Google pigeon algorithm training

Google pigeon algorithm training

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After we reviewed the three important Google algorithms named Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird in the previous articles, this time, it is the turn of another one of the most crucial search algorithms, the Pigeon algorithm.

The Google search engine ranks websites using standard algorithms such as Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Pigeon, etc. Despite the inner desire of SEO experts and website managers, familiarity with Google search engine algorithms and knowing how these algorithms work significantly impact observing and eliminating defects that inadvertently cause the website’s ranking to drop.

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In the early days of Google’s algorithms introduction, marketers who had set up a website could bypass these algorithms and use a destructive method called black hat SEO, or using meta tags of keywords to increase rank your website. Of course, these methods had the opposite effect.

Before, Google’s algorithms rarely changed, and if a website changed and found a good position, it remained there for a long time.

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Knowing how the pigeon algorithm works and what its tasks are

Since the Google search engine seems interested in animals, it introduced its new algorithm in 2014 with Pigeon, which initially affected English-language websites. By applying this algorithm, the website’s ranking suffered and changed. To understand this algorithm, let us enter the discussion through an example.

Have you noticed the results Google shows you when you’ve been looking for a restaurant, store, or hospital in different cities? Have you seen the difference in searching in various cities and places? The result of these different results is the application and activity of the pigeon algorithm, which has done its job correctly.

We can say that the attention and focus of search engine algorithms are on the needs and search of the user and, in a way, user-oriented so that the search results are valid and usable for the user. Google’s pigeon algorithm interests Local SEO, which changes and displays the results according to the user’s search.

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Another substantial effect of this algorithm has been introducing businesses and their improvement. Registering the website in Google gives your website a higher chance of ranking in Google results.

The pigeon search algorithm uses methods such as the automatic completion of words and sentences and correction of terms accidentally entered by the user and is regularly updated and improved.


Google Pigeon algorithm impact on businesses

Google Pigeon algorithm impact on businesses

The requirement for success and progress and earning money after starting any business in any field and industry is interaction and communication with customers and users and meeting their needs in the virtual world and the physical place. In the world of online businesses, it is one of the factors influencing the progress of website launch and website registration in Google Maps because the potential for business development increases with the activity of the pigeon algorithm.

The Google search engine can estimate and measure the user’s location using the pigeon algorithm and sort and display the results accordingly because of the small search radius and the Google robot crawling a small area. By limiting the search, Google can personalize the results for the user and emphasize Google’s importance to the user.

Have you ever noticed different results in different time frames?

After launching and passing several weeks, Google conducted A/B tests on this algorithm’s performance. Based on this test, the results that were useful for the user and the user clicked on it were analyzed and checked. Then the results of displaying websites by Google were different after some time.

The result of applying the pigeon algorithm to websites

After research and surveys conducted through website analysis, we have come across a fantastic result:

Google’s algorithm shows Google results according to the user’s geographic location, but what is the reason for the decrease in clicks on the website, which is the same as the decrease in website entries and traffic?

As discussed in the article, with the sharia activity of the pigeon algorithm, the results are personalized and user-oriented, which indicates more relevant results. As a result, the user and website visitor become customers. Converting a user into a customer brings a result called CRO or increasing the conversion rate.

Increasing the conversion rate and increasing the user’s retention time on the website are two critical parameters that significantly impact the website’s ranking and are essential for Google. Since the user intends to order a product or get a service online or offline after searching about a place, providing correct and accurate results increases the user, and for the company, restaurant, hospital, Coffee shops, and even online stores will be helpful.

Furthermore, the pigeon algorithm has significantly impacted the growth of businesses that were aware of its performance and changed the display results of the websites. They have boosted their work by applying the website map and introducing it to Google.

Algorithm and trade of the pigeon-friendly way

Algorithm and trade of the pigeon-friendly way

The following methods can help businesses to benefit and increase profits and even sales:

Focus on introducing and registering the website in Google Maps

Due to the importance of the pigeon algorithm to local search, you can write the website address in the following way:

Google Map is a product of Google company, which allows the introduction and approval of the industry with Google My Business, which is as follows: There is a Google map for business location design according to predetermined forms. You have to enter and save the address, the name of the desired location (title), and the characteristics of the selected location. Google should confirm and register your area within a few days.

Making backlinks

Multiplicity in different businesses and fields is natural and inevitable. Therefore, recognizing the company online and promoting and introducing each industry through the website is one of the modern methods that impact. It increases profits and sales.

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Inserting unique and non-repeating photos and videos from the place of business (company, restaurant, coffee shop, etc.):

It will gain the trust of the customer and the possibility of viewing his location, and ultimately increase the website’s traffic.

the pigeon algorithm

In conclusion

If you haven’t registered your business location and area yet or are starting a new business, take the first step today and register and introduce your website on Google Maps to be seen on the local SEO page. The above article will help you to consider Google’s pigeon algorithm and the impact of its performance and activity and to be aware of its effect on increasing the position of your business.

Increase Keyword traffic entails conducting comprehensive keyword research, selecting high-potential and relevant terms, and seamlessly integrating them into website content to enhance search engine visibility and attract more visitors.


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