Webinar, an online window for non-physical presence in seminars

Webinar, an online window for non-physical presence in seminars

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This article introduced the webinar, its benefits, and the difference between a webinar and an educational video.

Napoleon Hill says: “In every problem lies the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” One of the problems that showed its great benefit right in front of our eyes was the physical presence in seminars and conferences held in other cities and countries. The difficulty of this story made young entrepreneurs think of having online workshops so that obstacles such as cost, busy work, distance, or even time cannot remain a limitation. The emergence of these online seminars made many people gain access to the information available at these gatherings. On the other hand, webinars provided a new way to earn money. “Webinar” is a topic we discuss in this part of “Seovisitor“.

What are we going to learn together?

  1. We get to know the webinar and its mechanism.
  2. We examine the benefits of participating in webinars.
  3. Comparing webinars and educational videos is part of our research.

What is a webinar?

The webinar is an online seminar. Instead of participating in a conference or in-person meeting, you join in the web space and online. In this case, it doesn’t matter where you are because you can use the information in the webinars, even at home or at your workplace.

How are the webinars held

How are the webinars held?

The process of conducting an online seminar is registering for a specific webinar. Then, you will receive a username and password at a specified time to access the webinar website. These online seminars are similar to Instagram Live but much more structured. After entering the webinar, you can have both the lecturer’s image and use his slides.

What are the benefits of taking part in webinars?

Let’s take a look at these advantages:

The disappearance of time and space limitations

You can watch the webinars you want from anywhere in the world and benefit from the information in them without being in a specific place. It is imperative in digital marketing and for those who live in other provinces.

By eliminating these limitations, webinars have allowed many people to use the information and learn. All users need a good internet connection to participate in their favorite webinars.

Save money

Participating in online seminars saves money because you don’t need to be in a specific place and spend money buying plane tickets, trains, buses, or even food, by reducing costs.

You can participate in several monthly webinars and use a broader range of topics instead of attending a face-to-face conference.

Easy exit from the webinar

Easy exit from the webinar

Sometimes, we don’t want to listen to the rest of the lecturer’s talk and participate in the webinar for reasons such as the wrong choice, the lecturer being weak, or losing interest in a subject. In this case, we can quickly leave the webinar. But if we had participated in the seminar in person, we would probably have had to join in the event until the end of the lecturer’s speech.

Watch the online seminar even with a mobile phone.

You do not need a computer or laptop to participate in the webinar. You can even participate in these webinars with your phone.

High focus

When you participate in online seminars, you can quickly put your handsfree in your ears and listen to the instructor without being distracted. This level of concentration rarely happens when attending conferences or seminars in person. Especially if you follow these events with your friends, you are more likely to lose focus.

Easy question and answer with the teacher

Easy question and answer with the teacher

Usually, in conferences, you cannot ask the lecturer or speaker questions. But in webinars, you can easily ask your question to the instructor and get your answer immediately. The quality of questions and answers in workshops and classes with a capacity of fewer than 50 people is better than in webinars.

Removing restrictions for teachers

On the other hand, webinars have many advantages for teachers. If a teacher wants to hold a class or even organize a conference, he has to spend a lot of money on things like renting a place, catering, etc.

Conducting a webinar will save a lot of money. On the other hand, if the instructor is not in your state, he can provide his information to those interested by holding a webinar.

A great way to earn money

Webinar implementation can also be considered a way to earn money. Imagine that you have good knowledge about a specific subject. You can quickly provide this information to others through a webinar.

Possibility of receiving webinar video

Possibility of receiving webinar video

You can download the video if you register for a webinar but can’t attend.

How is a webinar different from an educational video?

One of the advantages of webinars compared to educational videos is their up-to-dateness. Maybe you create a complete video tutorial package on a particular topic, but is that tutorial up-to-date? This story is significant in matters such as digital marketing.

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Unless you are aware of the publication of new information within a short period, you will not be aware of it by following the contents of the package you purchased. In my opinion, the future of webinars is bright. This information transfer and training style is going through a suitable growth process.

Here is a summary of what we said together about the webinar:

  • Webinars are online events you can participate in without physical presence.
  • You must register and show up at a specific time to participate in webinars like physical conferences.
  • Things like: the disappearance of space and time limitations, cost-saving, the possibility of easy exit from the webinar, watching the online seminar even with a mobile phone, and a high level of concentration while attending the webinar, Easy questions and answers with the instructor, the freedom of the instructor’s hands, creating an attractive platform for earning and the possibility of receiving webinar video are among the positive points of the existence of webinars.
  • Setting up and even participating in various webinars is much cheaper than running a conference and physically attending it.
  • The most significant difference between webinars and video tutorials is about time. Webinars are more up-to-date than video tutorials.

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