Minify Javascript tool

One of the things that slow down the website’s loading speed is a large number of codes and JS files, which hurts the SEO. Seovisitor provides the ability to compress Javascript files and improve website speed to SEO specialists and web admins.

Compress javascript codes

Compression js website codes

Minify the size of your website’s Javascript files.

Compressing the website’s Javascript codes is one of the ways to improve speed and reduce the size of site codes. Increasing website loading speed is one of the essential factors for enhancing SEO and Google ranking, and it can affect the overall situation of the website.

Seovisitor allows you to quickly and with just one click convert the Javascript codes of your site into compressed codes (minify).

You can enter your Javascript codes in the first box on this page and then click on the “compress” button. After that, wait a few seconds for the compressed codes to appear in the second box.

minify JS tool

Do you want to make your website js files minify?

Minimizing and compressing Javascript files will help you increase the site pages’ loading speed. Now the question arises when do you need to compress js and CSS files?

The compression method reduces the file size. This way, we remove empty spaces and new lines to limit the codes and make them fewer. It is usually recommended not to be used for files under the server and only for files such as HTML, CSS, and javascript. In the same way, you can reduce the size of PHP files. Although these files are under the server, reducing them does not affect the loading pages of your website.

The most crucial point that can be expressed in using this compression. It is what speeds up your website, and ZIP files load faster and increase page loading speed. Professionals generally believe they significantly impact small sites and are not worth the trouble. File compression only reduces a few kilobytes of small websites, and for people who use small websites, it is suggested to use the image optimization method.