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Open Graphs are a type of meta tag used when sharing website links on social networks and set how website information is displayed on these platforms. Seovisitor provided open graph generator tool to create the desired open graphs for your website.

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What is an Open Graph meta tag?

Impact and application of Open Graph meta tags on the website.

Open Graph meta tags, also known as OG meta tags, are pieces of code in web headers. The function of these meta tags is to control how the URL is displayed after sharing. Many social networking sites, including Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., use the Open Graph protocol. It is interesting to know that Facebook first introduced this protocol.

You should use open graph meta tags if you want the website to have the right look, title, and description when sharing on various social networks.

The reason for using OG meta tags for social networks was to increase the number of posts on social networks. This meta-tag affects the appearance of the shared post to achieve the goal and shows it with an image. In this image, various content is displayed. So not only will it look more attractive, but users will get it at a glance.

Open graph generator

The effect of og meta tags on SEO

Using OG meta tags does not directly affect SEO, but as it will affect the performance of your site links on social networks, it can cause your site content to be shared more on the same social networks. And that means the links you put on social media get more clicks, which means it gets more traffic, boosts your page rank (PA), and increases your domain authority (DA). And that means improving your site ranking.

Why should we use the Open graph meta tag?

Because social networks have a hot market today and many users spend their time on them, it is better to use the OG tag. It helps your audience connect better with the shared link and be more motivated to click on it, thus increasing your site traffic.

Also, if you do not intend to use this meta tag, you should note that it will not hurt your site. In total, Facebook has introduced 17 types of meta tags. For example, OG: title is used, as you guessed, which means that you can use this meta tag to define the content title. Meta tags are tools that can help your site better SEO.

Due to the capabilities that open graph meta tags add to your site pages, your site will get more views on social networks and a better position in Google results. Because despite the OG meta tags, the increase in traffic and clicks on your links on social networks such as Facebook indirectly positively affects SEO. All of this will ultimately increase the profitability of your business.