A/B Testing Significance Calculator

Creating a link to share on social networks must be done according to special rules and principles to be understood and analyzed for this platform. Seovisitor allows you to create a website sharing link on social networks by entering your website address and keyword with just one click.

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What is the A/B Test technique?

Find out the extent of your feedback from various website pages and ads.

The A/B Test technique in the digital marketing path helps you measure your audience's behavior well and show effective performance; In such a situation, the audience becomes one of your regular and loyal customers. A / B testing stands for Splitting Testing and Bucket Listing. This method is one of the effective techniques today that helps you examine two completely different versions of your website or application from the audience's point of view and realize their usefulness.

It helps business owners set the best possible sales and online marketing strategy and succeed in the shortest amount of time.

A/B Test Significance Calculator

For this purpose, it is enough to enter the number of visits and conversion rate of users of your landing pages or advertisements (between 2 to 4 different modes) in the above fields and check the superiority of each of them over the other methods.

What is an A/B test?

Imagine you want to optimize a landing page. To do this, change one of the page parameters such as title, video, and و, show it to a group of visitors and compare which parameter has the highest conversion rate.

A / B testing is one of the conversion rate optimization cases that you can use to collect qualitative and quantitative audience data and identify customers. Use conversion funnel probability and optimization.

To do this, enter your desired link in the source and page address sections. In the following field, you can enter the text you want, which is below some posts on some social networks. Finally, you can copy the link and share it on your desired social network.

Why should you take the A/B test?

A "B2B" business may want to collect more email lists daily. An online store may struggle with a high exit rate, or it may be a low-traffic news website.

In this case, the primary conversion criteria have problems such as leakage in the conversion hopper and exit on the payment page. With tools such as Google Analytics, you can find out the issues, use the A/B test, and test the hypotheses to solve. You have a problem, and you solve them.