and needs
  2. Understand the issue and review the changes that need to be made.
  3. Search to find the right solution.
  4. Find a solution
  5. Select an accelerator to execute solutions quickly. In general, the need for online businesses is to increase revenue and brand. In the continuation of this process, strategies should be implemented to increase the credibility and satisfaction of users. In the continuation of this process, plans should be implemented to increase the credibility and satisfaction of users.

10 Ways to Increase Site Traffic

There are several critical solutions to get your site up and running on Google. In the following, we will introduce the best practical and principled methods. We suggest using and executing several ways simultaneously. If you have just started your business you do not know the users; the best course of action is to implement several methods of site traffic in a combined and simultaneous manner.

The best free advertising methods

One of the oldest methods of introducing products, which was used even when the Internet was unavailable, is advertising. From the past until now, various methods to attract the audience through word of mouth, posters, banners, and word-of-mouth marketing have been popular. But today, the way of advertising has changed. Advertising in digital marketing is divided into two categories: paid advertising and free advertising. Each of these methods has different advantages and disadvantages. Also, their adequate time is different from each other. The 3 modes of paid advertising to increase site traffic are as follows:

The best free advertising methods

1- Long-term advertising

One of the types of advertising that small companies usually do; Advertising is long-term. In this type of advertising, the site administrator or company will publish your ads on its site for a month or more. But it does not guarantee that your site clicks will increase.

2- Click Advertising (PPC: pay per click):

One of the best advertising methods is click-through advertising. You only pay the advertiser when your ad is clicked in this method. But if the ad is not seen and no one reacts, you will not pay. This method is suitable for store sites and product delivery. This method includes banner ads, matched ads, and push notifications.

3- Display Advertising (PPI): (Pay Per Impression)

In this method, you have to pay a fee whether the user enters the site or not, unlike click-through ads. The difference is that the advertising company guarantees that your ads will get 5000 views. Video ads are a subset of this type of ad. This method is suitable for launching advertising and branding campaigns due to high traffic.

Free advertising methods

If you do not have enough money to pay for paid advertising, run the free advertising method. In this method, the focus is on attracting the audience organically. There are many ways to advertise in cyberspace that you can run for free. To implement these methods, you need to be more active in branding yourself. Free advertising methods include.

1- Create the content on Social Media

The first and best way to increase site traffic is to work on social media and create content. Content creation on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest has several unique advantages for different industries. The most important benefits are:

  • Ability to introduce businesses, partners, and products in simple language to contacts.
  • Possibility to increase the target community.
  • Different receipts from users and the ability to anise and target them.

Create the content on Social Media

2- Email Marketing

One of the most powerful tools that, even with moderate performance, has a significant effect on increasing site traffic is email marketing. In this method, you must observe moderation. If you run email bombardment for users, they will get bored of your business. If you run email bombardment for users, they will get bored of your business. In fact, You should encourage them to enter the site by creating a friendly relationship and introducing products or services in an email.

3- Guest post

You can publish one or more posts on reputable sites and forums to increase site traffic. By doing this, your brand will fall on the tongues. It also makes your users and audience know you as an expert. Write short or long articles depending on your area of ​​business. Then, in the section about the author, write a brief description of yourself, your business, and the site link. When producing content, you should pay attention to the types of content of news sites, regular magazines, etc. The advantage of making content and writing articles this way also increases traffic; users will also recognize you as an expert in a field. As a result, the likelihood of ordering or purchasing from sites increases. Also, Other sites may republish your articles and create free credit for you.

4- Exchange links and ads

One practical and successful way to attract new audiences is to exchange links or advertise with other sites. In this method, you should be careful not to exchange links or advertisements with competitors’ sites. Instead, it is recommended that you work with websites in the related field. You must be very careful to choose reputable sites to select websites. It is recommended to choose sites that rank higher than your site. In the ad exchange method, the exchange is based on a banner on the site.

The second method: site optimization and SEO

Today, SEO is the most important and best way to increase site traffic and traffic. In fact, the faster the site is displayed to users, the more traffic will increase. According to surveys, more than 70% of users click on links 1 to 3. Site optimization means that the audience receives whatever they want. This means that some sites may need more text, some may need video, and so on. Also, the site’s loading speed must be high to satisfy some users. In general, SEO has several stages. In the following, we will introduce the critical and necessary steps.

2 reasons for choosing the right host and domain

Powerful hosting supports the process of increasing site traffic. The site traffic will increase by purchasing a solid and reputable host or outsourcing it to reputed sites. Providing a host with the right volume and support has a significant impact on increasing traffic to the site. But if the hosting is weak, it will significantly reduce the site traffic. If the site loads slowly, user satisfaction will decrease, leaving the website. Then they go to the competitors’ sites.

host and domain

Increase site traffic by providing a suitable domain

The first step and the main prerequisite is increasing the domain site traffic. The right domain is the domain that is concise and expressive of your business. It should also be such that users can easily remember it.

3 golden ways to generate content to rise in Google

Without content, there is virtually nothing you can do to increase traffic. In fact, the basis of site optimization is based on content production.

Content creation forces Google to increase traffic

The main goal of various search engines, including Yahoo, Bing, and Google, is to increase user satisfaction. They are looking for content that the user is looking for exactly. Google uses crawling sites to find relevant content with bots around the web. The robots then start crawling on the sites and ranking them. But for this, the textual content has a higher priority. Because images and videos are incomprehensible to Google. To produce content, you need to follow a few essential steps:

1- Choose engaging and relevant titles

More than 90% of users see the title of a page first and read the rest of the text if it is interesting. That’s why Google prioritizes such a trend.

2- Do not write long paragraphs

Reading long paragraphs is not enjoyable and tedious for all users. Write the content concisely and helpfully and in several sections. Divide longer content into several paragraphs using subheadings so the user can relax.

Content creation

3- Observance of writing rules:

Google usually does not understand the rules of writing in Persian. But because the goal is to increase user satisfaction, you need to make them feel better by following writing rules. The audience leaves the site after seeing several misspellings. This is contrary to the principle of user satisfaction.

Produce audio content (podcast)

One method that has become popular in recent years is audio content production. This solution is a popular way to convey content, training materials, and courses. You can start producing audio content according to users’ interests for this solution.

Generate visual content

One of the most beautiful parts of content production is visual content, including infographics and videos. The production of visual content has the largest audience. In this type of content, much information can be received.

Design the best website in just 4 steps

The most crucial part of site optimization is the design of the site pages. In site design, follow the steps below to increase traffic.

1- Responsive compatibility and design

In designing the site, you should note that your site is compatible with any browser or device. In this case, all pages are displayed correctly. Google gives more credibility to such pages.

Design the best website


2- Appropriate user interface design (UI Design)

The user interface is what the user sees and uses. Fonts, colors, buttons, etc., are part of the user interface design. The better the invention, the more contacts there are.

3- Improve user experience (UX Design)

User experience refers to the occasion and feeling the user has when interacting with different parts of the company’s products and services. This service includes how the user interacts with the details of your website.

4- Modify the URL of the pages

Do not write long, irrelevant URLs to the subject of your pages. Writing short addresses will make it easier to remember and better manage and analyze.


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