How to increase website traffic without SEO

How to increase website traffic without SEO

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How to increase website traffic without SEO? To survive in digital marketing, you should not place all your eggs in one basket. Investing in SEO and its various techniques to increase your website traffic is a promising and guaranteed way to enhance your visibility, but it’s not enough.

The number of people who have visited a website is often called website traffic. Hence, higher traffic is often interpreted as more chances to sell a product or service. Suppose you can bring more increased traffic to your website. In that case, you have a better opportunity (higher statistics) to introduce your brand, build a proper relationship with your customers, and leave a good impression on your new visitors.

Therefore, you must build up the website traffic to generate qualified leads, attract people’s attention, better understand your community, and eventually solve their problems with your products and services.

The impact of SEO on increasing website traffic

SEO is one way to generate more publicity and increase website traffic, but it’s not the only way to success. So, how do you increase website traffic without SEO? To survive in digital marketing, you should not place all your eggs in one basket.

Investing in SEO and its various techniques to increase your website traffic is a promising and guaranteed way to enhance your visibility, but it’s not enough. Soon, your competitors will introduce a new and creative form of advertising, and they can get all the traffic to your website in less than a blink of an eye. This article will introduce new ways to increase website traffic without SEO.

We will elaborate on these techniques and explain how they may help you optimize your performance and gain a steady flow of high traffic to your website. Nonetheless, before mentioning non-SEO solutions for increasing website traffic, we need to review different types of traffic quickly.

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Which type of traffic does your website need?

You can plan your advertising and marketing strategies for two general types of traffic:

  • Targeted traffic: People who deliberately land on your website, looking for a solution or answer to their problems, are named the targeted traffic. These people visit your website because of the content you have put on it. For instance, if you sell exceptional hiking or mountain climbing shoes, people interested in this sport or professionals may visit your website. These people, who have a specified goal and see your pages because of that, are counted as targeted traffic, which has a very high value in digital marketing.
  • Non-targeted traffic: People browse your website without any particular intention. They are not looking for a unique product or service that you may offer. These audiences have no choice of taking any actions (i.e., purchasing something or ordering any benefits). These people are a more general audience for which you need to plan specific tactics to transform them from non-targeted to targeted traffic.
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As stated above, targeted and non-targeted traffic does not have the same value for your website. The value of 50 targeted traffic should not be the same as 50 non-targeted traffic in your analysis and further tactical planning. Each non-SEO method we will address in the following affects these two types of traffic differently. Hence, before digging into various ways of increasing your website traffic, you must decide what you want and what kind of traffic you are looking for.

Once you choose your type of traffic, it would be time to answer the question: How to increase website traffic without SEO?

How to increase website traffic without SEO – Online advertising

If you are looking for an easy and highly effective way of increasing your website traffic, you should start investing in online advertising. This solution may lead hundreds of visitors to your website in a brief time interval.

Online advertising is entangled with social media and digital space, where people spend most of their time these days.

With the very efficient and broad advertising platforms you can access, along with creative and cutting-edge techniques and advertising solutions, you would hardly find any difficulties introducing your brand, service, or products. It would help if you had a strategy to make the most out of online advertising.

Creating content and advertising your product or service with high quality and on an adequate number of platforms is not cheap; the chances are that you don’t want to allocate a big budget for this non-SEO traffic solution. Therefore, you must develop a robust strategy for sustainable and long-term advertising programs. To create the most effective advertisement, you need to bear in mind two important factors:

Online advertising

Your ad needs to answer your audience’s problem:

Why is your product or service important for people? Who will benefit from your business? You need to promote a service or product that can solve a problem for your audience. This is where deciding over targeted or non-targeted traffic matters.

Your ad needs to be creative and attractive enough to buy you a click:

Once you have selected the core of the advertisement and its central message, you need to utilize graphics, creative thoughts, and new techniques to create excellent and attractive advertising. Your final creation should be beautiful enough. It persuades visitors to click on the ad and willingly spend time on your page or website.

Therefore, before creating any advertising content, you need to research. It would be best if you went through the statistics on your website. Learn about your possible targeted audience on the targeted platform, And research your other competitors. Also, different platforms (such as Facebook, Google, YouTube, or Instagram) require various advertisement technicalities. Hence, you must ensure your planned content is compatible with their standards.

To minimize your financial loss in the online advertising industry, start small. The advertisement cost differs depending on how you want to showcase your brand. However, regardless of your platform, it’s better to enter this game in baby steps. Start your advertisement campaign with a minimal budget, and let it work for a few days.

