What is a push notification? And what are the benefits?

What is a push notification? And what are the benefits?

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Push Notifications are short clickable messages displayed on the user’s browser page or the lock screen of their mobile phone.

Stay with us in this article if you are new to this term or intend to use it. This article will thoroughly acquaint you with a push notification and its benefits. Digital marketing is one of the essential factors determining the success rate of various businesses. Many large and small companies have taken a favorable position thanks to digital marketing and its unique tools and methods.

In digital marketing, one of the essential parameters for success is increasing and maintaining interaction with customers and audiences and then converting a potential customer into a loyal customer. Establishing and maintaining customer relationships requires specialized tools for business improvement and prosperity. One of the best practical tools in this field is called push notification. Stay with us in this article if you are new to this term or intend to use it. This article will thoroughly acquaint you with push notifications and their benefits.

What is a push notification?

Push Notifications are short clickable messages displayed on the user’s browser page or the lock screen of their mobile phone. There is no difference between the device that displays these messages and fast notifications. This method communicates between potential customers and brand owners, and businesses. In a way that helps brands and business owners share offers, messages, or other updated information with customers. For example, an application’s new or updated version may sometimes be available.

You can inform customers about its existence by using push notifications. These short messages and notifications help customers not forget your brand and re-enter your website or application. This message is like a short message With the difference that there is no need to have the contact information of users and contacts to send push notifications. Users can subscribe to push notification services and receive messages sent to them. Users receive a message after installing an app. There is a specific reason for sending this message. This work aims to obtain user information to send push notifications to them as needed in different situations.

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In addition, one of the main differences between this advertising method and a short message is that this method tries to attract and convert potential customers into actual and loyal customers. A push notification includes a link, a short notice, and an image. The application of these elements differs according to our different fields of work.

What is a notification?

We all see many notifications from different applications on our mobile phones every day. For example, social networks, Telegram notification channels, educational applications, stores, and banking programs send multiple notifications daily. The user is informed about some of these notifications. The user can enter these messages with a single click by viewing them at the top of the phone.

Push notifications are essential, but why?

After receiving the notification service, the user will see a message on the top of his mobile or browser screen. This message can be a way to encourage the user to click on your desired link and enter the application or website. Therefore, push notifications are an excellent way for businesses to communicate with brand owners more quickly. Using these notifications, users and customers not present on the website or application are attracted to being informed of new changes. Of course, it is necessary to write attractive and valuable information to encourage the user to click the link and enter. One of the other benefits of using this service is increasing the return rate of old users and customers.

What is the use of push notifications

What is the use of push notifications?

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, it is one of the ways to increase and maintain interaction with users. This marketing method is valuable and practical because it has a higher conversion rate and lower costs than other advertising methods. In addition, push notification has different uses and benefits that we will introduce below:

1- Customer retention

Keeping customers is more complex and challenging than attracting them. A push notification sent to a new customer in the same week attracts and increases the customer retention rate by 71%, according to the research and statistics conducted in this case.

2- Interacting more with audiences and customers

A user generally uses nine applications on his mobile phone during the day. You must communicate with them continuously to ensure that a user or customer does not forget about you or delete your application so that the user is involved with you. For this reason, you can do this by using push notifications. For this, you can send personalized offers, reminders, and messages to users and customers. Users are more likely to engage with your platform or website when you do this.

3- Improvement of easy and fast access

According to the studies, push notifications work better than email and SMS. In most cases, some users usually do not read the messages and delete them immediately. The spam section receives some emails as well. But this feature is not available for push notifications. Because push notifications are displayed directly on the browser or mobile screen, for this reason, it attracts the attention of users more and faster. In addition, users have faster and easier access to these messages.

4- Providing the latest updates

Some applications are continuously updated to increase user satisfaction according to their needs or requests. But some users may not be aware of these changes and updates. One of the most important benefits and uses of push notifications is that you can notify users of the latest updates. In addition, this will increase user satisfaction and attract their attention again.

Types of notifications

Types of push notifications

Push notifications fall into two general categories in marketing: advertising and customer retention. The retention method is part of the return marketing group. In such a way that it encourages the audience and old customers again. The display space also determines the category of push notification:

1- Push notifications for mobile applications

In this method, the user downloads and installs an application and then sends that application to the mobile notification. This method is like the notifications of social networks displayed on the top of the mobile screen. Android devices also have unique settings for sending messages if this possibility is unavailable for Apple mobile phones unless the user has enabled the settings to receive notifications.

2- Desktop web push notification

Some users may not enter the website, but push notifications will be displayed at the top of the browser screen if they have activated the alarm. Many digital marketers use this push notification method to increase engagement and website visits. According to the surveys, the use of web push notifications increases the conversion rate of the website.

3- Web mobile push notification

Web browsers send this type of push notification to users. Then it will be displayed at the top of the mobile screen. Then when the user opens the browser page, they will see this notification.

4- Wearable push notifications and intelligent devices such as Apple Watch

If you have an Apple or Samsung Watch, it can display push messages such as sports and sports channels. So if you use push notification services correctly, users will receive these notifications.

Push notification methods

Push notification methods

Some websites and services provide high-quality push notifications in other parts of the world. One of the most significant websites that provide push notification services is FMS (Google’s Firebase Cloud Messaging) and Apple’s Push Notification service. These services can enable push notifications for Windows Notification Service and Safari in Microsoft Edge. The FMS website service works because it is possible to use the push notification service for web mobiles and websites, and users receive notifications.

The notification servers of this service send the notification content along with the subscription information to the FMS website. Users receive notices on their preferred device upon receiving the notifications and confirming them by the FMS website. After messages are received, devices send clickable data to the app. This data helps the website and applications to track and evaluate the success rate of the performance of these notifications. Google powers the FMS website service. However, it is possible to use its services using Push API, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc.

Push notification campaign types

Different businesses use a variety of push notification methods according to their needs. Because each of them has its own unique goals and strategies, there are several types of push notification campaigns:

1- Push notification campaign for abandoned shopping carts

Some customers even proceed to the purchase stage after entering the website or application. But they give up buying at this or even at the payment stage. For this reason, by using the campaign, customers can be encouraged to buy again.

2- Push notification campaign with image, emoji, and call to action

In this way, you can use different facilities to attract the attention of customers and contacts. Users should use this method when you want them to enter only specific pages on your website because you can create multiple links and publish links using this type of campaign. Depending on the customer’s persona and needs, you can use text images, pictures, videos, etc., to encourage customers to click the link. Also, if the number of characters is limited, you can use emojis to convey the message better because the use of emojis helps to engage the emotions of users.

3- Push notification advertising

This method sends notifications to advertise and introduce products and services to users. Websites and applications can also send advertising push notifications. The critical point in this method is that you have to ask permission from users to send ads. Otherwise, you will enter spam.

Organic push notification

4- Organic push notification

One of the standard methods of push notification is organic push notification. This method is such that notices are sent directly by digital marketers to the website or application users. In this way, they communicate and interact directly with users. Users receive a personalized message in this method. This way, you invite them to click the website link again. Because of this, the conversion rate increases.

In conclusion

One of the reliable methods of establishing communication or maintaining interaction with users and customers is the push notification method. In this article, you fully understand the importance and benefits of using this method. After reading the article, please let us know if you have any questions, suggestions, or comments.

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