Hummingbird algorithm: what you need to know

Hummingbird algorithm: what you need to know

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In this article, we will introduce the Google hummingbird algorithm and check how we can optimize your site based on this algorithm.

Sufficient knowledge in the field of Google search algorithms is vital for any person who intends to work in SEO. All website managers, regardless of their website type, want to sell more products or provide better services through more visitors and increasing website traffic. In this article, we will learn more about Google’s hummingbird algorithm.

What is Google’s hummingbird algorithm?

Google’s hummingbird algorithm was introduced by this company on August 20, 2013, at the same time as the 15th anniversary of the founding of Google. But how does this algorithm work? The hummingbird algorithm is a new algorithm that users will get more accurate and better results when searching. Speed and, at the same time, accuracy is one of the essential features of this algorithm, and since Google’s goal was to find an algorithm that would achieve speed and accuracy when searching, it created this algorithm.

Searching with Google’s hummingbird algorithm is based on the meaning and meaning of phrases. In this way, it first finds a synonym for the desired word, then searches through it and provides the best results to the user. For example, search for the title “car price” in Google.

It uses the word “rate, value, price” for the price and the term “car” for the car. Then the results provided to the user are links to pages whose content will be about the vehicle’s cost and the searched results. But before this algorithm came, Google used to search for words and phrases entered separately.

For example, if we searched for the word “car,” Google would display pages whose content was about “car.” Now, Google emphasizes the meaning and concept of the search term and the keyword itself. While this algorithm shows you the closest and most accurate results, it also penalizes pages that use the desired keyword excessively and whose content has no meaning.

Google’s hummingbird algorithm directly affects the website’s SEO. As said, this algorithm pays a lot of attention to the concept and quality of your content and how much it has attracted users’ attention. Therefore, it has a significant impact on the website’s SEO.

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Google’s accuracy, speed, and understanding have improved after the hummingbird search algorithm.

Now, to learn more about how the Google hummingbird algorithm works, it is necessary to introduce two of Google’s search facilities: knowledge graph and semantic search.

Knowledge graph and semantic search

Knowledge graph and semantic search

A year before the introduction of the hummingbird algorithm, Google Graphs produced its knowledge. This knowledge graph was part of the new SERP (search results page) facility, which aimed to provide quick and accurate answers to users. An example is when you search for a person’s name on Google, a window will appear on the right side, containing information about his personal life, such as his birthdate, residence, wife, and children.

And how does Google determine that these results correspond to the primary desires of users?

To answer this question, we need to understand the concept of semantic search.

With semantic search, it is possible to provide search results beyond the meaning of one word to the users. As previously mentioned, this search pays attention to the purpose and content of the words. Google is continuously increasing the efficiency of semantic search. According to Google, it needs tools such as semantic search to understand better the natural world and the harmony between them. The hummingbird algorithm served this purpose.

Hummingbird Algorithm and Voice Search

Hummingbird Algorithm and Voice Search

With this algorithm, Google could use voice search technology to understand voice concepts and search for user questions. For example, “Where is the nearest hospital to me?” or “Where is the most famous hotel?”

The difference between the hummingbird algorithm and the panda and penguin algorithms

The Penguin search algorithm is a set of parameters and factors that Google uses to identify and deal with websites that use improper methods such as massive and unnatural linking or excessive use of keywords on their page. They use it to rank their website higher in Google searches.

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The Panda algorithm also monitors the quality of content produced on the website; in fact, the task of this algorithm is to check copied content, shortened content, duplicate and worthless pages, and websites with higher content quality that follow Google’s rules. Select and delete invalid websites. But the hummingbird algorithm, unlike these two algorithms, focuses on the optimization and analysis of the user’s search terms and, by doing so, provides the best results to the user.

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Now, the question is, do other algorithms have no value after using this?

This algorithm works independently and is a complementary algorithm; the other algorithms also work independently and do not cause any problems in the work of the rest of the algorithms.

A brief explanation of the hummingbird algorithm name

A brief explanation of the hummingbird algorithm name

This algorithm is named after the hummingbird because this bird is very accurate and has a high speed. These two factors always conflict with each other in today’s intelligent systems. The hummingbird is the smallest bird in the world, and its wings beat 70 times per second. In such a way, we will not be able to see its wings flapping with our eyes, and during the dive, its wings collide 200 times per second. This bird can fly at a speed of 30 miles per hour and has the power to stay in one place during flight or even go backward.

As a result, technology that can only understand every phrase is not an excellent way to reach users’ goals and cannot guarantee and guarantee results. Tools like semantic search and hummingbird algorithm were designed and developed for more reliable and effective performance. Website owners no longer need to prioritize their page titles or text with keywords because this algorithm understands the search terms and website content and harmonizes the concepts to provide the best search results for the user. And for the first time, Google achieved voice search technology.

You can buy website traffic to achieve comprehensive keyword analysis, create valuable content around those keywords, and optimize on-page SEO elements to improve search engine rankings.

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