Then, analyze your performance, upgrade your advertising content or presentation strategies, and fuel the campaign with a larger budget.
This approach lets you improve traffic and manage your limited financial resources wisely.

How to increase website traffic without SEO – Guest blogger

Guest posing or guest blogging is creating content for other companies or websites. Guest bloggers are outsiders to the company and familiar with the industry; they can make content about the services and products of your website or business with expert knowledge. Guest blogging has several benefits for brands and companies, including:

  • Improving brand awareness
  • Creating fresh content and preventing loss of traffic
  • Boosting SEO
  • Improving the targeted traffic

When you guest blog for other websites with high traffic, you can capture attention and gain back part of this traffic to your website. Make sure you choose brands, companies, and websites in the same industry and niche as your website. One good source for finding such websites and popular subjects related to your field of work is Buzzsumo. This platform can give you a lot of statistical information.

If you wonder how to increase website traffic without SEO and find this non-SEO technique helpful in improving your website traffic, use creativity to create original and exciting content about other brands. This can lead to stable high-traffic flow and more opportunities for further collaboration with big names in the industry.

Blog comments

How to increase website traffic without SEO – Blog comments

This is another efficient non-SEO solution for increasing your website’s targeted traffic. Blog commenting is straightforward. You visit other weblogs that are popular in your industry and specific field. You read their posts and comment on them.

If there is a question, you will answer that question or initiate a discussion in the comment parts of the post. In this way, people who go through comments would be attracted by the content you have created; the chances are that they will click on your name and land on your website. This audience is targeted since only people who intend to learn more would care to go through comments.

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However, to boost the efficiency of this non-SEO method, please bear in mind.

  • Try to comment on websites and blogs on the same topic or industry as you. This can lead to higher targeted traffic.
  • Keep your comment content relevant to the post you are commenting on.
  • If there is a question in the comments, try to leave a complete, thorough, and clear answer. Even though these questions are frequently addressed to the content creator, you can answer them and gain visibility as a professional.
  • Comment with your name and provide updates and correct answers or comments. The more professional you look, the higher the chances people click on your name and visit your website.
  • Use your real name for commenting, not the name of your brand or website.
  • Try to leave comments with a more personal tone. People are less encouraged to click on words created to gain more clicks.
  • You can use Buzzsumo to find web pages and brands related to your field. Invest more time to blog comments on these pages.
  • Try to use avatars, emojis, and catchy sentences in your comments. Hence, they can capture attention and invite people to click on your name to land on your webpage.

How to increase website traffic without SEO – The magic of social media

Social media is the golden key to higher traffic and sales. For this reason, about 80 percent of all companies today have their own social media professional teams. Today, social media is the answer for many people to increase website traffic without SEO. Your audience on social media is enormous and vast.

These platforms have a very high potential, and they can provide you with significant gains. For this reason, many companies and brands have polluted these platforms with their content, advertisements, and other marketing techniques.

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Therefore, you can win on this platform only if you develop robust strategies. Advertising and contenting on social media need to have two major parts:

  1. Introducing your brand values, product, and importance.
  2. Reaching your followers and convincing them to become your loyal customers.

These steps are easy, yet combining them with various ideas and performing them is not straightforward. You need to take the following points into account:

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The magic of social media

Your followers on social media hate spamming

Have a well-defined timeline for posting on social media and keep your content interesting, easy to follow, and original. Do not spam your followers with repetitive or boring content. Remember that the proper posting timescale on various social media platforms is different.

Value matters

Your followers like your page because of the content you create. This content needs to bring new values to your followers’ lives. Otherwise, they will leave your page soon, and your online advertising strategies will soon face failure.

Consistency is essential

Marketing on social media is a very demanding task. To have constant traffic to your website from social media, you must consistently post on your social media platform. Consistency is not only timewise. The color palette you choose for your graphics, the time of the day or week you post, the content you provide, and each detail you provide on your posts should be consistent. This is an essential factor that should not be minimized for any reason.

Consistency is essential


Higher traffic means a higher chance of selling a product or a good service, and that’s where all the drama starts. There are various ways to increase your website’s traffic, yet most people heavily rely on SEO solutions. While SEO-related techniques are essential for your website, you must also investigate and invest in non-SEO-related strategies to increase traffic. That is what all your competitors do; that is how they become a magnet to more visitors.

So, how do you increase website traffic without SEO? You can follow the techniques mentioned in this article to start your non-SEO campaigns and improve your website traffic. More solutions are also available on the Internet. Just set your goal and start today!


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