Political Marketing: What It Is and How to Build a Winning Strategy

Political Marketing: What It Is and How to Build a Winning Strategy

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The educational content of the site’s blog with the subject Political Marketing: What It Is and How to Build a Winning Strategy and briefly The digital world has revolutionized the way political marketing is done. If the resources were basically focused on billboards, holy cards, political time on TV, and rallies, many other tools would be available today. In this new era, campaigns go far beyond the election period and start to maintain a lasting relationship with

The digital world has revolutionized the way political marketing is done. If the resources were focused on billboards, holy cards, political time on TV, and rallies, many other tools would be available today. In this new era, campaigns go far beyond the election period and start to maintain a lasting relationship with society. This is an essential step towards the new reality of political marketing in Brazil and the world.

How politicians and parties deal with the public is reinvented, bringing them together and engaging people and institutions. If you want to know more about this subject, you’ve come to the right place. Throughout this text, I’ll tell you everything you need about political marketing strategies and show you some successful examples. Good reading!

What is political marketing?

Political marketing is a set of activities that aim to bring a positive perception and generate relationships between voters and organizations, public persons, or projects. In other words, a way to get the ordinary citizen closer and gain the support of communities in favor of ideas or agents. Naturally, it intensifies during elections.

However, recent campaigns show us that the best way to maintain connections with voters is to do so permanently. Position yourself, answer questions, and interact. Activities that were once carried out in person are now every day. This is because the Internet has changed voter habits and customs. As a result, political marketing actions are needed to innovate.

The result is a new panorama with a more aware and participative citizen. You probably remember when, in the past, you saved debates between candidates on television and radio to get to know them and evaluate their proposals. Or when the election time was decided, often a few seconds of speech by the candidate.

Currently, this relationship starts much earlier, mainly through digital channels. Email marketing, websites, and blogs, news portals. But mainly on social networks. In ancient Greece, people gathered in public squares to debate politics. This place has been transferred to the digital environment, where there are daily dialogues and debates of ideas.

What are the goals of political marketing?

The objectives of political marketing vary, but there are a few main ones. The first thing that comes to mind is running for public office. Mayors, councilors, deputies, senators, and presidents. In this situation, the focus is on the candidate’s image. Your ideas, posture, and the relationships you build are essential for acquiring votes. Another occasion is the reputation of political parties.

After all, they are organizations like any other, and a positive perception helps acquire followers. We also think about political marketing when discussing projects, especially social ones.

Ministry of Health vaccination campaigns, Bolsa Família and FIES projects, and cultural activities. In Brazil, the use of political marketing for protests became prevalent. In short, political marketing offers many opportunities to reach popular support. Without forgetting, of course, it is necessary to differentiate from competitors in the race to sustain popular opinion.

What is the difference between political marketing and electoral marketing?

Although often associated, there are differences between political marketing and electoral marketing. Synthetically, the first has the function of establishing lasting connections. The second is the intensification of political marketing at election time. In this case, campaigns are set to increase the chances of winning public office.

What are the main political marketing strategies?

Developing political marketing strategies is not an easy task. As said, in the digital age, we have a new reality. People are much more attuned to what happens in public life. Therefore, those concerned with their image throughout their term stand out (or while they are concerned with political life). Below, learn some best practices for establishing a good picture of politicians, organizations, and actions.

1. Develop a political brand

A brand is not just about logos and colors. Despite its undeniable relationship to visual identity, there is much more to a political brand. Maintaining a good reputation, primarily through personal branding, is essential. In short, it deals with everything that influences people’s perspective and how they perceive an object, be it a person, a project, or an institution.

2. Build a community

People’s support is critical in political marketing. Not just when voting but by spreading a good candidate image. Therefore, creating communities is a valuable element to start debates and strengthen ideas. Social media are powerful channels. You will probably have a good share and interaction rate if you engage them there.

Invest in the content

3. Invest in the content

Content marketing is the strategy of the moment. Several formats exist, but texts, images, and videos stand out in political marketing, facilitating the electorate’s access. Content is a simple way to spread ideas and show the campaign’s goals. So it’s a feature that shouldn’t be overlooked.

4. Make a presence on social media

Social networks are places of interaction. And it is through them that reputation spreads. One thing is sure: whether you like it or not, people will talk about you on these platforms. Therefore, it is recommended that you take part and manage your political image in such places.

How to make a Political Marketing campaign?

There are many questions about how to run a political marketing campaign. Therefore, check out below some essential steps to act.

Create your identity

Creating a visual identity is part of any marketing campaign. In the political field, it is no different. Colors, logos, and, in the case of people, faces, nicknames, and signatures are part of other promotional items.

Make contact with the population.

In the political sphere, the more contact, the better. Therefore, whenever possible, interact with people, listen to their problems, and listen to their proposals.

Attend events

Events are great opportunities to show your face and spread ideas. This is the time to optimize personal contact and find many voters.

Ask for feedback

Knowing how to listen is one of the prerequisites for success in public life. So, listen to what your constituents say and discover the community’s main requests.

