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With the help of a unique UTM link-building tool provided by Seovisitor, you can enter your advertising campaign information in this section and obtain accurate and complete information from site visitors through reputable statisticians such as Google Analytics. Have a detailed analysis of your users.

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UTM generator tools

An easy way to manage advertising campaigns.

What is UTM? UTM is a functional yet simple code that can improve the performance of campaigns and content by adding unique code to the URL end, showing itself in Google results.

UTM stands for Urchin Traffic Monitor, derived from Urchin Tracker, and is a web analytics software that can be said to be the basis for Google Analytics.

Now the question arises whether we can use UTM in social networks besides websites. The answer to this question is yes; if you have an active social network, You can use it to see the performance of your page.

Utm generator

UTM Parameters

Five different types of UTM parameters start with UTM:

  1. UTM-source
  2. UTM-campaign
  3. UTM-medium
  4. UTM-content
  5. UTM-term

UTM source

The source parameter lets you know where the traffic comes from. This parameter can do this by adding utm_source to the end of your site address and detecting your site traffic.

UTM campaign

This parameter type, called the campaign name, can allow you to track a specific campaign. For example, you can use the campaign parameter for traffic between advertising campaigns.

UTM medium

This parameter shows precisely the traffic your visitor generates through Google, social networks, etc.

UTM content

This parameter helps you track if you have several links to the same address and shows you to follow the link you clicked.

UTM term

The keyword parameter allows you to track the keyword used by your visitor.