Impact of domain name on-page SEO

Impact of domain name on-page SEO

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Choosing the right domain name is the first and most crucial step in creating a professional website. In the meantime, the impact of a domain name on-site SEO is one of the options discussed among webmasters. In this article, we intend to address this issue.

Selecting a domain name is the first step to entering an online business. Choosing the right domain name is one of the most vital things that can impact your brand and position. A domain name can be your brand name or inspired by your business. However, any domain name may not suit your business, and we must follow certain principles. The domain name on-page SEO effect is a topic we want to address in this article.

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One of the effects of the domain on SEO is its smart choice. A good domain name can affect the SEO site and stay in the user’s memory. Suppose you have a site for catalog printing. This time, we do not look at SEO. Suppose you want to search on Google. Tell me which of these two sites you click on, “” or “”. You certainly click on whichever is the same as your goal. So, it is clear that the more the domain name is related to your business, the more traffic it will have.

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Types of domains in terms of suffixes

Millions of domains on the Internet today have different suffixes. Like “.com” or “.net”

There is also a suffix name for each country. For example, it is “.uk” for the United Kingdom. There is also another category that is specific to organs and organizations. Like the corporate site, which is “.org.”

Every Internet domain generally consists of two parts: domain and suffix. For example, in “,” the words “site” domain and “.com” are its suffixes. The domain name is significant, but it should also be considered adequate.

Some of the most commonly used domain suffixes

This section will familiarize us with some of the most commonly used domain suffixes.

domain suffixes

“.com” suffix

Undoubtedly, you have heard the “.com” suffix more. This phrase is the most common type of skirt and stands for Commercial, meaning Commercial. If your site is looking to introduce products and services or any other business activity, use the “.com” suffix.

“.net” suffix

It stands for network and, as its name implies, is used for businesses that provide services online.

“.org” suffix

This suffix is mainly used for non-commercial websites. This suffix stands for Non-Profit Organization. A non-profit organization with no business purpose, such as an environmental or humanitarian organization.

“.gov” suffix

It stands for Government. As a result, most government sites choose the “.gov” suffix for their site.

domain suffixes

“.biz” suffix

The name of this abbreviated suffix is business. As the lexical meaning of this suffix suggests, it is used for commercial companies operating in e-commerce.

“.int” suffix

This type of suffix is generally used to register international sites. Stands for International.

The “.info” suffix

This type of suffix in almost all fields means entering information from the dictionary and stands for knowledge. This type of suffix is generally used for sites that seek to provide specific details.

“.edu” suffix

This suffix stands for Education and is generally used for sites with educational content.

The best domain name and SEO

The best domain name and SEO

There are many things to consider when choosing a domain name. Because a domain name is not something you can easily change if you make a mistake when selecting it. On the other hand, all the effort you put into the previous domain will be lost in credibility and SEO. So, it is better to consider the essential points in choosing your domain name from the beginning. Here are some of them:

Choose a memorable domain name

Keep your domain name short and easy to type, remember, and say. This is great for word of mouth because users must visit the domain directly. Psychological processing is a cognitive deviation that tells us to communicate better with things we are familiar with and comfortable with. Therefore, for the domain name, do not use expressions that include non-standard numbers or words or phrases that are longer than 15 letters.

Use keywords

Use keywords representing your business as much as possible in your domain name. But avoid domains that use too many keywords. Using keywords significantly impacts the site ranking, but when used too much, the user sees unprofessional and low-quality content.

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Don’t use dashes as much as possible

If your domain name is two words, you may want to separate the two words with just a dash. But keep in mind that dashlines are associated with spam activity. For this purpose, if required, use a maximum of one dash line.

high-level domains except

Don’t use high-level domains except “.com”

If the “.com” domain was not available at the time of registration, use the “.net” it “.co” domain name to be better known. SEO experts also emphasize that lesser-known domains such as “.biz” or “.name” are not used as much as possible because they look weird and are less trusted by people.

Use the subdomain to replace the subdomain

Search engines look for different factors for domains than subdomains. For this reason, the content in the subdomains is evaluated differently from the subfolders.

You are not valuing the life of the domain

The idea that a domain name was registered several years ago does not affect SEO value. Also, when asked by a Google expert about domain life, He replied that domain life has no impact on rankings, and the only thing that matters is when Google and internal links last listed the site.

Domain transfer

Suppose a web admin needs to move to a domain. In that case, there are many factors to consider, Like changing the page layout so that the subfolders and content pages are linked to the corresponding subfolders and content pages in the new domain. As a result, all pages from one domain name to another should be redirected to avoid damaging the SEO.

Be futuristic in choosing a domain name

Like any other online business, you need a long-term plan. However, your work may not go according to plan, and you may have to make changes. For example, suppose you are going to start a TV sales site. The names where the word TV is used are attractive, but you have to think that you may have to sell products other than TV in the future. In this case, this name can not be an attractive option.

The domain name should not have different written forms

The domain name should not have different written forms

In this case, it should be said that you can report it from several models. For example: “,” “,” and “”. All three of these are valid and greatly help optimize your site. Of course, this will help your site be visited, but it can be ignored if necessary.


We conclude that better site SEO is also essential, but do not take this issue so seriously that you must hide your name and logo behind your job. For example, you can skip this method when choosing your company name as a domain name. But if you have not selected your company name to get a better result in the search engine, it is better to find a more relevant name. Because the more your domain name is related to the job, the more wind and traffic you will have, and as a result, it will have a higher ranking.

You can buy website traffic and expand brand awareness, reach a larger audience, generate more leads, and ultimately drive higher conversions and sales for a business’s success.

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