Invest in direct political marketing

Invest in direct political marketing.

Direct marketing has not lost its strength. Mainly in the political arena, it must be said. Although digital is an excellent complement, famous flyers, billboards, banners, sound cars, and commercials still have their space.

Use social media

Social networks are places for online interaction. So, use them to your advantage to interact with the public.

What social networks can be used?

Social networks are a current phenomenon. This is where people gather to debate issues, including politics. Thus, applying them in political marketing campaigns is no longer an option but mandatory. Below, please find out how each can help you in this endeavor.


Facebook is the social network with the highest number of registered users. It is the most suitable platform for interactions with the audience, as it allows for different interactions and reactions. There are groups where people with similar ideals gather, a great find to debate and publicize proposals.


Twitter is also known as a microblog. That’s because your posts are more concise. On the other hand, they generally have a greater reach, as users access a more significant number of seats. Because of this, several political personalities prefer the tool in their campaigns.


One of the most used apps globally, Instagram is very versatile. It focuses on image and video content and the engaging format known as Stories. The great strength of this platform is how long users stay connected.


The social network aimed at professional connections, LinkedIn can add a lot with a qualified audience. This is a place to talk about the business directly related to government actions. So, take advantage of the space and interact with people interested in your proposals.

How to do digital political marketing?

How to do digital political marketing?

Digital political marketing has been the trend since the virtual era. Without it, people and organizations can hardly reach the people. After all, it is the leading information channel used by most people. Next, could you find out how to use it?

Publicize your actions

There are several digital channels through which you can dialogue with the public. Some of the main ones are social networks, blogs, websites, email marketing, and sponsored links.

Polls and quizzes

Digital media allow the formulation of surveys in the blink of an eye. This is a great feature that can be applied across multiple platforms. In other words, a way to collect feedback and improve your campaigns even further.

Positioning on popular issues

The Internet is where news spreads. Therefore, taking a stand on issues and trends is a great idea to engage with the people and present proposals.

Interaction with users

When you interact with the public, you are building a good image. So, don’t forget to use digital channels to relate.

Slogans and impact phrases

Slogans and phrases are highly impactful. This is a great way to send messages in a nutshell.


Lives (and live videos) allow direct contact with the Internet public. They work like a rally but online. In it, you can interact with the audience and answer questions.

Email marketing and SMS

Email marketing and SMS

Personal tools like email and SMS are great for sending massive messages. In just a few clicks, you can reach a large user base. But remember: do not buy ready-made lists and use the resource only with the voter’s authorization.


A tool similar to the ones mentioned above is Brazil’s most used communication application. Through it, it is possible to send broadcast lists with personalized content.

Automate your campaigns

The great advantage of digital marketing is precisely the possibility of automated campaigns. Let the robots do most of the work, sending messages, gathering feedback, and saving time.

Digital political marketing campaign plan (Step by Step)

Now, let’s look at creating a digital political marketing campaign plan.

1. Assemble a qualified team

Your team doesn’t have to be big to do a good job. Ideally, in this case, It should be qualified and capable.

2. Prepare the tools

There is a multitude of tools available for use in online marketing. Please make a selection and use them conscientiously.

3. Design a content calendar

An editorial calendar lets you plan and schedule everything that will air on your digital channels. This avoids problems and allows everything to be automated, reducing risk and optimizing results.

create contents

4. Create contents

Next, it’s time to create the content. Articles, blog posts, social media posts, videos, and other types of material are welcome.

5. Spread the content

Content can be disseminated through multiple channels. Explore them and find your audience’s favorites.

6. Create a contact list

Contact lists help when sending massive messages. Encourage people to sign up to increase your potential.

7. Engagement with your audience

Don’t forget to encourage interactions with voters. They are worth a lot to maintain a good image.

8. Monitor the results

If there’s a way to improve your strategy, it’s by identifying what doesn’t work well. Therefore, count on metrics and tools to monitor the results of your marketing actions.

3 Examples of using political marketing

Now, let’s get to know some real examples of political marketing.

Barack Obama

Former US President Barack Obama was one of the first to harness the power of digital marketing for the election. His first action was to create a Town Hall on Twitter, in which he used the hashtag #AskObama to answer people’s questions.

Bernie Sanders

US senator, who came to run as a candidate in the country’s presidential elections, Bernie Sanders, has gained a legion of followers on the Internet. With no money or support for major campaigns, he took significant steps to achieve a good position on the web, always focusing on content production.

Donald Trump

The current President of the United States, Donald Trump, is an example of using Big Data. He was elected in one of the most prominent digital campaigns through targeted campaigns.


An excellent political marketing strategy combines each platform’s main actions to launch an idea, program, or candidate. You learned more about the concept in this text and saw the steps to plan and reach your goals. Now, it’s just a matter of putting what you’ve learned into practice, defining actions wisely, and monitoring the results. Take the opportunity to share your opinions and even your experiences in the area.

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