Increase organic traffic with Google Search Console

Increase traffic using Google Search Console

There are many ways to increase Google traffic using Google Search Console. These solutions will increase day by day with new updates to the Search Console. Here are some of these solutions.

1- Submit your website to Google Search Console.

The first thing you need to do to increase Google traffic is to register your site with Google Webmaster Tools. However, you need to submit a website to Google to receive input from Google and optimize your website. If you have not yet registered your site with Google, you should know that you have not yet entered the world of web and online businesses. Therefore, it is necessary to register your website on Google as soon as possible.

2- Create your site map.

When you first enter a city, you can use the map of that city to identify all the places in the city. The sitemap does the same thing with Google bots. Through the sitemap, Google bots will be able to check the paths of a website and become more familiar with that website. So it is better to prepare your website map as soon as possible.

3- Select the location and language of your website.

One of the topics that most SEO and site optimization experts hide as a secret (although this is one of the basic principles of SEO) is the issue of choosing the geographical location of a website. You need to let Google know which countries are most likely to see your website in search results. To do this, you must enter the Google Console search and select your country and language. The important point is that if your domain extension is .us, you do not need to select a country. This shows the superiority of US domains over other SEO extensions in the United States. If you have .com and domains, if you complete this section, your SEO will be practically no different from the US domain. Note that if you do not pay attention to the setting of this section, those competitors who have a US domain will snatch the ball from you.

Select the location and language

4- Use Rich Snippet.

Rich snippets are used to increase Google traffic as well as increase the site’s CTR. Methods such as starring the content of the website in Google or displaying the user path on the website are among the methods of using Rich Snippets. Doing so will cause the user to click on your website results in a Google search.

5- Use proprietary content for your website.

The content used on a site and its quality are of particular importance to Google. Therefore, to increase organic traffic to your site, it is important to avoid copying the content of other sites separately and use only specific content for your website.

6- Use the advertising system on Google.

Google AdWords is a feature that allows you to place your site in the top Google results by paying per click and increase site traffic.

Concluding remarks

The above were some of the solutions that are useful and effective in increasing Google traffic and improving the position of a site in Google. But in addition to these, more solutions can be learned in conjunction with the new Google Console search updates, and thus take steps to improve Google traffic.

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