Improve SEO by increasing traffic

Improve SEO by increasing traffic

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In this article, we are going to examine the improvement of site SEO by increasing traffic. Stay with us until the end.

One of the essential site ranking factors in Google is site traffic. On average, there are about 12 billion web searches in the United States. This number is not negligible at all. Since about seventy percent of these figures are dedicated to organic search and natural users; Using SEO principles, you can improve the SEO of your site. In this article, we are going to examine the improvement of site SEO by increasing traffic. Stay with us until the end.

Impact of website traffic on SEO

Does your website not get good search results? Is your current traffic rank low? You are not alone! There are millions of other websites trying to get on the first page of Google results, and of course, not all of them will succeed.

Why the front page? It’s clear! 93% of Internet experiences start with search engines. Thirty-three percent of the top results are on the first page of Google, and the rest are on the following pages. Although frustrating, it’s good to know; More than seventy-five percent of all visitors do not go to the second page at all. So if you want to increase your chances of being seen; You should think about strengthening the parameters that can be effective in improving the SEO of the site. One of these parameters is the increase in traffic.

Site traffic can be a powerful arm to enhance your site position. The websites that appear on the first page of Google have not reached this position by chance! There is a conscious and purposeful effort behind this success.

The fundamental question is how we can increase the ranking of a site by increasing site traffic. In the following, we will explain the answer to this question.

What is website traffic?

One of the indicators for measuring the popularity of a website is the website traffic rate. Naturally, the more active visitors a website has, the more; The popularity of that website is higher. This statistic proves to Google that you have an efficient and popular site; So you deserve to be promoted and rewarded.

Of course, you know that you can increase site traffic by paying and using paid advertising methods. But this method is not the only method and the most effective method in increasing site traffic and improving site SEO. Natural traffic’s effect on your site SEO is thirteen times more than the traffic you get for a fee. In addition, natural traffic can invite more targeted users to your website space.

In any case, whether you use natural traffic or you use the method of increasing traffic by paying a fee; This is only half the battle to improve your site. The main goal will be to maintain the generated traffic and improve it in the long run.

Website traffic measurement


Website traffic measurement

Before we get into ways to improve your site’s SEO by increasing traffic; We need to make sure that you track your activities properly. To measure website traffic and follow the marketing done on your website, you need to install these three tools first.

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • AMP Analytics

After installing three tools; With help, measure statistics of the number of users who enter your site, the time spent by users on your site, and the type of activity on their site. And This report will be a beacon for you to continue.

Ways to increase website traffic

Increasing website traffic is done in various ways. In this article, we will give a brief description of them.

Improve SEO

Observing and applying SEO principles is the most important and efficient way to increase site traffic. With SEO, you can achieve a natural and stable statistic of increasing site traffic. Of course, WHAT should note is that SEO is not an instant activity, and it takes time. However, the effects are so significant that it is worth the time and effort. You need an experienced SEO expert to do this.

Do not forget that increasing site traffic with SEO will be thirteen times more effective than advertising. It is your decision! All of the following options are somehow related to SEO.

Improve SEO


Paid advertising

As explained above; Paid advertising is one of the most common ways to increase site traffic. You can attract a lot of traffic to your site by using paid ads. Of course, this method also has its complexities.

If you do not want to waste your money, what should target the direction of your advertising? We ask that you install three tools before doing anything. Using these tools, you can assess which pages users are referring to your page from. If these pages do not match your page, they will not attract the target audience. So all you have to do is increase site traffic; It will be useless.

Guest blogging

Another principled way to increase site traffic is guest blogging. If you can convince a professional blog related to your business to include your guest in the blogging section; You help improve your site traffic. Of course, this process is not very easy. However, it has an effect; It will be precious.

Advertising on social networks

Several platforms can help you increase site traffic. One of them is Instagram. If you can use the features of this platform for your purposes; You have taken over the arena of competition. Advertising on Instagram is done through hashtags and interaction with other users.

Another effective social network is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a popular and, of course, reputable network. If you can create purposeful and robust content; Increasing your site traffic will be decisive. For this, do not neglect the impact of keywords on attracting potential audiences.

email marketing

One of the most effective marketing tools in the digital world is email marketing. This method is a double-edged sword! If you do not know how to use it correctly, it will destroy your brand image. What should identify potential audiences in email marketing, and then what should email marketing be based on the audience’s interest?

Improve SEO

Use YouTube videos

YouTube is the world’s second most popular site after Google. If you can produce the right video content for this space; You attract a lot of audience to your site. Of course, because YouTube is filtered in Iran, you can invest in the Aparat space.


The webinar is a robust platform that can play a role in generating fast revenue in addition to increasing site traffic. Just follow the correct formula!

Use Tripwire method

The term Tripwires was first coined by Perry Belcher, co-founder of Digital Marketer. This method is most used on in-store sites. Using this method, we introduce our cheapest product at the beginning of the user entering the area. Then, by attracting the user to the site, the more expensive goods are displayed step-by-step.

Provide a tempting offer!

To attract more visitors to your site; You need to be more attractive than your competitors. Providing a tempting offer can be a solution. For example, on store sites, you can offer free shipping services. Accessible service is very effective in increasing the motivation of users to buy.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing means marketing through influential people on social media. You can pay for your ads through these people and increase your site visitors.

Update old content

Google is interested in efficient and long-lasting content. If you want to get more traffic; Do not neglect the power of content production. One way to improve your site’s SEO is to update old content. That can drive a lot of traffic to your site.

Production of infographics

Generating infographics related to your site activities can be effective in increasing site traffic and attracting users. To do this, you need the help of professional designers and graphic designers.

Increase the loading speed of the website


Increase the loading speed of the website

Another parameter of improving the SEO of the site is increasing the loading speed of the website. That will affect the user retention rate on your site. For this purpose, you should entrust your site hosting to a quality content production network. Optimization of site photos and practical tools in loading speed can be effective in increasing site traffic.

The last word

Improving site traffic, if done morally and correctly, can not happen overnight. However, the durability of the results is much higher than other methods. You can help increase site traffic and thus attract more audiences by improving your website’s SEO. That will also increase your reputation on Google.

The ultimate goal of SEO is to help improve the site’s ranking in the SERP. To do this, we need to create credible links, get unique referral domains, and minimize bounce rates are also goals of SEO strategy. In this article, we examined the improvement of site SEO by increasing traffic and described some traffic methods. We hope that reading this article has been helpful to you.


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