How to create a viral marketing campaign

How to create a viral marketing campaign

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In this article, we learn the concept of viral marketing and examine the successful campaign. Stay with us

Forgiveness is a beautiful human trait. By giving away the good things we have, we spread joy and peace in the world around us. It doesn’t matter what we give others; Some money, an idea, a book, a part of our time, our thoughts, or even our feelings. Because whatever we forgive, it multiplies and directly returns to our world. Sharing good things is also a form of giving. In fact, by doing this, we are placed in a continuous chain of familiar and unfamiliar people who are in tune with us. In this part of “Seovisitor”, we will discuss the topic of “viral marketing” and the story of the viral spread of some content on the web.

What is viral marketing?

What is viral marketing?

In viral marketing, our content is spread virally among people. An example of this in the real world is the spread of the coronavirus in world. As you know, the virus originated in one of the cities in China, spread from one person to another, and has now affected the whole world.

Our content spreads from one audience to another, attracting many people from a specific population quickly. In the case of infectious viruses, infection occurs when someone already has the virus.

Therefore, there is no evidence of intentionality in this case. That is, we do not want to get the virus on purpose. But in this way, for various reasons, such as the importance of the topic, attractiveness, humorous content, or our emotional involvement with that content, we like our friends and neighbors to see and hear it.

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What topics are not covered by viral marketing?

What topics are not covered by viral marketing?

So far, we have been explaining “what” viral marketing is. But in this section, we want to separate the “viral marketing” account from the rest and clarify what should be considered viral marketing and shouldn’t. Sometimes we confuse content promotion.

When we produce content that has an advertising aspect and wants to create value, we go to promote it. With the help of various methods, we try to make our content reach our target audience; we have not done a viral marketing campaign since we promoted it. If we go back to the virus example, we see that viruses are transmitted from one person to another without our permission or supervision.

In viral marketing, we do not play a role in spreading content from one user to another. Of course, we might make some mischief and promote it ourselves. But overall, the nature of viral marketing is that users do it for free and spontaneously. So, spending money to promote our content is no longer a campaign. The success of viral marketing campaigns comes down to the content itself, not money or anything else.

What are the advantages?

Perhaps the most significant advantage of “Viral marketing” is its freeness. We can not pay a separate fee for advertising this campaign. User-to-user transmission of this campaign is automatic and viral.

With this story and the virality of the content, our brand and product or service mentioned in the content will get more exposure, and its sales will increase. It happens in many viral marketing campaigns – both small and large – and results in massive sales.

What are the features of viral marketing?

Creativity is involved: The most crucial feature of viral marketing is that it has no special rules. The reason is that the invention used in that content and advertising campaign is its most prominent feature. Therefore, it is not possible to explain step by step how to do viral marketing. Sometimes we may have several exciting ideas, but the campaign fails despite our efforts, and our content does not go viral.

What are the features of "viral marketing"?

It is attractive: Content that goes viral is attractive to most people. Because of this, they are free to download. The hidden message behind a piece of viral content is: “I find it interesting; I’d like you to see it too.”

It is a web-based publication: Viral marketing usually occurs on the web. That’s why it spreads virally.

It ignites users’ emotions: If we look at the story of viral marketing from a psychological perspective, we can see that the most significant impact of this work is on the audience’s feelings. For example, maybe a funny video that makes you happy or a sad video that makes you feel low can go viral, among others. If I want to define it in one sentence, I would say: “Viral marketing is a process that engages your emotions on the web using creativity.”

Answers to some essential questions

Answers to some essential questions

1- Viral formats: what are they?

Some users are curious about the format of content that goes viral. In response, I must say that this issue has no legal framework. Sometimes an audio file, a post on Twitter, an infographic, or anything that combines charm and creativity can go viral. However, a review of successful examples shows that video formats are more likely to spread virally.

2- Viral marketing is helpful for what businesses?

Viral marketing is beneficial for all businesses. But the concentration of this benefit is more for small and medium enterprises. Because these businesses usually have a limited budget for advertising. Therefore, if they can spread their content virally, they will experience significant growth, and people will talk about their brand.

How to launch a successful campaign?

We can tell you from our experience and share the crucial points. In the following, we mention some of these points.

Have a clear goal for your campaign.

Before launching a campaign, you must clarify your purpose for creating the campaign. It is where I made the mistake of running a campaign without a real goal. At that time, I just wanted the content I prepared to be seen. I don’t think this is a measurable goal.

Know your audience

Before we expect users to spread our content virally, we must get to know the users themselves, our “target audience”. We can effectively influence our audience’s emotions by using content if we understand our audience well.

Have attractive content

The rest of the story depends on the attractiveness of our content and smoothing the path of its publication.

Here is a summary of what we said together

Here is a summary of what we said together:

  • Viral marketing creates highly engaging content that engages users’ emotions and encourages them to share it for free with friends or acquaintances.
  • Promoting content and spending money on it cannot be called viral marketing.
  • The most significant advantage of viral marketing is that it is free.
  • Things like: “using creativity”, “engaging the user’s feelings”, “attractive content”, and “publishing on the web” are among the features of “viral marketing”.
  • “Localization of content”, “Knowing the target audience”, “Determining a specific goal”, “Having attractive content”, and not using advertisements can have an impact on the success of a campaign.

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