What is a Link Farm? How much do you know about it?

Link Farm

Website owners who try to do link farming try to create legitimate backlinks for themselves by manipulating Google results and famous black hat SEO tricks. The link farm is more about the number and quantity of inbound links. It has nothing to do with the quality of the link type. Some of the links in this technique may have been penalized by Google already.

After changing the Google algorithm in the last few years, it is no longer possible to create backlinks for your site by receiving links from any website and giving links to them. Google gets much harder than ever. So It has tried to bring up sites that are great in terms of content and also respect the rules.

Why not use Link Farm?

A few years ago, if you owned a site, you could easily, and without worrying about the negative impact of this issue on the SEO of your site, register your site link in these sites. But today everything has changed. Farm Link is no longer the same as before. Its use will be subject to irrecoverable fines.

Everyone knows Farm Link as a free page. The use of which today causes them to stop displaying search engine results. The overuse of this technique will not only penalize the site but also ruin its image for users.

Google opinion about Link Farms

Google opposes free and fast jobs that want to grow a site quickly. It believes that if a website wants to grow, it must follow the right rules. In fact, by doing so, it wants to prevent the development of sites that intend to put themselves on the first page by cheating. It is an example of the same fraudulent methods that try to quickly increase the ranking of your site by receiving free backlinks.

On the other issue that challenges the link farm, is its quality. Let us examine this issue from two perspectives. First of all, According to google’s provisions, most of the links in this technique are spam and fines. Therefore any exchange with this kind of spam link in the sense that you accept them. But Since they had fined, you get fined.

How do we know that this site is a link farm?

The job is incredibly simple. Any website that has a lot of links and expects you to link to their website is called a link farm. Of course, this issue should not be confused with forums and social networks. Because the nature of the two is different entirely. In such sites, you do not do any exchange, but only put the link to your website based on a specific strategy, and receiving any backlinks from Google is extremely valuable.

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