What are the reasons for increasing website traffic?

What are the reasons for increasing website traffic?

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After launching the site and setting up various pages, it is essential to be seen. The main concern of all web admins and those who manage internet businesses is to increase website traffic. In this article, we will talk about the needs and benefits of increasing your website traffic.

You can earn good income for your business by increasing website traffic. That’s why it doesn’t matter which area of the internet you work in. Whatever your activity in the internet space is, you must have visitors for your website to succeed in the field of competition with your competitors and achieve your desired goals.

Your website is seen by the side activities, products and services you offer. With these interpretations, you should increase website traffic and website visits naturally. The effort of every online business is to be seen and attract new audiences and users to raise it with different methods of visiting the website and traffic. Finally, the profit from the business will also increase.

This issue is significant for store websites and those with a large number of their audience online or who can provide services collectively and nationwide.

To increase website traffic, many web admins plan to increase their visitors using paid advertisements such as Google Ads. Using such methods will only be effective for a short period. But note that the organic methods done only from the principles and rules of Google will have a better and more stable result.

The need to increase website traffic

You won’t make any money if you don’t have visitors to your website. If you can’t earn money, your website’s activity will be completely disrupted, and you won’t be able to continue your activity, and you will have to accept failure readily. This article addresses the necessity of increasing website traffic and the actions you can take to achieve your goals.

Increasing website traffic makes you more prevalent among people and the Google search engine. Increasing Google traffic is one of the most critical factors for the success of your website. Because the higher your popularity, the more income you will earn. Note that your website is an online resume that introduces your products and services 24 hours a day.

If you are potent in increasing website traffic and having more visitors, you will have an easier time selling your products and services. Increasing SEO website visits can be the last chance to earn money and return to the field of competition with your competitors.

It should be said that many people start a website to earn millions. But as soon as they start their activity, they face many problems. Issues such as not having the necessary skills and abilities related to content production, SEO and website optimization, increasing website traffic, creating backlinks, using social networks and many other issues are the problems these people are involved with.

Therefore, you should know that if you do not make a serious decision to develop your skills and abilities right now, you will not be able to overcome such problems and manage your website well.

In such a situation, you will gradually abandon your website to become a graveyard of weak and copied content with no visitors. But suppose you are one of those who have enough commitment to your business. In that case, you should take adequate steps to increase your website’s traffic to improve your site’s ranking and gradually move closer to the top of Google search engines.

Knowing the benefits, you get through increasing site traffic can help you greatly in this field.

Increase visits or conversion rates

Increase visits or conversion rates?

Assuming that you have implemented all the basic, standard, and organic ways to increase traffic, you have concluded that your site will be included in the initial results of Google. The second important step is how many of these visitors are actual customers or visitors. How many of these visitors become customers?

In digital marketing, conversion rate refers to the conversion rate of users and visitors who become customers.

That’s why you should focus on increasing customers, not just visitors. One of the best ways to convert visitors into customers is to directly ask the audience to place an order through internet advertising and landing page design.

Don’t underestimate users.

The importance of website traffic is that it will also increase conversion rates. Users who found your products and services through Google search and entered the website organically and without paid Google ads; Compared to when users see the ad symbol next to the website address during the investigation and then click on the link, the conversion rate will be different. Users know that when Google displays the site to users naturally, it shows quality, quality and has many buyers and users. As a result, they trust you and the conversion rate increases.

increasing website traffic mean

What does increasing website traffic mean?

Before introducing and teaching how to increase traffic visits, we must understand what increasing website traffic means.

In simple words, site visits or traffic means the number of visitors and users who enter the site. Each user entry means one visit.

Another critical point for ranking the site is not that the user is on the site only once or even for several seconds. Still, visitors who are on the site for several minutes and see different site pages are essential. After you start providing standard and practical solutions to increase website traffic, the important thing is to focus on the quality of the site, not just its quantity.

Having authentic and loyal visitors is a sufficient and necessary condition for success.

What are the advantages and benefits of increasing website traffic for websites?

In the following, we intend to describe the benefits of increased website traffic for you briefly:

  • Increasing the traffic of a website increases its income.
  • Increasing traffic will bring you closer to the top of Google’s search engine results.
  • Having more visitors to the website means having more popularity from Google’s point of view.
  • The more visitors you get to your site, the more money you will earn.
  • The more visitors you can drive to your website, the faster you can become a brand.
  • Your site visitors can introduce your business to others like a free marketer, and in this way, you can attract more people to you.
  • Attracting more customers and more visitors has a significant impact on SEO and website optimization.
  • More visitors to your website means a lower bounce rate of users from the website.

source of the increased traffic

Knowing the source of the increased traffic is essential.

A successful and knowledgeable business manager must know all the channels that enter the site well. Strengthen these channels and encourage them to join the website with a better process and speed. For this, the best method is to use Google Search Console. By checking your site this way, you can easily find out which visitors have entered the site directly and which ones have entered the website indirectly. How many minutes have they stayed on the site, and how many per cent have left it?

Some audiences entered the site only by joining the site’s primary address, and others by searching in browsers and at the suggestion of Google. According to many accurate and correct types of research, the number of indirect inputs is more than the direct incoming traffic, and the focus should be on the first hand.

The most important things related to the most visits in internet marketing are as follows:

Organic visits

Visits that come directly through search results pages or page visits that are placed through users’ clicks on a link related to your site in unnatural sources are called natural or organic traffic. When a user searches for a word in Google and your site is displayed as one of the search results, and the user clicks on your site’s link, this visit is natural.

Organic visits - seovisitor

Referral visit

When the link of one of the pages of your site is placed on another site as a reference link, and users click on that link, it means that your site has had a natural visit or a so-called referral visit. Compared to other non-organic visits, these visits will result in a better ranking from Google because only in such situations will Google realize that users have entered your site only because of good content.

Click Ads Visits (Search Engine Ads)

The opposite of organic and referral visits is click ads. This type of advertising is called (CPC: Cost Per Click). In this method, for the advertisements placed on your site, it is necessary to establish a certain fee for a specific time. With this type of advertising, your site will be exposed to users for some time, and they will enter the site.

Click Ads Visits

Affiliate Marketing visits

With this type of visit and increased traffic, every site visit can be provided by any service provider.

Display Traffic visits

In this type of advertising, your site is exposed to various sources and vast social networks. Compared to click ads, this ad does not bring a lot of visits to the site, and the advertisement for your site is only displayed to the audience that enters the advertising sites.

Display Traffic visits

Social media visits

Social networks have more users and audiences due to their faster and easier access and are the best advertising method. Using social networks, businesses can introduce their products and services. Such visits can also be identified through the Google search console, and you can get a good stay at a relatively small cost.

Email visits

One of the other sure ways to increase site visits is to send site links to the emails of visitors who have done related searches. For this purpose, you can encourage users to click on your site’s links through copywriting text.


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